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☻↓Evolution Of Computers↓☻

History of computer

»☼»What Is A Computer ?»☼»
A computer is an electronic device that accept data and instructions,processes it and give the desired output.
-It has the ability to-
-»¦«- Accept the data given by the user (Input).
-»¦«-Process the data, according to the given set of instruction (Processing).
»↓↓↓_Let's Know More_↓↓↓«
Andre Truong Trong Thi(1936-2005)a vietnamese-French engineer is considered to be the Father Of The Personal Computer for creating the MICRAL (microcomputer) based on an Intel 8008 processor in 1973.
In 1617, john Napier made a calculating device-a set of rectangular rods called Napier's Bones. The rods were made up of carved bones, which were used for performing ,addition, subtraction multiplication,division and square roots.
In 1980,the United States Census Bureau used punch cards and sorting machines designed by Herman Hollerith.
Reynold B.Johnson (1906-1998) is regarded as the father of the disk drive.
Physically,ENIAC was massive. It weighed 30 tons and was roughly 2.4m by 0.9m by 30m, and consumed 150 KW of power.
25 YEAR OF PC-> August 12,1981 marks the birth of the IBM-PC, the computer that changed the world.

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