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Acronym 4 " P "

PA - Personal Assistant/Press Association/Per Anum.
PAA - Pan American Airlines.
PAC - Political Affairs Committee/Public Account Committee.
PAL - Phase Alteration Line.
PAN - Permanent Account Number.
PANA - Pan African News Agency.
PAP - Papanicolaou Cervical Smear.
PATA - Pacific Area Travell Association.
PB - Post Box/Polit Bureau/Padma Bhushan.
PBE - Private Branch Exchange.
PBX - Private Branch Exchange.
PC - Per Centum/Personal Computer/Portable Cook/Per Cent/Post Card.
PCB - Pakistan Cricket Board.
PCC - Pradesh Congress Committee.
PC Chandra - Purna Chandra Chandra.
PCIB - Peripheral Component Interconnect Base.
PCL - Printer Control Language.
PCM - Pulse Code Modulation.
PCO - Public Call Office.
PCOD - Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease.
PCS - Public Civil Service.
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant/Preventive Detention Act.
PDF - Portable Data File/Progressive Democratic Front.
PDL - Page Description Language.
PEC - Project &
PELE - Edson Arantes De Naasimento.
PEN - Poets,Playwright & Essayists & Novelists (An International Writers Club)
PET - Pre_Eclamptic Toxaemia.
PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
PF - Provident Fund.
PFA - Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.
PFLP - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
PG - Post Graduate/Paying Guest.
PGS - Presentation Graphics Software.
PHC - Primary Health Centre.
Ph D. - Doctor of Philosophy.
PHE - Public Health Engineering.
PHN - Public Health Nurse.
PIB - Press Information Bureau.
PIL - Public Interest Litigation.
PIM - Personal Information Management.
PIN - Personal Identification Number/Postal Index Number.
PIO - Principal Information Officer.
PIXEL - Picture Element.
PL480 - Public Law 480.
PLO - Palestine Liberation Organization.
PM - Post Meridien.
PM Box - Private Message Box.
PMC - Project Management Cell.
PMG - Post Master General.
PMPO - Peak (Music/Maximum) Power Output.
PMS - PreMenstrual Stress.
PMW - ParaMedical Worker.
PMOA - ParaMedical Opthalmic Assistant.
PNA - Pakistan National Alliance.
PNC - Post Natal Core.
PNE - Peaceful Nuclear Explosion.
PNR - Passenger Name Record.
POTO - Prevention Of Terrorism Ordinance.
POW - Prisoner Of War.
PP - Public Prosicutor/Particular Person.
PPH - Post Parthum Haemorrage.
PPM - Page Per Minute.
PPP - Public Private Partnership/Pakistan Peoples Party.
PPR - Post Publication Re_examination.
PPS - Post Publication Scrutiny/Principal Private Secretary.
PRO - Public Relations Officer.
PSC - Public Service Commission.
PSL - Post Script Language.
PSLV - Public Satellite Launching Vehicle.
PSM - Picture Status Memory.
PSP - Praja Socialist Party.
PSUTI - Postal Saving Unit Trust of India.
PT - Physical Training.
PTI - Press Trust of India.
PTO - Please Turn Over/Privilege Ticket Order.
PUC - Paper Under Consideration.
PUFA - Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid.
PUK - PIN Unblocking Key.
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride.
PVSM - Param Vishist Seva Medal.
PWD - Public Works Department.
PWG - Peoples War Group.

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