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It's a (Blow) Job

She stared at the familiar cock in front of her and pushed his knees against the arms of the leather chair. His dress pants and underwear were pushed down to his dark socks. With both hands she cupped his ass cheeks and slide him forward. His member slipped into her wet and willing mouth. Her boss let out a soft moan, as not to alert the any staff who might wander by the locked office door.

For her entire career as an administrative assistant in various organizations, this is how she earned her paycheck. Once she showed up to the interview in her soft Kashmir sweater, the only thing anyone ever looked at was her soft pale cleavage and her long blonde locks. No one ever asked about the job-hoping, the lack of a college degree, or her mysterious references. All they looked at where her hair, tits, and sooner or later her ass.

And she knew once she was hired that within a week she would find herself bending down to suck cock behind a locked office door. There would be a lame excuse to stay late, an awkward reason to lock the door, and a conversation that either appealed to her pity of a sexless marriage or the implication that or order to keep her job, this is what she would need to do.

Of course she never minded. She knew she was a horrible administrative assistant. It would be otherwise impossible to keep her job, and by extension her luxury high-tower apartment overlooking the New York skyline, without her oral skills. And she never fucked. Ever. Sometimes there would be an attempt but once she had his cock in her mouth she knew she could make him come quickly. Her pussy was saved for her fingers, her toys, and whoever she was dating at the time. It was never for work.

But she also knew that once she was hired, the clock would begin ticking. Sometimes the wives would figure out who was draining their husbands of their love juice. Every once in awhile the husbands would be overcome with guilt and admit their wrongdoing to their wives. This was always followed by couple's therapy and a dismissal from her job. As if it was her fault. OK, maybe it was just a bit her fault.

Often the jobs would last just a few months. Sometimes they would stretch to a year, but never beyond. Even regular head from the same hot and well-endowed blonde gets boring for men of power.

Once at a Christmas party a boss tried to get a threesome going with her and his wife. It almost worked. They drank too much, went home together, and stripping naked within minutes of entering an amazingly large master bedroom. But her and the wife clicked too hard, rolling in the bed and entangling their limbs, leaving no room for a third. Her boss left naked and disappointed to watch Sports Center in another room as the women explored each other's drunken bodies. She came three times but was let go the first week of the new year,

On her knees, saliva dripped down the length of her boss' cock and he pushed his legs against the arms of the chair. With her right hand she rhythmically slid her fingers up and down the shaft. She pushed and pulled in opposite directions with her head and hand. Her left hand moved to cup his balls gently. He groaned louder. Anyone outside the office surely could figure what was happening behind the closed door.

It was back in high school with her first boyfriend she leaned of her special gift and how it could be used to get what she needed in life. She had just blown him in the car, parked in the dark parking lot of the little league field near his house. They would often start out their dates there, doing exactly that. Then at the end of the night, after dinner and movie, they would fuck in the same spot. In the summer, they would do it on the hood of the car or on the benches next to the field. In the winter they hopped in the back of his car and fogged the windows.

He taught her how important it was to swallow the cum when giving head. How the hormones in it would keep her breast large and perky. She learned how to make him cum quickly and how to make it last a really long time. She learned how to position herself to cum when they screwed. She learned, on a dare, how to take it up the ass.

Her problem, however, was math. Pre-calculus. She had been falling behind and if she didn't ace the final she would fail the class, which meant she would also not graduate. She was distraught but felt like there were few options. Her boyfriend put it on the table plainly. "Look, you're not very smart, but you're pretty and you give great head. There are many ways to get ahead in the world, and you have skills."

The next week she met with her teacher after school in his office. He might have thought she was going to ask for help, but she closed the door, locked it, and got on her knees. She unzipped his fly and pulled out a small cock. She sucked it rapidly until it released a large amount of sticky fluid, almost filled her mouth. She swallowed twice, got to her feet, unlocked the door, and left. She passed the class and graduated high school.

The leather chair creaked. The cock currently in her mouth began to pulse, and the legs under her arms began to stiffen. She knew he was about to explode. If she really cared about him, she would slow down. Make it last. But this was just a job. She quickened the pace with her right hand and gave his balls a squeeze.

As a teenager she love to lie in bed and stare at the moon. One night, while her mother was away, her father came into the dark room and sat on the side of her bed. "You awake, hun?"


"I need to show you something. I think it's time to show you... how it all works."

He took her hand in his and brought it down on his crotch. The warm flesh began to grow. She had only ever seen it in pictures in health class. She had never felt one before, and never thought about what he father's member might feel like. She felt the soft texture of the head and the more leathery texture of the shaft. She felt the texture of his pubic hair, similar to her own.

When done, he kissed her forehead. She watched him him turn to leave. Opening the door he didn't look back. She could see the silhouette of his naked body by the light in the hallway. He was still wearing dark socks. She swallowed the warm saltiness but the taste lingered.

Her boss let out a groan and pulled the back of her head close. Years of practice gave her the ability to control her gag reflex, but she still resented having a cock shoved so far down her throat. A giant pulse and an explosion of cum flooded her vocal chords. She sucked, slurped, and swallowed all she could.

Before the paralysis of ecstasy lifted, she was on her feet, straightening her clothes, and wiped her lips of cum and saliva. She headed to the door and unlocked it. "I'm going to be an hour or two late tomorrow. I hope that won't be a problem."

He paused for a second. She always coming in late after giving him head, but god-damn-it, it's good head. "Not a problem, Brenda. See you when you get in."

She left, not looking back. She felt her breasts tingle and perk.

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