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b eaab d e

Tasty Ice cream

Hello im Yasmine my friends all
raved about the new restaurant
that went up on the outskirts of
town. It was a drive -in place
where you could sit in your car
and they would bring your food
to you. Everyone said their ice
cream cones were the best. I was
skeptical. I didn't like change and i
never found ice cream i liked
anywhere any better than the
tasty freeze. One day i decided to
go to the new place (eat and go)
for lunch. I rolled down my
window and waited for someone
to take my order. A gorgeous,
topless young man came to my
car. "hello mam what can i do for
you today?" he asked politely.
Tiny beads of sweat glistened off
his tan muscular chest and biceps.
As i admired the young lads
handsome build i almost forgot
what i had went there for. "oh i'm
sorry," i said as i snapped out of
my hypnotic daze. "i'll take an
order of fries and a vanilla ice
cream cone." the man smiled at me
and looked me up and down. I
followed his eyes as they gazed
over my bosom. He looked at me
as if he was sizing me up. "would
you like something special on the
side ?" he asked. He slid his hand
down and rubbed it playfully over
his bulging crotch. I didn't know
what he meant but i was
intrigued. "no that will be all,
thanks," i replied. I sat in the car
and waited for my order. As i
looked around i noticed a girl
approach the car next to me with
an order of food. An older man
was in that car alone. The girl put
the food on the tray of his car
and then she went around and
got in the passenger side. I
thought that was a little odd but
maybe it was her ride or
something, i guessed. The girl sat
right next to the man and it
appeared that she was fidgeting
with something. Then i realized
she was jacking him off in his car.
The man was leaned back in his
seat and his face was flush red.
The girl's shoulder was flinching
with each yank of the older man's
cock. A moment later her head
disappeared. I couldn't believe
what i was seeing. I wanted to
make sure i wasn't crazy. I opened
my door...
13.06.2014 06:07 EDT,
dis was jus 2 gud so so different......
14.09.2013 10:39 EDT,
wow! is ds real.
04.10.2012 02:51 EDT,
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21.04.2012 07:38 EDT,
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08.03.2012 12:14 EST,
Not bad,but want more.
10.02.2012 03:01 EST,
Tasty icecream
21.07.2011 14:54 EDT,
You taste my ice cream it will be very tasty .you never forget the taste in your life time
28.05.2011 04:07 EDT,
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12.04.2011 12:43 EDT,
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