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Oral Fixation

She woke early and had her coffee and a little breakfast while her husband slept in. She was in her panties and a light robe and she read the paper and looked down at her tan athletic legs and felt her smooth skin. She had shaved them with her morning shower and had given her pussy a good trim to and then applied some nice smelling lotion. She felt clean and good and even a little frisky. The kids were away at camp for three weeks and she and her man had enjoyed rekindling their physical relationship sleeping in, screwing when they wanted and enjoying a vacation at home. She knew he had been up late, probably sending her hot pictures on tumblr which was his way of flirting with her and her way of flirting right back. If so, she knew he would be turned on today. So she ventured back to find her sleeping man stark naked on his back with his cock enticingly ready to service. This would be too easy.

Very gently so as not to wake him, she sat on the bed and took his member in her warm mouth. As she suckled, it very slowly began to grow and grow some more. She could easily take the entire thing in her mouth and she didn't want to wake him, not just yet. Her velvet tongue flicked over the head and it continued to grow but he still lay prone. Unable to resist she sucked and released and sucked again until it touched the back of her throat in its full size causing her just the slightest gag reflex. She was in no hurry enjoying the control and knowing how happy he would soon enough be. It was then that she felt the slightest pelvic thrust yet he was still sleeping. They continued slow and steady like he was having the best dream ever which gave her no end of guilty pleasure. She was licking him, sucking him and swallowing him but kept looking up at his face when he slowly opened his eyes and said "hello girl" which made her smile even though she had his cock buried in her mouth.

She had been enjoying secretly turning him on and the fire between her legs was warming up but the secret was out and his cock grew even harder with each new thrust. She moved up his body and gave his nipples a little attention that he always loved flicking and darting her tongue over each one in turn. He reached down and stroked his rigid cock in turn with the little sparks she was sending through his nipples. Many men are awkward about having their nipples sucked but it was one of her favorite tricks and it was just kinky enough that he had exploded many times jacking off with her tongue flicking his erect buds. That he would spread his legs and stroke his cock to her stimulation made her wet every time and her pussy was getting quite wet now so she reached down into her panties and rubbed herself softly but with intention. Still in charge, she kissed down his belly, down his cock and down his balls. She gave his legs little flicks and kisses while he continued to stroke his member. She kissed the base of his cock and his balls and flicked her tongue all around them. The she went a little lower and licked the base of his balls and with a wicked smile, darted her tongue over his puckered hole and even though it was just for a second he nearly came with her kinkiness and creativity. She was a keeper. Her pussy was soaked from what she had just dared to do and she curled two fingers inside and circled her clit with her thumb which he could clearly see through her stretched and open panties.

Then she moved back up and took his whole cock in her mouth and to the back of her throat. She felt his hand on the back of her head and he slowly pushed down. She remembered the first time a boy had done this and she had been a little bit scared but before long this almost became her favorite part. Yes she gagged a little and couldn't breath for a minute but she knew that he was totally turned on and was now taking her instead of her taking him, taking what he wanted and fucking her his way. She had seen how full his balls were and knew that he would erupt filling any hole her body presented to him. Secretly she had to admit that she loved how much and how urgently he came and her dripping cunt was splayed open and pulsing to her invading fingers. Then he gently took her head and slowly pushed his cock down her throat. She gagged but then extended her tongue to allow him deeper access and her throat widened and opened accepting his cockhead and then some of his shaft. He grinned from ear to ear seeing her take him this deep down her throat for the first time ever and her clit just radiated in heat. He pulled out for a minute to let her catch her breath and then he gently and slowly pushed back down her throat holding her just a little deeper.

On the third try his cock was completely down her throat and it was becoming much more comfortable for her with almost no gagging. She was letting him fuck her throat and he reached down to her dripping cunt with his right hand and easily slid some fingers in. She started to buck, fucking his fingers and squeezing them in her preorgasmic state and he in turn pushed her head back down the shaft of his throbbing cock and started bucking and fucking her throat which seemed to send electric sparks to her clit and stretched pussy lips. Then her orgasm exploded on his skilled fingers and her pussy squeezed him with everything it had as jets of his hot cum shot down her throat as his cock fucked her mouth, her throat and her tonsils with just a few drops of his cum leaking down her beautiful chin. She could literally feel his balls empty giant ropes of cum filling her up driving her biggest orgasm yet. Her pussy squirted pulse after pulse of her clear cum all over his hand that slowly fucked her open hole, over her own fingers still on her clit and down her quivering unabashed spread legs.

They both fell in a sweaty pile catching their breath and he told her all about his wet dream before he had awoken.

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