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006.133 Thy Lord is Self-Sufficient, full of Mercy: if it were His Will, He could destroy you, and in your place appoint whom He will as your successors, even as He raised you up from the posterity of other people.
006.134 All that hath been promised unto you will come to pass: nor can ye frustrate it (in the least bit).
006.135 Say: "O my people! Do whatever ye can: I will do (my part): soon will ye know who it is whose end will be (best) in the Hereafter: certain it is that the wrong-doers will not prosper."
006.136 Out of what God hath produced in abundance in tilth and in cattle, they assignedHim a share: they say, according to their fancies: "This is for God, and this" - for Our"partners"! but the share of their" partners "reacheth notGod, whilst the share of God reacheth their"partners" ! Evil (and unjust) is their assignment!
006.137 Even so, in the eyes of most of the Pagans, their"partners" made alluring the slaughter of their children, in order to lead them to their own destruction, and cause confusion in their religion. If God hadwilled, they would not have done so: But leave alone them and their inventions.
006.138 And they say that such and such cattle and crops are taboo, and none shouldeat of them except those whom - so they say - We wish; further,there are cattle forbidden to yoke or burden, and cattle on which, (at slaughter), the name of God is notpronounced; - inventions against God's name: soon will He requite them for their inventions. 006.139 They say:"What is in the wombsof such and such cattleis specially reserved (for food) for our men,and forbidden to our women; but if it is still-born, then all have share therein. For their (false) attribution (of superstitions to God), He will soon punish them: for He is full of wisdom and knowledge.
006.140 Lost are thosewho slay their children,from folly, without knowledge, and forbid food which God hath provided for them, inventing (lies) against God. They have indeed gone astray and heeded no guidance.
006.141 It is He Who produceth gardens, with trellises and without, and dates, and tilth with produce of all kinds, and olives and pomegranates, similar (in kind) and different (in variety): eat of their fruit in their season, but render the dues that are proper on the day that the harvest is gathered. But waste not by excess: for God loveth not the wasters.
006.142 Of the cattle are some for burden and some for meat: eat what God hath provided for you, and follow not the footsteps of Satan: for he is to you and avowed enemy.
006.143 (Take) eight (head of cattle) in (four) pairs: of sheep apair, and of goats a pair; say, hath He forbidden the two males, or the two females, or (the young) which the wombs of the two females enclose? Tell me with knowledge if ye are truthful: 006.144 Of camels a pair, and of oxen a pair;say, hath He forbidden the two males, or the two females, or (the young) which the wombs of the two females enclose? - Were ye present whenGod ordered you such athing? But who doth more wrong than one who invents a lie against God, to lead astray men without knowledge? For God guideth not people who do wrong.
006.145 Say: "I find notin the Message received by me by inspiration any (meat) forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless it be dead meat, or blood poured forth, or the flesh of swine,- for it is an abomination - or, what is impious, (meat) on which a name has been invoked, other than God's". But (even so), ifa person is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nortransgressing due limits,- thy Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
006.146 For those who followed the Jewish Law, We forbade every(animal) with undividedhoof, and We forbade them that fat of the ox and the sheep, except what adheres to their backs or their entrails, or is mixed up with a bone: this in recompense for their wilful disobedience: for We are True (in Our ordinances).
006.147 If they accuse thee of falsehood, say:"Your Lord is full of mercy all - embracing; but from people in guiltnever will His wrath beturned back.
006.148 Those who give partners (to God) will say: "If God had wished, we should not have given partners to Him nor would our fathers; nor should wehave had any taboos." So did their ancestors argue falsely, until they tasted of Our wrath. Say: "Have ye any (certain) knowledge? If so, produce it before us. Ye follow nothing but conjecture: ye do nothing but lie."

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