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ajg - Woman Asian

Mom Replaced My Breastfeeding Sister

Hi I am
Manish(nickname Munna) again
with second part of the story
My Breastfeeding Sister. I hope
all of you liked my earlier story.
The story starts from the time
my mom caught me fucking my
sister. She was very angry with
both of us. She beat me like
anything but I could not say a
word. Next day my brother in
law was summoned and by
evening my sister Tanya was
packed off to her place. I do not
know what mom told my
brother in law but she achieved
her goal.
The atmosphere in the house
was too charged from that day.
Not to mention we were not
talking to each other. Then I
stopped eating also. My mom
called me to her bedroom in the
evening. She inquired, “What is
wrong with you.” I said,
“Nothing is wrong. You do not
worry. I am alright.” “Then why
are you not eating.” She asked.
I answered, “I cannot say. You
know the reason. Why did you
send back Tanya?” Mom yelled at
the top of her voice, “You
shameless idiot, you were
having sex with your sister. And
you are asking me why I sent
Tanya away. I will not allow this
to happen in my house. I argued,
“ Nothing is wrong in it. If two
consulting adults are having sex,
you cannot stop them. I love my
sister very much.” She lost her
cool, “This is not love, and it is
sin. If you can have sex with
your sister, you can have sex
with your mother too.”
I replied, “Why not? What is
wrong if you are also willing to
have sex with me?” She again
yelled, “Then come on have sex
with me. You pervert.” In fit of
rage she removed saree pallu
from her shoulder exposing her
blouse covered boobs. She said
pointing towards her melons,
“This is from where you got
elixir of life. Come hold it.”
I stood on my ground. Then she
came threateningly towards me
and her hands came down on
me hitting me full force. She tore
my t-shirt in the process. I
pushed her away with force
and my hands fell on her boobs.
She got angrier and pushed me
I could not maintain my stance
and fell back on floor but while
trying to save myself from
I am in need of pussy
17.01.2015 11:21 EST,
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21.04.2012 08:40 EDT,
i think it was my own story up to sister nd mom fucking bt no pregnency was there /no forced sex zaany how exilent
you are the real example of bloody mother fucker...u people are the real curse to the humans and country.
24.04.2011 15:15 EDT,
I luv de act of sex u played but i don't lik ur story.
24.01.2011 04:18 EST,
This is the most wonderful story that i had read ever.
17.12.2010 21:38 EST,

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