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Raj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In Goa

A work of fiction. Raj was a 18
year old boy. He was living with
his mom Nalini in Lucknow. She
was a widow. Raj’s dad died 8
years ago, when he was 10
years old. Initially, when her
husband died, Nalini was very
depressed for almost a year
after his death. But she slowly
turned her attention towards
her son. She was very
affectionate with him and took
good care of him. She made sure
that Raj was not affected by
the loss of his dad and her only
attention was to bring him up
and educate him.
Raj was her world and she took
care of him with affection and
was friendly towards him. Raj
was also very affectionate
towards his mom. Both were
like best friends. Nalini was an
educated woman and she had
studied B.Com. But she did not
seek any job, as they were from
a moderately rich background.
And since her husband had been
a government employee, they
received a good sum of money
as pension, which was more
than enough to run the family.
All her attention was to take
care of her son. The house they
lived in was also their own
house, as it was inherited from
their ancestors. Nalini and her
son lived in a well furnished
house. It had 3 separate rooms
and had a large hall. They also
had an empty space of ground
in the backyard. It was a huge
space and they had an idea of
building a swimming pool in the
backyard in the future.
Raj was in the final year of his
schooling. 12th exams were fast
approaching. So, he was fully
inclined towards his studies. He
was a studious boy and obtains
good marks under the guidance
of his mom. As the exams were
fast approaching, Nalini was
fully engrossed in teaching her
son and getting him prepared
for the exams.
Nalini was a caring mom and
was very friendly with her son.
She was a 38 year old lady and
was very beautiful. She was a
tall woman and measured 5.10
inches. She had a good body
structure with measurements of
38-32-36 with a bit of added
weight around her waist area
and some other parts. As she
was tall, her height
complimented her beautiful
structure very well. Raj was also
a tall boy and measured 5.11
inches and he was athletic as he
does work outs.
Final exams began for Raj. Raj
was very interested in
Photography, and had a plan of
studying visual communication
and becoming a Photographer
or Cinematographer in the
future. Under his mom’s
guidance, he performed well in
his exams. Raj and his mom
were waiting for the final
results. Then after a month, the
results were announced. Raj
scored 82% in his final exam. It
was a very good mark and Nalini
was very happy with her son.
She took her son to a Bollywood
movie that day. The first time
they are going out after a long
period due to exams. Now Raj
has 2 months holiday before
getting into a college. After the
movie, they came back to their
home. It was 9 pm. Both of
them were sitting in the sofa in
the hall. Nalini said “Dear, I am
very happy with your exam
results”. Raj replied “Thanks
mom, I am happy too”. She said
“So I have planned a trip for us”.
Raj asked “Where are we going
mom?”. She replied
Goa, dear. We are going to Goa.
It will be a 5 day trip, and I have
already booked a train for us
tomorrow night”. Raj was very
excited as they are about to go
on a tour after a long time. Then
both mom and son wished good
night and went to bed. The next
day. Nalini woke up early and
was preparing breakfast for
them. Raj was sleeping. Then she
woke up Raj and brought coffee
for him. She asked him to brush
his teeth and went out.
Raj was sipping the coffee.
After a while she came back to
her sons room. She had her
dresses in her hand. Raj asked
“Mom, are you going to take
bath in my room?” She replied
“Ya dear, there is some problem
in the shower in my bath room”.
He said “Fine mom”. Then she
kept her blouse and her saree on
the bed in which Raj was sitting,
as she went to bath. She took
the bra and petticoat with her.
After 15 minutes she came back
from bath. By that time Raj had
finished his coffee and was just
sitting on the bed.
Nalini was wearing her bra and
petticoat. She was very
beautiful and tall in that posture.
But her bra was unhooked at
the back. Since it was a tight bra,
she was unable to hook her by
herself. Her boobs were juggling
and her hips swayed to and fro,
as she walked towards her son
with both her hands holding her
unhooked bra. She asked Raj,
“Dear, Can you fasten the hooks
in my bra, it’s a bit tight”. Raj
replied “Ya sure mom” as he
hooked her bra.
He had done it a few times
before, and it was not unusual
for him. Nalini then wore her
blouse and saree before him, as
she did not mind and she had
changed her dress before him in
the past. Raj did not feel
anything, as it was normal for
him. Then she told Raj to take
bath and come for breakfast
and she left the room. Breakfast
was over. Then she told Raj,
“Dear we should get packed up
for the trip by morning, as we
need go shopping in the noon to
purchase some things we need
during the tour.” “So we should
help one another in getting
things packed up”.
