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Lisa Sweet Lips: College Cocksucker

Hi Jimbo

Thanks for your note, and your questions. Here goes. Longer than I meant it to be I guess. It has been nice to reconnect with you and hear a little about all those years since U Vermont. Some good times we had back then. I know we were never really a couple, but you were one of the nicer ones anyway.

I think I know a thing or two about guys and happiness. It is not very complicated. And I learned pretty early on, I have already told you about high school, but it was the first year at UV that I really learned.

Finally away from home and fussy catholic parents and small town stuff where you couldn't sneeze without someone noticing. I was on my own. Free. I could indulge myself, the self with no space at home.

If you suck a guy's dick, he will be happy. Maybe not forever, but for long enough. If you do it again, or especially regularly, it could well be a long time, although things can get complicated quickly and I usually didn't want to deal with complications back then.

You have heard my baseline story enough, I have bent your ear in the past and you were one of the few who I think actually listened. Or cared. Or acted like you cared anyway. I was never pretty, got teased for my looks from kindergarden on, and when all the other girls started to get chests in sixth or seventh grade, I was not one of them.

Short, glasses, frizzy hair that managed to look stringy at the same time, skinny legs, flat ass. I never did get a chest to speak of. Never. At least I don't need to do the bra thing. All the rest of the package was boring, totally uninteresting, with so-so grades, never very good with words or funny or sports or anything, felt like I was the last one in the room, always.

I watched all the town teenagers match up, the jock guys and the pretty, smug, stuck-up girls with their long blonde hair. The smart kids, even the other losers. It wasn't like I was dying with envy, I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to be desired or anything. It was just the way it was.

I got a glimmer with a couple guys in high school, one fairly early as a sophomore, but it fizzled so badly no one would take a chance on me til the senior year, and then I found myself a few times at parties upstairs in some dark room on my knees in front of some shit-faced guy with his dick in my mouth.

But I liked it. It turned out I really liked it. I figured if the guy's cock in front of me was hard he had to have some interest in me. Or part of me anyway. Of course I had heard a couple girls brag about sucking someone off, but I didn't have any close enough friends who had done that and didn't get the details, just that their status went up when they could say they had sucked John Forman or some big stud's cock.

But if you have a hard cock in your mouth, getting ready to spurt, you know you have that guy's attention. At least for that moment there is nobody more important in the world than you. And I liked that feeling, however momentary it would end up being, and for some guys, momentary is just that and some guys would just get creeped out and treat you funny after they just creamed your mouth. Still don't understand it. Do the guy a favor, exactly what he wants, and then he gets weird on you.

But having a hard eager cock in my mouth is just about my favorite thing in the world. Better than ice cream, a good meal out, a good night's sleep. And you can do it a lot more often than any of the rest of those things too.

You and just about everyone else in college asked me if I swallowed come from the beginning and of course not. It is just too weird the first couple of times to do that, with a mouthful of warm sperm for the first time, and I guarantee you for anyone on the first time it takes you by surprise, no matter how much you know what is going to happen, and you yank your mouth away while the cock is still going off and even feel a bit funny about the whole business and of course then there is come all over the place.

And it is a fucking mess. But back then, given the situation, there was the clean up business and usually neither I or the guy had handkerchiefs or anything and we were scared shitless that we would leave some sign in somebody's parent's house that there was some sex going on and there would be trouble and everything, so it just got to be easier to swallow. Dispose of the evidence. Didn't have to use a tee shirt or some extra piece of clothing that then smelled like semen anyway. Nothing more than that, it was just tidier to swallow. My biggest worry was that my mom would smell sperm on my breath when I got home but that never happened.

But guys liked coming in my mouth. More than I ever imagined. I think you even said that I was only the second girl to ever let you come in my mouth, which I found a little hard to believe, but you wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true.

I am not one of those to say that I like come, the taste and feel and all that crap, it is just part of the deal, and I have adapted so it doesn't bother me. More than one guy has said that coming in a girl's mouth is better than fucking anyway, that a girl's mouth is always just way more talented than a cunt and can do more things that make for a memorable climax, and some guys seem to get off on the visuals of a girl doing him too. And those were the times I got compliments, cause I was good. I had found out I was real good at something.

