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♥Some people♥

We should learn, once and for
all, that relationships do end
just like everything else.
As time
goes by. People change.
Disagreements arise letting way
to sour arguments. But way too
often we don´t wish to accept
that it is finished.
beginning of the story. We think
it is going to last forever. We live
on a cloud thinking that we can
do without the rest of people.
A woman called up to the radio
talk show. She said that she is
going to be 49 this year and she
feels she is starting her live again
from scratch. She talked amidst
weeps. Her husband had been
unfaithful in the past year and a
half, but when he went back to
her, she forgave him, thinking
that the good times were back as
they had been for twenty seven
years. She had even prepared a
celebration for their silver
wedding. Yet, he left her again
and it seems that it is forever.
During her story, she never said a
word about work that led me to
think that this woman is one of
those who happen to find shelter
on a man. Then, when the
relationship finishes, there is big
After over a year of
unfaithfulness from her husband,
she set herself to prepare a silver
wedding which is not going to
materialise. She said He´s left me
with all the preparations for our
silver wedding, but she never
said the silver wedding that we
were preparing. It showed
clearly that it was her idea and
that, in fact, he was very far from
this celebration.
When I switched the radio off, I
exclaimed ”Well, who says this is
a problem?” In any case, her
problem will arise when she has
to strive for a living.
I have always wondered why
some women fuss so much
when a relationship finishes. And
women do fuss a lot more than
men. For a man who does, there
are five women who fuss about
their relationships ending.
I wouldn´t say that it is pleasant
to see your loved one going. I
know well how it feels. But
calling to a radio talk show to
talk about it and putting oneself
as the only victim, with weeps
and all, I think it is a bit too
One thing that we should learn,
once and for all, is that
relationships do finish just like
everything else. They don´t have
to last for ever as any priest
would say “Till death do part
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Some women do fuss so much
when they see their husband or
partner of many years going,
because they have made it the
centre of their lives. All goes
around their relationships and
the rest is nearly forgotten.
I once had a friend with whom
we had a very close friendship.
We had travelled and we had
shared loads of things together.
Then, she married and it seemed
our friendship had never existed.
There was no way that we could
meet for a chat over a drink or a
film. I guess she did the same
with all the others. After many
years, she called me up to tell me
that she and her husband had
divorced. Alike the woman in the
radio talk show, she wept saying
that she felt very lonely and stuff.
I couldn´t feel sorry for her, no
matter how sorry I was to hear
that they had divorced. Yet, she
couldn´t expect to find her
friends after several years. I didn
´t want to be too hard on her,
but I felt I was being used.
Marrying or having a relationship
is only a feature in our lives, just
like keeping our friends, a job or
taking up a course. By limiting
and devoting to our husband or
partner forgetting about the rest
is a big mistake, because when
this relationship ends (and
eventually they do) we shall find
ourselves completely alone. Yet,
we can´t expect that our old
friends are there for us when we
have forgotten all about them.

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