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He'd never known a lover like her before. Her bloodlust was matched only by the lust she showed in the bedroll, and every time they came together he found himself drawn further into the web of his desire for her.
Throwing aside his chest plate, Lydia took to unbuckling her Thane's sword belt, her mouth warm and wet on his chest, her tongue teasing his nipples and etching the ridges of his muscles.
"Mmmm..." he sighed with contented approval, quietly thrilling to the stripping away of his pants until all he was standing in was his boots, his manhood throbbing red and straining painfully before her. She offered him a rare smile and a flash of her molten brown eyes before leaning in to plant an open-lipped kiss on his sweaty sack.
"Nnh!" He gasped as she swirled her tongue around his balls, his thick cock rubbing along her cheek and over one eye, defiling her ordinarily proud face.
She suckled at his sack, first one nut and then the other, her cheeks tightening as she slurped and supped. The tip of her nose and her full, plump lips run up the veiny length of him, making him grunt as she started to tongue-lash the rim of his cockhead.
"Lydiaaaa..." He breathed, struggling to keep his eyes open so that he could watch every movement she made, every salacious action.
She locked eyes with him, her gaze enough to crumble even Mighty Talos's will, and then dove down on his shaft to deepthroat it one swift, decisive action.
"Mara's mercy!!" The Dragonborn cursed as Lydia gulped and choked around his cock, her chin running like a waterfall with the saliva that poured from her mouth, around his member, and over her lip.
She didn't relent, however. Just as in battle, she gave no quarter and offered no mercy. She sucked and gobbled on his dick, her head bobbing on him, her nails scratching his thighs and her hands squeezing his balls.
Her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe through them. Despite the cold of the cell Lydia's face was streaming with sweat, and as she reached up to scratch at the Dragonborn's chest, he realised that he was sweating too.
Plllrp!The sound came from Lydia's lips as she pulled her mouth from her Thane's dripping cock, taking it in one hand to squeeze and tug at it.
"Does that feel good, my Thane? Does it please you?" She whispered, and the Dragonborn muttered his dizzy assent. She smirked and half-laughed in response, squeezing his shaft almost painfully before rising up on her knees, the sheets falling away to expose her ample, swinging bosom, her nipples small and pink and oh so hard.
She offered him naught but a dangerous glint in her eye as she cupped either breast in her hands, sliding his shaft between her succulent sweetrolls.
"And this my Thane?" she asked, parting her lips to drool a large strand of saliva between her breasts and all over the straining red helmet of his manhood. "How does this feel?"
The Dragonborn's head was pounding so hard he couldn't answer, couldn't think. It pounded in time with his heart, in time with his throbbing shaft. Words itched on his lips, words that would give him release, but he swallowed them down.
He answered instead by pumping his hips, fucking forward, fucking Lydia's succulent tits. His upper thighs slapped at her abdomen, her cleavage rippling with every thrust.
"Hh! Hh! Hh!" The Dragonborn panted, sawing his shaft in and out and in and out of the lush, warm, soft, smooth valley that she offered him.
"Fuck my tits, my Thane!" Lydia urged him. "Fuck them and spray me with your seed! I want it ---I want to feel it drip off my face!" She held her breasts tighter around him, suffocating his cock in her hot, flushed flesh.
Her words burning in his ears, the Dragonborn surged forward, his cock swelling as his every muscle seized up, his eyes rolling back in his head.
"NNNNNNN!!!" He wailed through a clenched jaw and gritted teeth, the eye in his cockhead opening wide to blast hot white seed into Lydia's waiting face. It arced up to splash on her forehead and streak through her hair, spattering her eyelashes and spraying her lips and chin.
Lydia laughed with wild abandon, her eyes closed, as she accepted her Thane's mark, holding her mouth open to catch every stray shot she could. She smacked her lips together and held her tits tight against him, jerking him while he continued to writhe and spasm against her.
"Yes, my Thane, yes!" She said as he stumbled a half-step back, his breath a whirlwind that circled in and out of his chest. But Lydia wouldn't give him the chance to rest. She immediately took to licking up every glob of steaming white liquid that lined her beautiful face.She ran a hand over her flesh, gathering up the tacky fluid, before slurping it from her fingers.
