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Maska Lagaaya Aur Gaand Maar Lee - A Hinglish Erotica

My bhabhi is a real sexy beautiful lady. Her name is Shamina. She is
a Punjabi and she is 24 with a nice slim figure and a gorgeous Gaand.
Her balls are very pulpy firm and very nicely shaped like conical
mountains. She is my unofficial wife now . The story goes seven
months back.

My bhaiya, Shailesh, would always go to work for a long stretch.
Because he was a sales manager of a high profile company his job
would entail him to travel a lot. I would spend a lot of time with
her. At first I would never used to think of her in a sexual manner.

Once I overheard my friend Rupesh speaking to Manoj, "Shamina is such
a dame. Fuck. Kya Gaand hain. Her hubby is such a pansy guy."

Manoj said, "She makes me horny. I don't know how Shailesh controls
his urges. With an ass like that I would even sniff her fart.".

Their vulgar talk was making me somewhat sick and somewhat horny. I
had to admit Shamina was really a sexy lady. From that day itself I
used to eye her sexily. Whenever she would sweep the room I would
stare at her ass in the sari and imagine me showering it with wet
kisses. I would also get to see her balls and the valley between her
Mummey when she would bend down to get something. they were enticing
and shake with opulence when she would sweep the floor or collect
some stuff form the shelf .When she would look at me I would avoid
her gaze. Then we began to get more free with each other she would
ask me about my girlfriend and stuff like that. Then I started
showing the sexy jokes in SMS and she would laugh heartily. I asked
her to tell me some non-veg jokes and she narrated a couple to me. I
began to fall in love and lust with my bhabhi and I would masturbate
in her name at night. However, we would sleep in different rooms.

One day it so happened that I was watching TV with her in the living
room in the afternoon. Bhaiya had gone to Pune. Suddenly the peace
was interrupted by a sexy booming croaking fart. It was a loud one
with a rising booming crescendo and faded with a staccato of airy
emission as it faded. it had a sexy buzzer ring to it She looked
embarrassed as I looked at her with accusation. Her fart was followed
by a funny smell. But I was getting horny because it is not usual to
hear or a smell a beautiful woman passing wind.
I commented " apka tho paadh bhi sexy hain."

She made a face and said, "Then why don't you smell it."

She could not face me and I comforted her and said, "It is okay. Why
have you never farted before bhaiya?"

She said, "He never remains at home"

I made a face and said, "Bhabhi, Shailesh bhaiya is never home when
you need him, don't you feel irritated?"

She smiled and said, "You are there, why should I crib?"

I answered, "Because Shailesh bhaiya is either a Chootiya, or he does
not have a Lund?"

She burst in to laughter and then made a serious face, "Of course he
has that thing but he does not have time to use it."

I loved her humor and said to her, "With such a beautiful wife like
you, any body would have loved to be in his place. If I was him I
would never have left you. I mean work is important but still I would
have spent time with you."

She looked at me with love and said, "I wish your bhaiya thinks like

I reached and caressed her face and her hair and asked her, "How many
times a week does bhaiya have sex with you?"

She replied, "Not sure. Could be once or even not that."

I moved my hand across her neck and shoulders. I said, "I would have
made love to you endlessly."

Then I caressed her thigh in a circular fashion. It was so wide and
soft that I started getting an erection. I knew I had to have her and
she was also in a sexy mood. She did not stop me. I knew her married
Choot was itching for a big Lund I pressed her right Mummey gently
through the sari. Her eyes opened wide as I cupped it. The pallu of
the sari came down and I saw her Mummey straining to get out in the
tight blouse. I feasted my eyes and she saw me looking hungrily at
them. I just removed the zip of my pant and she saw my erect snake
slithering its ugly head out in my blue underwear.

She looked at it and said, "tera toh bahut bada lag raha hai."

As she said it I removed my shirt pulled my pant and removed my
underwear and showed my soldier of love to her. She was looking at it
as if inspecting it.

She stroked it and said softly, "It is really a big one. Tera kelaa
toh bahut mota hai re."

I asked, "tere santrey bhi bahut tasty lag rahe hain, Shamina."

I reached towards her and began to smooch her. We began to kiss while
I stroked her Mummey through blouse. Then she reached to her side
and removed the blouse and I saw her white bra. Her cleavage was
rippling through it. I began to open the clips of her bra and then
her beautiful Mummey popped out as if they were waiting for me. Her
Mummey were so beautiful they were really perky looking like two cute
mangoes. I began to squeeze one softly as I ran my tongue through her
neck. She closed eyes and moaned softly. Then I put her on the bed
and began to suck her right nipple as I pressed her left ball. Then I
changed and sucked on her other tit while I pinched her left nipple.

