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zkixtcrvepqpvgxkv - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

Emma Watson : Emma's Skills

As soon as the bathroom door shut, Jon ran upstairs to his bedroom and slammed the door behind. His heart was beating as fast as it had ever been. He was confused and sweating, but he couldn't help but smile. As Jon leaned on the bedroom door his grin grew bigger.
Is this really happening? Me and Emma-fucking-Watson?!
Jon spent what felt like hours contemplating what had just happened and finally gathered the courage to talk to Emma. He searched for her in the living room but she was nowhere to be found. Finally Jon found a note on the counter top written in a curly handwriting:
"I'm going out for a sec Jon. Better be ready for some more fun when I come back sweetie... Xoxo Emma."
Jon spent the rest of the day trying to get the household chores done but Emma Watson was no ordinary woman and nor did she have an ordinary effect on his cock. As soon as the morning events were recalled Jon grew a massive boner. It became extremely distracting as he moved from shelf to shelf trying to dust them off as he did on his regular Saturdays. Suddenly, he heard the door shut behind him.
In front of him stood Emma in an office outfit with a short pencil skirt and translucent ruby red blouse. She had her hair in a messy bun and was wearing tall stiletto heels. He could see the outline of her bra through her red blouse. Jon was frozen in his tracks admiring the beauty of Emma Watson. His cock was at its fullest, try to burst through his shorts.
Emma lowered her glasses and looked directly at Jon's shorts.
"Is that for me?" Emma questioned looking at his boner as a naughty smile spread across her lips.
"I'll take it!" Emma exclaimed moving towards him. Jon groaned as he felt Emma's hand wrap around the head of his cock through his shorts.
"What do you want me to do with it, Jon?" Emma teased as lowered herself until her face was directly in front of Jon's tented shorts.
"Do you want me to blow you, sweetie?"
Speechless, Jon nodded nervously.
Emma pouted her red lips and moved closer towards Jon. Jon braced himself for the overwhelming feeling of Emma's luscious lips only to feel a cold breeze on the head of his cock. He groaned in disappointment.
"Oops maybe I did that wrong," Emma teased as her brown eyes stared at Jon. "Let me try again."
Suddenly, Emma put her lips over the head of Jon's cock through his shorts. Jon could feel her tongue teasing the bottom of his cock head through the cloth. Her tongue moved around Jon's shorts making a wet spot with her own saliva.
Emma stopped sucking and moved her lips away making as string of saliva hang from Jon's shorts to her lips. She looked up to see Jon's reaction to her denial.
"Emma please..." Jon pleaded.
"Please what?" She teased, running her tongue along the entire length of his cock and stopping again.
"ohh..." Jon groaned unable to find his words, "Don't... stop..."
"Don't stop what?" She teased, licking the head of his cock.
"We'll be doing that later." Emma said as she reached around Jon's shorts and pulling them down, revealing Jon's member.
"I like how I have this control over you Jon. To make you so hard... so stiff..." She squeezed Jon's cock. "I could make you cum right now. But where's the fun in that?"
Slowly Emma moved closer to Jon. Close enough to feel her warm breath over his erect member. Her lips were just a few centimetres away as she opened red lips and hovered the head of Jon's cock inside her mouth without touching it for a single moment.
Emma raised her eyes to watch Jon's reaction as she held herself there without touching him. She could see the anticipation was killing him.
Her tongue flicked the underneath of his cockhead. She could see Jon's frustration in being teased so much.
She flicked her tongue again over Jon's cock head again. Jon closed his eyes.
Satisfied with his reaction, Emma pointed his cock upwards; placed her tongue at the bottom of his balls and slowly ran her tongue to the head. Suddenly, Emma placed her red lips at the tip his cock and slowly took the entire length of his nine inch cock into her beautiful mouth.
Jon's eyes shot open, to see Emma's mouth over the base of his cock.
His cock had vanished entirely inside her mouth and she was using her tongue to play with his balls while deep throating him. Rhythmic waves massaged Jon's cock as he felt the back of her throat trying to devour his cock.
"HOLY FUCK EMMA" Jon cried out in pleasure as she deep throated him for what felt like an eternity.
Finally, Emma removed her lips leaving Jon's cock covered in her saliva and throbbing for more stimulation. Emma watched it twitch, aching for more of her mouth, two inches away from her face."First time being deep throated?" Emma asked as she began stroking.
Out of breath and lost for words, Jon nodded. Emma giggled at his shy reaction.
"Want me to do it again?" She squeezed his shaft forcing a drop pre-cum out of his cock.
Jon nodded again.
"Use your words sweetie," She stopped stroking and waited for a reply.
"Pl... please... Emma... D... Deep throat me..." Jon stuttered barely making out the words.
