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So many Gods, Godess and animal gods temple have in kerala. I only introduce four temples .
TRIVANDRUM SRI PADMANABHA SWAMI TEMPLE. God Vishnu. This temple is made by 1001 stones . it is situated in the centre of City. located inside the East fort in the city of Trivandrum.This is an ancient temple of the city. The birtish Government saluted the lord with a 21 Gun salute, a military tradition of colonial days. The royal insignia of the Lord, The Valampiri shankhu or dextral conch shel , served as the state emblem of Travancore and even continued so for some time after the re organization of the state. The foundation of the present gopuram was laid in 1566. The temple has a 100 foot, Seven tier gopuram. The temple stands by the side of a pot, named padhmanabha thertham( Lotus spring) The temple has a corridor with 365 and one quarter sculptured granite tone pillars with elaborate carvings. The entire idol of god is made by pure Gold. That was smeared another metal because they feared birtishers. They had know the birtishers will bring it to England for keep in showcase. Travencore people not wanted this. The only one temple controlled by the Travencore Kingdom is this temple. Nobody cannot enter this temple without were white mund ( Lungi) No camera, Mobile allowed to enter in this temple.
Sabarimala is believed to be the place where the hindu god Ayyappan meditated after killing the powerful demoness , Mahishi. Ayyappa temple is situated here amidst 18 Hills. The temple is situated at the top 468 m above from sea level. And it surrounded by dense forest and hills. It is one of the largest pilgrim in india estimated 45-50 million people visit in an year. The last year stampede died 100 of people there. Woman between the age 10-50 are not allowed t o enter the temple. Ayyappa prohibits the entry of the women in the menstrual age group. This is because Ayyappan is a celibate. The temple is opens for worship only 41 days in an year (Nov -15 to Dec-26) except the first six days of each Malayalam month.
Mannarasal Sree Nagaraja temple is very ancient and internationally known centere of pilgrimage for the devotees of serpent gods. Particularly for woman priests. A fine example of eco-friendly existence. Offering of traditional bronze vessel is one of the most popular devotee offering in mannarassala, known for begetting children to couples thousands of people come here to carry out this sacred and rare offering to Nagaraja ( king of Snake). But here is a strict rule, only married couples who has not kids so many years allowed to offering vessels. It is a hindu temple but 30% of muslims and Christian comes here to offering vessels and worship god.
“ To one who has faith, No explanation is necessary. To one without faith , No explanation is possible” – St Thomas
One of the important and far reaching change that Indian society has experienced during the last thousand yers, one of the unequivocal answer that you will face would be in relation to the formation of several communities based on a perceived religious identity. Chirstianity in keral is believed to be as the Christian era its self, thus giving some ancient churches in kerala. It is a land which still reverberates with the dictums of the apostle who said he would not believe in Christ’s death and resurrection unless he saw the wounds of the risen Christ. It is hem who is believed to be the father of Christianity in india.Yes it is no other than St Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of jesus Christ. Legend has it that when jesus sold him to habban, A certain merchant from india, for twenty pieces of silver, He put his sacred feet at mliankar ner Cranganore in 52 AD. He poached Christianity first among the jews and them converted twelve Brahmin from whom the Syrian Christians eventually traced their pedigree. The pages of history has now been reshuffled and today there are almost 25 Millian Christians in India representing just below 3% of total countries population.
In kerala Marthoma is a popular Christian denomination Mar for Saint and Thoma for Thomas. It is said that he established seven and a half churches in kerala. Each of these churches are unique in its own way. Visit the Malayatoor church located 52 Km away from Kochi on Malayattor Hill( 2000 feet high). Is believed one of the ancient catholic shrines bult by st Thomas. The sacred site has foot prints and a life size statue of st Thomas which is a must see for every visitor.
At the city of Ernakulam we can see the granite church of St Francis set and the serene lawns of fort Kochi. Originally named as Santo Antonio and presently owned by the church of South India. The church presents a exquisite façade with multi curved sides and indeed impressive marvel to behold.
One of the most ancient but important hallowed places of kerala the St Mary’s forance Church. Dedicated to the holy Mother, this is a famous church in kerala that attracts thousands of pilgrims from every pockets of the country.
Welcome to the land where the religion is believed to be as old as the Christian era itself. Visit the numerous famous churches dotting the green landsape of kerala – eventually adding to her beauty and see how the religion has blended itself impeccably with the lives of the locales. Be a part of the largest Christian convention of Asia t Maramon near Kozhencherry in Pathanamathitta. Interestingly the waters of Pampa river dry up every year to give space for the venue of the event amidst its sands. ( The river Pampa is one of the most holy river of Hindus)
To have a better rendezvous with the Christian culture of kerala. If you come in kerala during a festival time . you can see hundreds of devotees rejoicing the golden moments with out even indulging themselves into trivial questions of caste, creed and sect. In kerala Hindu, Christian and Islam all are living together and rejoining the functions of others and respect others culture and faith like their.
Cheraman juma Masjith is situated in kodungallur at Thrissure district. It is the oldest Mosque of India and the second oldest Mosque in the world. The mosque in Kerala was built By Malik Bin Dinar in 629 AD. The architectural style of the Mosque quite resembles to the Hindu temple .The mosque has two tombs. The present building of the mosque dated back to 16 th Century. But the wonderful work of rosewood carvings of 7th Century is still entract.
One of the most famous ancient mosque of kerala is this situated at Kannur district. It was constructed by Malik Iban Dinar at 1124 AD. It is believed that the marbles block used in the mosque had been brought from Mecca by the founder of the Mosque .
It is also known as Kondotty is a 500 years old Mosque, which is associated with the famous Muslim saint Muhammad Shah. The mosque reflects the Mughal style of architecture. It has a beautiful white dome adorned with ultimate delicate work. The festival of VALIA NERCHA is celebrated with great pomp in the mosque in the month of Feb –Mar.

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