He replied,”Ya, sure mom” Then
they both went to her room
first to pack up things. She sat
on the bed with a suitcase open,
to pack things. Raj was taking all
the necessary things as told by
her mom. He took all the items-
saree, perfume, comb, hair oil
and other things and giving it to
his mom. She packed everything
inside her suitcase. Then she
said, “Raj, take 3 pairs of bras
and panties from my cupboard
son”. Raj took them and gave it
to her. After packing all her
things, he sat on the bed beside
He said” I am very excited about
going to the beach and
swimming in Goa, mom.” Both
Raj and Nalini loved swimming,
though they hadn’t swam for
few years now, because they
don’t have a swimming pool.
Nalini replied, “no dear, mom
cannot swim in the beach as it
will be crowded and I want
privacy.” He asked,”then aren’t
we going to swim mom?” in a
rather disappointing tone. She
laughed hearing this and
replied,”No dear, we can swim in
the hotel in privacy.” Raj asked
“Mom are we going to stay in a
hotel with pool mom?”.
She replied, ”Ya dear, I have
already booked a room for us in
a 5 star hotel”. She continued “it
has a separate private
swimming pool, where we both
can swim dear. Hearing this Raj
was very happy. Nalini had
already enquired everything
about Goa from one of her few
friends, whom she met in the
supermarket the previous day.
She enquired about the hotel,
food, shops and all the sight-
seeing spots.
Both Nalini and Raj had a very
few friends. Both were the best
friends of one another. Next
they went into Raj’s room and
Nalini helped her son in packing
his things. She asked him to take
an extra pair of Underwear as it
would be required for
swimming. Hearing this a
thought suddenly struck his
mind. She asked her “Mom,
haven’t you packed any
lingerie’s for you?”. She replied,“
No dear, as I haven’t swim for a
few years now, I don’t have any
lingerie’s, except those bra and
panties dear”. He enquired “then
are we going to purchase
lingerie’s for you today during
shopping mom?”.
She replied “no dear, Lingerie
shops are famous in Goa, and
we can purchase there dear.”
Raj replied ”Ok fine mom”. Then
he went to his school to collect
his mark sheets. Then in the
noon, they went to shopping to
purchase some things for their
vacation. Then they came back
home. As the clock ticked 6 pm,
they took a taxi to the railway
station and had two suitcases in
their hands. Then they took the
train and the next day they
were in Goa.
They finished their breakfast in
a hotel near the Goa junction.
Then they took a taxi to the
hotel. On reaching the hotel,
Nalini filled the forms at the
reception and they were
provided with their room key.
They had to walk quite a
distance to their room as it was
a separate cottage sort of
rooms. This hotel is famous for
its cottages as it offers privacy
to everyone. There was no other
room near their cottage. Both of
them entered the room. As Nalini
was settling the luggage down,
Raj was taking a look at their
room. It was a beautiful room
and the walls were painted with
nice texture.
The flooring was shiny. It was a
single room and had two beds
joined together. There was a
bathroom and a door on the
other side which led to the
swimming pool. Raj was taking
a look at the swimming pool. It
was a moderate sized pool. Then
Nalini took a view of the room.
She was amazed by the look of
the room. It was a neatly
furnished room. Nalini asked her
son “Dear, do you like this
room?”. Raj replied,” Its
awesome mom” with a smile.
Nalini remarked “ya dear, its
awesome and privacy is the
main thing in this hotel.”
Both were chatting for a few
moments. Then Nalini asked Raj
to go to bath as she took his
underwear and gave it to him.
Raj took a nice shower and
came out with a towel wrapped
around his waist. Nalini was
sitting in the bed as she said Raj
“the workouts are showing
results dear” as she was gazing
at her son’s athletic body. She
was always proud of her son
and whatever he does. Raj
remarked, ”Ya mom, I am
training well” as he was
wearing his vest and shorts.Then it was Nalini’s turn to bath.
Raj went to the swimming pool
and was recording videos with
his handycam he had brought
with him. Meanwhile Nalini was
preparing for bath. She took her
bra and petticoat along with her
to change after bath. After
finishing her shower, she came

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