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I am DEVEN, 30/ male from LUCKNOW. This experience I had about six years from
now and it continued the very last year. This was not my first experience
but amongst the most continuous one and which carried for a long time. Yes
first of all I should detail you about Puja she was 17 then about five feet
three inches tall having wheatish to fair complexion beautiful figure her
features were very sharp and physical contours were a Special creation of
God her firm mid sized boobs always pointing to u to hold them in ur hands,
flat belly fleshy buttocks, beautiful smooth and sexy thighs.

Her waist hip ratio was ideally sexyy beautiful curvatures. She was daughter
of our maid servant she had been working at our house for about 10 years and
in these times she had been a frequent visitor to our house along with her
mother to help her in her daily duties.

It was summer time and my family was having holidays and all were gone to
Mumbai and so I was all alone at home for about 40-45 days. it so happened
that one day her mother got an accident and got her hip broken so the
orthopedics advised her to be in bed for about three months as a due to old
age the union was not going to be a quick thing so as a mother was on bed
and puja took over the job of her mother and started playing a duties on a
daily basis. When she used to come to our place as i was all alone and the
mind when you are free it goes really dirty and the same happened to me when
she used to do her own daily cores I used to quitely sit and watch her hip
movements, the sexy jumping and bulging of her boobs while wiping the floor.
It was all too sexy.

on the third day it so happened that it came to our place wearing tight
fitt! ing pink top and a black skirt which was just about knee length she
was looking very pretty i was just stunned to see her she was just demanding
to b handled with care . She came in and started doing all the works I was
sitting in my room as usual she came in the room and started dusting and I
was having a good view of her contours. As she wasvery much familiar with us
we started talking about her mother suddenly I changed the topic and asked
her" you are looking beautiful" this comment made a blush and smilingly she
said" kahan bhaiya ji aap bhi na bas, ye kapde to choti wali ke hain dekh
rahen hain kitne kas rahe hain" I said hhmmm and I started directly looking
at her boobs which were really in trouble as that of was really very tight
on her chest and her boobs were really getting squeezed as I was
deliberately and continuously looking at her boobs she smiled and said " kya
karte hain aise mat dekhiye na mughe sharam aati hai and she covered her
face with ! her hands.

she stood there for a minute and then again started doing the dusting during
the whole time I was directly looking at her after that she went out side
and came in with the mop and started wiping the floor while wiping the floor
she deliberately looked through the corner of her eyes which was a really
provoking me to take any action luckily when she came near me and was wiping
near and under the bed due to pressure of her boobs both the buttons of her
top flew off and her boobs jumped as were in some sort of hurry to get
freedom half of them were clearly visible and even her left areola was half
out of the cover for about 1-2 min she did not responded to it and then
suddenly she blushed and covered her boobs with her soft hands she smiled
and turned her back towards me.

I got up and move to words her or and held her by her shoulder and turned
her to words myself she closed her eyes and was standing still in front of
me just holding her boobs she was looking very sexy I put my hands on her
hand and started removing her hand she resisted a bit but the resistance was
not so that could have stopped me for going ahead I slowly removed her hands
and now half-a-the globe was in front of me. She was just trembling in my
hands with closed eyes.

Slowly I put my hand on her boobs and pressed it gently she moaned and the
sound mmmmmm aaahhmmmmm ....bhaiya ji aaaa..... a kept on pressing and
massaging her firm boobs .then slowly i went near her lips and placed my
burning hot lips on her sexy lips kissed her and stated sucking her lips and
then slowly inserted my tongue in her mouth and now our tongues were rubbing
be the each other and our saliva was mixing it was tasting really good we
sucked each others saliva while i kept on m! assaging her boobs and then i
inserted my right hand inside her top and held her naked bob in my hand and
pressed it really hard she said mmmm... mmmm ooo... and freeing her lips
from mine said bhiya ji itna kas ke na dabaiye dard hoota hai and she again
placed her lips on mine and sucking started once again and then i took her
nipple in between my fingers and pressed it she was really very sexited .

