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First Year

Adan Reyes or "Mextacy" as they billed him came out at number 13 in Tooele, Utah. Wearing his mask he went in fully charged, for about a minute and a half he was chopped, to hell by wrestlers like Mochi Paco, Alex Brady, Dozer and a Spatula. After being thrown out the battle was not over as he took some hits from Mach Martinez and Paco on the outside. That was the beggining in American Xtreme Wrestling. He then competed in another AXW Royal Battle. October of the same year in South Salt Lake, A halloween Battle Royal took place. Then and there he was picked apart by everyone in site. Eventually getting into an outside brawl that went real ugly real fast with a wrestler named Lil Sic especially after being eliminated. The battle went on as Adan Reyes joined up with Brad Landen, as they wrestled at a boys and girls club in January of 2009. This match is where Adan Reyes started to get offense. Eliminating Rich Cross, and fighting Lil Sic, Banning Isaacson Dallas Murdock, and others. Though their moment was short lived in that battle royal after Dallas Murdock eliminated Adan Reyes as Brad Landen entered they established their friendship to the fans. But even then that did not stop them from brawling it all out in Las Vegas, Nevada in April of 2009. Adan Reyes, Brad Landen and Banning Isaacson fought outside of Any Capz Pub in a triple threat. Adan Reyes took a victory after pinning his friend Brad Landen. Also earning him a spot with the federation at hand. A week later Brad Landen and Adan Reyes teamed up in another AXW Battle Royal aquiring another team member Chad Bryant. Fighting almost everyone in the ring Lil Sic once again took on Adan Reyes and his team members succeeding in eliminating all three and putting the finishing touch by eliminating himself and throwing his body off the top rope onto all three men thus ending the grudge, and the last AXW match of all three men. After their AXW endeavor Brad Landen and Adan Reyes started disagreeing and butted heads as they faced eachother in Real Mexican Wrestling ran by Misterioso. It was at Centro Civico in Salt Lake City at a two Cinco De Mayo event. Adan Reyes had the victory over Brad Landen and was then screwed over by his other former team mate Chad Bryant. That match was followed the next day as Adan Reyes teamed up with Banning Isaacson and they took on Brad Landen and Chad Bryant. Adan not happy with the day before, infuritated with both men fought hard but the match was cut short as Tristan Gallo and Cassidy came out and caused disqualafication. The feud between Chad and Adan was not finished. Later that month Adan Reyes found a new partner in Vincent Black and Chad teamed up with Brad Bullock. Chad took the victory by submission with a sharpshooter. May 30th of 2009 Adan Reyes wrestled in Utah Wrestling All Stars in an All star Rumble of wrestlers from the past, Present, and future. Elminated a littler after a minute by Kid Cade. In June Adan Reyes was called into another tag team match back in Las Vegas, Nevada with a chance at gold as he teamed up with a long time friend Rouge and they took on a California tag team, The Dogs Of War with a decorated background. The team of RNR was defeated, and the Dogs sent a message with a final knocking blow, a strong kick to the back of the head of Mextacy. Adan Reyes going back home to Reunite with his former friends Brad Landen and Chad Bryant to take on the Utah Legend Super Destroyer and a devious clown by the name of Psycho. After a hard fought battle Adan Reyes fell victim to a cane shot by manager Doc Skurlock and was defeated by Super D. In July he made his debut in the NWA UCW Zero as he took on Abu Somalia who took Brad Landen hostage in the previous month in a match. Adan Reyes since butting heads with Brad Landen decided he needed to save his best friend despite the differences but failed and got captured aswell. After both were let go Adan Reyes went back to Las Vegas, complaining about all that had happened to him since his last trip. Angry that his friend Rouge was not helping him through these problems as a friend should he came back to Nevada angry, and very vengeful. He Challened his once friend to match for the belt Rouge won that Adan claimed gold was more important than being friends. It was a hard fought battle, a chair was even thrown into the mix for Reyes to use in a uniuqe way only to lose the battle to his opponent who was one step ahead of him. Adan Reyes came home not discouraged as he decided to use the veneance he had within him left. His heart was considered gone with events in his life going downhill. He tried his new concept on UCW Wrestler Zack James, he called it the Reyes Vision Playground match, he stayed one step ahead of James through out the whole match, Zack hurting his leg with a Reyes Trap earlier was his downfall as he tried a high risk move, failed and Reyes capitolizing took a long needed victory. To Finish off his first year in August of 2009 Adan Reyes was placed in a twelve man Battle Royal, in the NWA UCW Zero. Fighting off Brad Landen, Zack James, Abu Somalia, Jr X and others then was elminated by Cassidy O Brien topping off the year for Adan Reyes with another Battle Royal Loss.

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