Shamina moaned, "hmmm.....unnnn."

Then I licked her entire left boob while I fondled her right Mumma.
She was reaching down to feel my hardness. As she did that I started
to suck on her right nipple with full pressure as if drawing milk
from it. She cried as I sucked as hornier at that sexy piece of
fucking flesh. I began to knead her left Mumma as I sucked. I savored
her nipples and big Mummey for fifteen minutes. When I finished with
her Mummey they were shining with my spit. Her nipples were swollen
by my oral attack.

She smiled at me and said, "Yeh mere bable hain .. ataa nahin..."

I made a very sorry face.

She got up and took my face in the hand and then said, "Arey kya

I said, "May be I don't know how to please you."

She said, "No one had pressed and sucked my balls like you and you
say... le aur mazaa le inke saaath."

She offered her Mummey tome. I began to caress them again and began
to suck them one by one.

She moaned, "Uiiiii.. maa unnnngh.....aur dabaa naaa."

I did not bring my Lund near her so that I wanted to give bhabhi all
the pleasure possible. I then lifted her hands up and began to sniff
the delicious sweaty kinky odor of her armpits. I then began to give
love bits in her arm pit while I pressed her Mummey which was
uplifted. I did the same with her other armpit. I am a lover of
female sex and I knew each and every part of a woman's body is to be

Then I got on top of her and licked her face and her neck. She began
to seek my lips. As I caressed her Mummey sensuously our lips were
locked in a sensuous kiss. We were chewing each other's lips and
sharing spit.. Then I began to go down and splashed wet sucking
kisses on her belly. I began to put my tongue inside her belly
button. She has a lovely circular belly button which looks really
sexy on the little swell of her belly.. I licked her belly button
thoroughly .then I pulled the knot of her petticoat. Shamina lifted
her hips and slid her petticoat. Her thighs were so fattening, gori
gori and fleshy.. Shamina reached behind and lifted the clip form
her hair and now her looked disheveled and sexy. I pushed her black
undie down and I finally saw her sex temple..

Shamina saw me looking at her Choot with so much interest. She asked
me, "Bahut baal hai naa?"

I caressed her Choot lightly as I ran my finger lightly through her
soft downy hair. I replied, "Bhabhi Choot me baal rehna hi chahiye...
warna who aurat ki Choot thodi lagti hai."

She pinched my ear, "Mujhe nanga karkar bhabi bulata hai."

I said, "Abhi aap bhabi ho.. chodne ke baad you will become my

She smiled sexily, "Theek hain devarji."

I began to run my finger through her wiry pubic bush. As I did so she
lifted her hips sexily to offer me more. I spread her thighs and
settled my face on her grand Choot. I just pushed her hairs to one
side to see her Choot. There she was! Badi Shamina Choot thi Shamina
ki.. I felt like turning her ass over and seeing her ass also but I
thought after I have her Choot I will fuck her ass. Shamina turned
her face over and looked at one side as she was embarrassed as
someone was inspecting her private part and that also her DEVAR. I
sniffed her Choot. It smelled sexy with piss, musky. The pissy smell
along with her Choot's natural sweat smell was so heady and arousing
that I was inhaling her Choot ka sugandh.

I brought my self on her Choot and began to lick along the side of
her Choot flap. Her Choot was tightly closed. Normally a regularly
fucked married woman would always have her Choot flaps coming towards
out because of the continuous fucking she gets. But in Shamina's case
even though she was not a virgin her hole was like of an unfucked
girl.. Her lips looked thin even though they were wet. I pushed one
finger in her hole and she moaned god she was tight. I knew I had to
really eat her Choot and make her hole big to receive my Lund. My
bastard bhaiya had never sucked her Choot, it seemed. I just spread
her lips open and saw her pinkness. Then I pushed my tongue in and
licked inside as I wiping her pre cum drops.

She groaned .....hmmmmm..

I began to lap her Choot lips and then sucked on the other lips. Then
I smooched her Choot lips briefly. I again pushed her lips apart and
began to lick her pisshole. I began to push my tongue in her hole as
I began to push my finger in her anus. I saw her clitoris swelling
from the top and it was standing. I pushed the foreskin down and
began to suck on her clitoris. As did so I forcibly inserted two
fingers in her hole. I kept on fucking her with my finger as I lapped
her clitoris and Choot hole intermittently. Shamina pushed my head ...

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