Immediately, Emma took his cock inside her mouth in one swift motion. Jon almost jumped as he felt the back of her throat hit his cock head. Slowly, Emma began moving her head forwards and backward, she reached around and grabbed Jon's legs to keep her self-going at steady rhythm as she moved Jon's cock in and out of her throat.
Jon almost passed out in the overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Emma's eyes stared deep into Jon's as she deep throated him. Jon's cock was hard as a rock covered in Emma's saliva. In a single motion she went to the base of his cock and held herself there. Her tongue creeped out and began to play with Jon's balls, licking them.
In the overwhelming amount of stimulation Jon lost his balance as the pleasure ran through his body, stepping back he steadied himself. His legs were shivering and his brain was cloudy.
What is she doing to me?
Emma giggled seeing his cock fall out as balanced him there.
"Too much? Too bad 'cos I'm not going to slow down!" She said as took Jon's balls in her mouth. Her mouth was heaven as her tongue danced and played with Jon. He moaned as the feeling ran through his body. He could feel his orgasm start to build up as Emma's hand reached his cock and began stroking while playing with his balls. Jon leaned his head back as he began to feel his orgasm approach.
But to his surprise she suddenly Emma stopped and stood up. She looked into Jon's eyes as Jon's member throbbed in the air between them. Glistening with saliva and leaking pre-cum.
"Jon, don't cum yet." She put her arms around his neck. "Take it slow and enjoy it."
"Anything for you Emma," Jon replied hypnotized by her deep brown eyes.
Emma reached for Jon's hand and guided it to her beautiful breasts. Jon instinctively squeezed her breasts making Emma moan. Emma took one of Jon's hands and guided it down her body, moving between her cleavage and down her toned stomach.
Emma guided his hand into her skirt until they reached thong.
Jon felt her panties drenched as Emma rubbed his hand over them.
"See how wet you make me Jon."
Jon stared into Emma's eyes.
"I want you to make me cum Jon."
Jon nodded.
"Then, I want you to cum in my mouth, Jon. Can you do that for me?"
"I should be asking you that" Jon Joked.
Emma smiled and dove in tongue first for a kiss. Their tongues danced around each other as interlocked in passionate kiss. Jon took the opportunity to reach around and grab Emma's bubble butt, squeezing both cheeks.
He playfully smacked her ass.
"Sorry just trying something."
A grin grew on Emma's face as leaped into Jon's arms wrapping her legs around him. Her tight skirt rose revealing her thong slightly. Jon's cock was throbbing, pinned against his stomach by Emma's thong. He could feel her wetness on his cock through the thong, it made him even harder.
Jon held Emma by her ass as the two of them passionately kissed each other. Emma became so turned on that she began grinding on Jon's cock. Jon could feel her slit rubbing against his cock, her thong was drenched.
Emma broke the kiss and began moaning into Jon's mouth. Her eyes were closed as she held on tightly to Jon's body.
"I'm... going... to... cum... Jon..." Emma panted in between each grind.
Emma began grinding faster and faster.
"FUUUUCK" Emma cried out as the orgasm ran through her body. Jon felt her legs shake as she held on to him tightly, biting into his shoulder. Her toes curled; her fingers dug into Jon's skin; her body began shaking uncontrollably as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. Jon could feel her pussy juice leaking down over his cock.
"That was fucking amazing Jon" Emma panted as her orgasm subsided. Jon watched as her perky breast rose and fell as she caught her breath.Jon let Emma down and watched as she lowered herself to his cock. Slowly, Emma began deep throat his cock moving it and out of her throat. As she continued to deep throat Jon her hands reached up to Jon's hands and guided them to the back of her head. Jon got the hint and slowly began move his cock in and out of her mouth. Going deeper each time until he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. Emma moved her hands behind her back like a school girl being punished, giving Jon full control.
Jon began to increase his pace as began to fuck Emma's mouth harder and harder. Jon could hear the sound of his cock slamming down her throat. Emma's eyes began to water as she felt the length of Jon's cock moving down her throat.
"YOU'RE A FUCKING GODESS EMMA!" Jon moaned as he slammed Emma's beautiful face.
Emma could feel Jon's member swelling inside her mouth. Jon began bucking his hips faster, moving his cock in and out. Jon pushed the back of Emma's head making her go even deeper.
Jon's effort to last longer was no match for Emma Watson's deep throating skills. He felt his own orgasm overwhelming him. Instinctively, he pushed Emma's mouth as deep as possible. Her nose was flattened against the base of Jon's cock as he began to come down her throat.
Emma began to gag as she felt Jon's cum move down her throat.
"FUUCK" Jon exclaimed caught up in his own orgasm.
Emma tried to pull back as her gag reflex began to grow but Jon held her by the back of her head. Her finger nails dug deep into Jon's thighs, snapping him out of heaven. Jon immediately released her.
Emma fell back. Panting and coughing up Jon's cum. Her eyes ...
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