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zoo baby tiger cubs - Newest pictures


Tigers are the largest existing
members of the cat family, after
the liger (only lives in captivity.)
Tigers live only in Asia, in which
they once roamed all across,
from the islands of Java, Bali,
Sumatra, to the freezing taigas of
Siberia. Tigers are famous for
their thick, orange-tawny coats,
gleaming amber-gold eyes, black
to rich brown stripes, and long,
whip-like tail.
These cats have the longest
canine teeth of any land mammal,
sometimes three to four inches
long,. Like most cats, with the
exception of the cheetah, tigers
have retractable claws, keeping
them extremely sharp for battle
and gripping, having the ability
to sheath and unsheathe them
when need be. A tiger has an
orange-brown coat with stripes,
except for the genetic mutated
white tigers and golden tabby
tigers, now only existing in
captivity, with only around 200
white tigers, and only 30 golden
tabbies. Tigers, depending on the
subspecies and gender, can be
from seven feet long to thirteen
feet long from nose to tail tip, the
tail being sometimes more than
four feet long, and anywhere
from three hundred to eight
hundred pounds, males generally
more massive and longer than
females (the largest recorded
tiger was a male Amur weighing
1025 pounds.) The tail of a tiger
is used in communication. A tiger
with a held up, wagging tail is
happy, a tail at body height
wagging means a tiger is
excited. When a tiger twitches its
tail between its legs-watch your
step! Tigers have golden-amber
eyes (white ones are either ice-
blue, green, and sometimes
amber) with a type of third
eyelid, and, while color blind,
have night vision six times better
than a humans, sensitive and
acute hearing, and an OK sense
of smell. The ears have white
bull ’s eyes on the back of them,
so a mother with cubs can see
her cubs, and so the cubs see
her. Tigers use their orange-
tawny hides and stripes to blend
in with their surroundings, as
they can run 35 m/p/h, but have
quick stamina's

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