It was almost like I had nothing to lose, and it just became a game to see how much I could enjoy myself. And making a guy happy was plenty enjoyable. Nobody has ever bedded me for my looks, they just wanted pleasure, and I could do that. It was a no pressure situation if you know what I mean.

Usually I wasn't set on having my own climax, although that was nice when it happened, although it turned out I was fussy how it happened or even who could do it. But making a guy's cock go off, go from soft to hard to raging hard to frantically spitting semen, that I could pretty much guarantee, at least one time for each guy.

That is not quite true what I said about not liking come in my mouth. It is not the come that is exciting, and some guy's come is pretty dreadful tasting stuff, so you learn it is not the taste, but the fact that it happened, and that is what you focus on. I have learned how to take it so that the guy is happy, and boy, they can sure be happy when they squirt in my mouth.

I do like it when he is in the act of coming. I like the way his dick changes hardness, usually just before he goes off, and his dickhead gets just a bit bigger, and I can usually tell by how he is moving his legs, even better when he is moaning or saying stuff, when things are about to happen. And the pulsing when the sperm shoots out, that is real fine. Like having a thick live snake in your mouth and knowing you have made it spit.

You were fairly quiet at first, but your hips started to get moving about and I could feel your thighs tensing and releasing, and the first time I did you I sure got myself a good mouthful. Your cock squirted nice, real powerful, pulse, pulse, pulse. I remember it like yesterday, you whimpering and moaning and squirting strong. You fell asleep fast, although you offered to lick me, but I was fine to just lie next to you all warm and feel you go to sleep, all relaxed and content. And I got to suck you again the next morning. Nice way to get to know you.

It is funny, cause you are not that big, either tall or penis wise, and in fact I am not much a fan of a big penis. You can do a lot more stuff, usually have a lot more fun with a middle size penis, but if it is really big, I still would way rather suck it than get fucked.

Which is another issue.

I am not very big, in any dimensions. It is not a thickness thing, I have had a pile of good thick cocks up me, some of them real nice, but the long ones, unless the guy is careful cause I have a short channel, tend to bang into the back of me, and it is not comfortable. And I will tell you that most guys with big dicks are not careful types anyway, so l learned early on all the ways to deal with them so it worked out for me, and them.

Josh Howard, I think you even knew him, is a good example. Decent enough guy, he had a pretty good sized dick. Looking at him you would figure so, six feet tall, couple hundred pounds, pretty solid, although he was getting a beer belly by the end of college. He was okay looking and I hitched up with him at the end of a party my first year. As usual, most of the pairings off had already happened that night, and he was one of the last guys left by the keg, and I was one of the last girls.

So we did the flirt thing, and I was game, especially since I saw his cock was already pretty hard and long through his jeans, and I figured if all that beer hadn't stopped his cock from getting hard, I probably had a chance for one shot anyway from him.

So I went back to his room, and we were kinda awkward but luckily didn't need to say much, we both knew what we wanted.

Kissing him wasn't so much fun, with his beer breath and all, but he licked my nipples and rubbed my cunt, got me wet, made all the right noises about enjoying me and didn't try to poke his dick into me straight away. He was circumcised, had a nice handsome round head, but his penis kept getting longer and longer as I was feeling him in my hands and I figured I was going to be in for some trouble.

But before I had things figured out, I found him slipping his dick in me anyway, I was plenty wet enough, no trouble there, but the first time he pushed all the way up I tell you it hurt. He must have known that, since he was a little more gentle the next few pushes, but it still wasn't much fun and I wasn't looking forward to him banging into me, even if it wasn't going to take very long to come.

So something got into my head, and I found myself saying something to him like I wanted to see his dick again, before we went any further, that it looked so handsome I wanted to admire it and so on. Well, like just about every guy I have ever met, unless they think you are somehow mocking them or making fun of their dick in some fashion, if you tell him he has a handsome cock, he will be happy to show you or pretty much do whatever you want if he thinks that his big manly cock is going to be admired by you, or maybe be in for some extra attention.

So he pulled out and made the appropriate noises, and actually it was a pretty handsome number, and his balls were nice and big and swollen and all drawn up, and he had nice thick crotch hair and smelled good and I ended up alternating between kissing his balls and sucking his dickhead until I knew damn well that he wasn't going to care whether he fucked me or not as long as he creamed me one way or another.

And it was nice. It felt real nice to feel his big cock in my mouth, ...
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