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WARNING: Explicit material
contents! Not suitable for minor.
Adult (18+) only!

Just about every man remembers
his first sexual experience and I
am no exeption. I am glad to say
however that mine was at the
hands of an older woman, a very
nice and experienced older
woman. Sally my first woman was
about 32 when I first become
involved with her and I had
secretly watched her as she
sunbathed in her back yard
wishing I could have sex with her
for a long time. Sally was a trim
blond with a nice figure and she
was married. Sadly her marriage
was not on good footing at the
time and this
combined with her husbands
drinking must have been what
precipitated our initial tryst. On
the odd occasion that Sally could
not find a suitable baby sitter for
her two small children ages 2 and
4 I would go over and sit with
them in the evenings after they
had been put to bed and were
asleep. I must say that in all the
times I sat for these kids they
never gave me any problem and
only occasionally would they
wake up. Well I could tell that
things weren't going well for Sally
and her husband at many
nights Sally would come home
without him and I would see
someone most times a woman
drop him of the next morning.
One night about 8:00 pm Sally
come home while I was sitting her
kids and she looked very upset
and asked if I would stay around
a little while she took a bath
because one of the kids was still
up and she didn't want her to get
scared if she found the house
empty. I agreed and settled back
to watching tv wondering if Sally
was ok because she seemed so
upset. Sally was gone quite a long
time and I
decided to go and look for her, so
I quickly went upstairs and
checked on the kids who were
both asleep then went towards
the bathroom to check on Sally.
The bathroom door was slightly
ajar and I could see Sally sitting on
the edge of bathtub staring off
into space and softly crying. Sally
had on just a thin rob which was
open to the waist and I could see
her full firm breasts with small...
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