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Me & Brother Rinkesh

My name is ASMITA but every
one call me Ashu Jaan, a 18 year
old, fair complexioned, beautiful
looking girl. This is my first time
I’m writing a story. This is the
real life story of my first sexual
experience. First I would like to
tell you’ll something about me.
I’m very fond of wearing trendy
clothes especially salwars and
churidars and of course sarees
which I wear occasionally for
parties etc. Also I like to watch
blue films on TV or my pc when
there’s no one at home.
One day there was a wedding
of some relative of ours. My
parents had planned to leave a
day before the marriage but I
stayed back and told them that I
would be coming with my uncle
who was also to leave the same
day but later in the evening. My
parents agreed and before
leaving they informed my uncle
that I would be going with
them. The reason for not going
with them was that just a day
before a friend of mine (girl)
had given me a blue film CD. This
she used to get from her
brother’s computer. So after my
parents left the whole scene
I went to my bedroom. I was
wearing a blue salwar kameez. I
took off my clothes and threw
them on the bed and became
naked. I put on the blue film and
I was masturbating while
watching the film. I was already
wet. After some time the door
bell rang. It was my Brother
Rinkesh who entered in as the
door was not locked. I switched
off the pc and ran to the toilet
which is in my room itself with
the shalwar. He came to my
bedroom searching for me. I told
him to sit down as I was
changing. I changed and came
out wearing the salwar but I
had left my bra and panty on
the bed. I don’t know if he had
noticed them.
I asked him why he had come
alone and he told that his wife
was not well she had fever.
So he was going alone for the
wedding. I told him that I would
get some tea for him and went
to the kitchen. I gave him tea
and went to the balcony to
remove the clothes put for
drying. From the balcony I could
see inside my room from the
window. As I reached the
window I was shocked to see
my uncle squeezing my bra with
one hand. But on the second
thought I thought this was a
great opportunity for me to
have sex for the first time in my
life for which I was longing.
I went to the bedroom and saw
him sitting there. I could see the
bulge in his pants. I don’t know
from where I gathered the
courage and I held my uncle’s
hand and touched my pussy
over my salwar with his hand.
He pulled back his hand and
asked me what I was doing. I
told him that I was desperate
for having sex and he agreed. I
pulled down his pants and was
surprised to see him wearing
not an underwear but a pink
laced panty. He told me that he
liked wearing panties and used
them for masturbation. I pulled
down his panty and took his 8
inch long dick in my hands.
For the first time I was touching
a man’s dick. It was like a hot
iron rod. I then gave him a nice
blowjob. He then undressed me
and started pressing my boobs
and biting my nipples. He then
went down to my love hole and
started caressing my cleanly
shaved pussy with his tongue.
He touched my clitoris and I
started moaning. He made me lie
down on the bed and kept a
pillow under my ass to lift my
psyche then slowly inserted his
dick into my pussy. It was quiet
tight for him to enter me. After
a few strokes he was able to
put his dick completely in and I
started enjoying it. It was
feeling really great. I moaned
heavily and made noises like
“Ahhhhh hmmmm.”
He started fucking me harder
and faster and I had my first
orgasm. My pussy was full of
juices and it was making all sorts
of sounds. I told my uncle not to
cum in my pussy so he cum on
my face. I drank all of it. It
tasted really good and I sucked
his cock dry. He also licked the
juices that were oozing out of
my pussy. We then laid over
each other for some time kissing
and exploring each others
assets. He got his erection back
after some time and told me
that he wanted to fuck me in
the ass.
I knew that it was not good to
fuck in the ass at such an young
age but I couldn’t stop myself
and I allowed him. My ass was
very tight so he put some oil on
his dick and also on my ass. He
started pushing his dick inside
my ass and I couldn’t bear the
pain. I pressed my face against
the pillow and held it tight.
Finally he put his dick into my
ass and started moving it
slowly. Soon all the pain turned
into pleasure and I told him to
make it faster and had multiple
orgasm. He filled my ass with his
cum. We were totally exhausted
and went to sleep naked.
In the evening we left for the
wedding and we reached there
at night. The next day was the
wedding. He wore a nice
sherwani. I was wearing a sexy
transparent lemon color saree
with a short blouse. So at the
party our family and also my
uncle were sitting in a corner
making a group. After some
time everyone went for the
dance. I also got up to go but
my uncle held my hand. I came
to know that he was planning
something so I sat down with
him. He put my hand in his
underwear. I started pressing
his dick. He was also caressing
my thighs over the saree.
After some time we went to
one of the ladies toilet. We saw
that there was no one around
and we entered and closed the
door from inside. There was no
problem of anyone disturbing
us as there were more two
ladies toilets. He put aside my
pallu and unhooked my blouse.
He inserted his hand into the
cups of my bra and squeezed
my breasts hard. His fingers
caressing my nipples. There was
no time to undress so I lifted my
saree and petticoat to my waist
and removed my panty and
pressed it on his face. It was
soaked with my juices.
He put his dick in my pussy and
soon he filled my pussy with his
cum. I cleaned his dick and my
pussy with my hankie. I wore
my panty and pulled down my
saree and petticoat. Then
buttoned up my blouse and
adjusted my pallu and we left
for the party. Anyways we
enjoyed our party more than
the wedding party. After that
we did not misss any chance of
having sex. Do tell me how u
liked my story and any guys and
gals want to share anything
about sex with me r most

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