then i started unbuttoning her top which didn't took me even 1 min. she was
wearing shameez under her top so i started taking out her shameez and in
minutes both her virgin globes were dwindling in front of me seeing this she
blushed and covered her boobs with her hands it looked so sexy part of her
boobs were pooping out of the gaps in her fingers. i kissed on her hand and
removed them now the heavenly boobs with pinkish brown nipples were open in
front of me i kissed them an took her right nipple in my mouth and started
sucking it she was really going out of co! ntrol her body was trembling with
excitement so i picked her up in my arms and placed her on the bed. so she
was lying on bed with only skirt and all sexy lights in her virgin eyes she
opened her hands and invited me to come over her i took of my under shirt
and jumped on the bed she held me in her arms and started kissing me she
said" bhaiya ji aaj se main tumhari ho gai Hun puja aapna sab kuch aap ko
degi bhaiya aap mere pahle mard hain jiske samne main nangi hui hun meri
jawani abse aapki hai, mera badan aapka guulam hai ,aap jab chahenge main
aapkepaas challi aaongi,jahan chahen mughe pyar kariye,main aapki hun" these
words were more than enough for me manhood was bubbling and my 9" cock was
having very touhg time in my underwear i slowly started removing her skirt
in which she helped me by raising her hips and then i asked her to remover
my underwear for which she got up quickly and with all love in her eyes she
caressed my dick kissed it from over the undy and then! started removing it
slowly slowly my love rod was getting out of the cage suddenly as she pulled
my undy down my love rod moved out and rushed to its lover and knocked oh
her nose she kissed it i slowly rubbed it on her lips she opened her mouth
and licked her lover i pushed it a bit and it went inside her mouth and she
accepted it and started sucking it like a lolly pop .then after 5-6 min. i
laid her on the bed and started the love game again it was her panty left on
her loving body it was wet i rubbed her pussyy over her panty and started
pulling it down with my teeth ssmell of her womanhood was filled i n my
nostrils i quickly removed her panty and placed my mouth on her pussy and
started eating her pussy she was flooding her water was flowing freely and
she was holding my head and her body was twitching and twisting with
excitement i inserted my tongue inside her pussy and she was going mad with
mmmmm...... aaahhhahaha...... mmmmm...mmaaa..aaaammmmaaa.... aaaah! hhhh
plllleaaseee aaaahhhhh..... mm... mmmmmooohhhohmm.. mmmthe room was filled
with her love songs it was really very sexiting she said bhiyaji please ab
aur mat tarpaiye ab kariye jaldi se daaliye na " i said bahut jaldi ho rahi
hai karwane ki itne dino se aa rahi thi pahle kyon nahin karwaya aaj jaldi
daaliye mughe bhi to aapni pyas bujhane do aaj tumhen bina kare to chorun ga
nahinshe said ab to main aapki hun jab chahiyega chodiyega main aapke liye
hamesha tayar rahungii said ok i got up laid over her kissed her and then
got in between her thighs her love hole was in front of me and my love rod
was also going wild i rubbed my shining pink glance on the pussy and placed
it on her love hole pressed the glance and gave a mild shot my glance
entered the world of love after that i held her with her waist and gave her
a good nice shot and half of my great loverod went inside my virgin lover
tearing her pussy she cried in pain bhaiyaji aaaiii aaa!
aahhhhh....ooooohhh...h.... meri phat gayi nikaliye jaldi se hai bahut jal
raha hai phati jaa rahi hai please niklye na I said puja calm down love aj
tum pahli baar chodwa rahi ho na isi lise etna dard ho raha hai aaj tak tum
kuawanri thi aab tuhari phat gai hai aaj se tum sahi mayne mein jawan ho gai
hosaying this I kissed her and started stroking her slowly after about 2-3
min she also joined me in the love match started giving stroke for stroke
and we started enjoying every stroke her love song was every where in the
room and she was enjoying every stroke of her first love after about 15 min.

I said puja aaammmhhh?.. I? ammm commming I'll fuck u puja main tumhare
aandar aapna pura pyar nikaalunga and she replied bhaiyaji puja to aapki hai
aap mere andar aap apna pyar nahin nikaalenge to kya mere pyar ki badnaami
nahin hogi aap mere andar hi jhariye main aapki hun nnn? aaahhha
mmma?a?..aaaaammma?. I started stroking her very hardly a! fter 2-3
minwithhh both of us started fucking very hard she held me
very tight and with a loud mmm??h.hhh?a.a?.aaaaaaaa?hhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhh??

we discharged in each others arms I kissed her and laid over her and laid
there for about 15 min.then I got off her and took her in my arms to the
bathroom there we washed each other and then we took bath together wiped
each other and came out of the bathroom nude when she came inside the room
on seeing the bed sheet she blushed and rushed to remove it I put my hand on
her shoulder and turned her to myself she blushed and hid her face in my
chest I said its ur certificate ab tum jawan ho gai ho kisi bhi mard ko ghel
sakti ho she hit me on me chest with love and picked up the bed sheet and
went in the bathroom to clean it.

After that we regularly had sex since last year when she got married after
her marriage she came to me we fucked but now it is once in a blue moon.

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