The Dragonborn watched her do her work with shuddering awe, his lust growing again, the words of his release still twitching on his tongue.
"Mmmmmm..." She moaned with throaty satisfaction, tasting every last drop of him until all that remained was her own saliva coating her skin. His member already bobbing back into half-life, the Dragonborn threw himself at her, pressing his naked body against hers.
She laughed again, amused by his loss of control. His mouth sought out hers and they joined in wave after wave of deep, wet kisses. And as desperately as he needed to feel the touch of her lips, he needed to feel the soft, sloping curves of her body even more.
He ran his hands along her, up and down and around her, squeezing and stroking her. She gasped and cooed in response, her thighs working back and forth in the sheets, her sticky teats pressing forward against his chest.
"Touch me, my Thane!" She whispered with acute need. "Touch me!"
She took hold of his wrist and guided it to the sweet, simmering well that waited for him beneath her sweaty thatch of soft, curled hair.
"Yes, yes...Oh! Mm!" She murmured as he worked his middle finger inside her, her netherlips clinging to him with every push and pull, his flesh made slick with her joy. The wetter she grew the bolder he became, offering a second finger to work alongside the first, driving her into a frenzy of need.
He pulled out of her just long enough to suck his calloused thumb, before delving his fingers back into her and planting his now moistened digit against the nub of her womanly button. He rubbed firm but gentle circles into the stiff nerve, making her shake, making her convulse, while his fingerssqueakedandsquelchedandpoppedandploppedinside her.
"Muh---my Thane! Muhh---unnhhh----*!"
Words failed Lydia as she writhed beneath the Dragonborn, her body tightening like a bowstring pulled taut, holding a moment, and then letting loose, her orgasm striking with the speed and severity of an arrow hitting its mark.
"YEEEEHH-EEEEEEHHHH---EEEEESSSSS!"She howled, her hips flexing, her breath ragged. "Yes!Yes!"
The Dragonborn panted along with her, captivated by the sight and sound of her, the dropping of all her defences, the music of her giggle-panting as she tried to collect the pieces of her shattered mind, her hands shaking from the intensity of her release.
But with the same resolve she showed whenever they fought together, she reclaimed herself and, in a tremendous display of strength, grabbed hold of her Thane to roll him onto his back and straddle him. She wasted no more time in teasing, no more time in denial.
Instead, she grabbed tight hold of his leaking manhood, pressed it to her oozing cunney, and guided him inside her.
" ~~~*!" They both gasped, words failing them. Lydia's hands were like iron gauntlets on his shoulders, her fingernails like claws in his skin despite how short she kept them. Deeper and deeper he pushed inside her as she pushed down on him more and more, her thigh muscles straining on either side of his hips.
"Ysssssss!!" Lydia hissed, her breath a warm mist on his lips before she buried her face in the slope of his shoulder. She bit his flesh like a feral animal but he didn't care, responding instead by grabbing hold of her taut ass to knead it and spread it wide open.
Pushing her ass down on his pelvis, he pushed up until he was balls deep inside her, the tip of his cock brushing her innermost self.
"FFFFFUCK!" He growled against her as she started to ride him, her thighs smacking on his as she rode him like a stallion, pulling herself up so that the sweat rolled down the curves of her body.
"Oh! My!Thane!" She gasped, every word coming with a stroke of his shaft into her quim, and every stroke coming with the slapping sound of his wet balls against her spread cuntlips.
The air was scented heavily with the spicy aroma of their sex. It filled the Dragonborn's lungs, spurring him into fucking her harder, deeper, giving her his all.
"Shhhhit!" Lydia swore through pursed lips, leaning forward so that her Thane could slide even further inside her, while also offering him the chance to lean up and kiss and lick at her tight nipples and round ripe breasts. "Yes! Deeper! Oh yes!"
Stitches tore and straw tumbled out of the mattress beneath them, but they paid it no mind. The Dragonborn's hands circled Lydia's waist, while Lydia curled her fingers in her Thane's chest hair, slamming herself down on his cock with all the lusty fury of Molag Bal and throwing her head back to howl,

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