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Anju a story from the net -

It was seventh of April, a sultry summer day and Anju Shenoy could not
have forgotten this day for ever. Precisely seven years had passed since
the dreadful afternoon when she had heard the tragic news of the
accident which had shattered her life to pieces.

It was on that fateful day that her husband Rajesh Shenoy while
returning home from office had met with an accident which had resulted
in his right arm and leg being totally paralyzed. Since then, to date
she had toiled hard to see that her husband and child were not affected
in any respect and today after a lapse of seven long tormenting years
she was feeling tired, fatigued, and lonely.

Today she was so tired that after finishing her lunch she just stretched
herself on the sofa and reclining on it as she started recollecting the
horrifying past, her eyelids grew heavier and before she could lie
properly on the sofa she fell asleep. In her sleep as Anju moved down on
the sofa, the sari covering her chest slipped down, exposing a part of
her robust chest and down below, her midriff too was bare. While one of
her leg was dangling down and the other one folded, her inner thighs
were clearly exposed to any one's gaze who was nearby.

She was stretched out on the sofa totally lifeless and unmindful when
her husband Rajesh pushed his wheel chair in and on entering the drawing
room saw her lying there totally exposed, which made him draw his wheel
chair closer to her. On getting closer, Rajesh looked at her robust body
and when his gaze fell upon her exposed midriff, the most electrifying
part of her body, he suddenly had the urge to lift his hand and touch her.

To add up to this, as Anju was dressed is a black cotton sari with a
black blouse, the contrast of her fair skin upon her dark clothes was a
sight to behold and her exposed midriff, which was rising steadily up
and down due to her breathing was so stimulating that Rajesh almost
extended his left arm to feel her up.

Though physically he wanted to touch her, mentally he toughened his
stand not to and as he turned, he had a momentary glance of her exposed
thighs which again was captivating. This time he weakened a little and
positioning himself near her thighs, when he was about to dip his face
down to see what lay between them, he suddenly sensed that he was being
observed from behind, which made him draw back swiftly and when he
turned to have a look, he could see nothing except the curtains of the
room fluttering.

Rajesh was certain that his actions were observed but as he was not
quick enough to turn, he could not see the person. It was not one but
two persons who had simultaneously watched Rajesh's actions. The first
one was the 51 year old cook cum helper Satish and the second one was
Rajesh's 18 year old son Ajay. Satish was in a habit of always spying on
Anju and whenever she lay on the sofa to rest, he was there to see her
stretched on it, out off exhaustion.

But as far as Ajay was concerned it was the first time he had seen his
mother lying down on the sofa exposing her body and what made him
anxious was the way his father Rajesh was trying to look under her
dress. Though he was not able to see much of his mother's exposed body
from the balcony where he was standing, he got excited from watching his
father trying to feel her exposed body and look under her dress and the
moment he saw his father turn around, Ajay stepped back and slipped
inside his room unobserved. He was lucky that his father had not lifted
his face up.

Satish too felt he was fortunate to have not been caught red handed and
he resolved to be more careful in future. He had been watching her
behavior since he took up the job six months ago and he wanted to study
what made her feel so tried. He wanted to confirm whether it was from
the daily workload she undertook or whether she suffered it due to her
husband's ill health.

As he possessed a cure for her exhaustion, he wanted to make sure the
cause of it and after having watched her for so many days, he finally
came to the conclusion that her weariness was not because of the
workload but it was for not having been sexually satisfied. And as such
her body ached for it which made her physically tired.

He knew it was difficult for him to approach her directly on that
subject as the treatment he had for her was Ayurvedic (medicine made out
of mostly roots and other parts of weeds and plants) and the person
taking the medicine had to have lot of control over its influence on
their body. Finally he decided it was the right time to put it across to
her, as he could not see her tormenting herself anymore.

Safely tucked in his room, Ajay was visualizing the incident which took
place that afternoon and as the figure of his mother came in front of
his eyes, his body started getting warm and he could feel his pecker
getting stiff little by little, and as he got a clear picture of his
mother stretched out on the sofa in his line of vision, his pecker
started to get hard.

This heavenly sensation was something new he was feeling up inside him
and he was happy that his mother was the cause for it. Suddenly when he
realized that on seeing his mother lying down on the sofa had such an
effect on him, he wondered what effect it would have when he was really
close by. Thinking of it he set himself straight and came hurriedly down
the stairs.

Ajay was a few seconds late in coming down the stairs as his mother Anju
had just got up from the sofa and was steadying herself. Though he was
unlucky in catching her lying on the sofa, he felt the same sensations
of his pecker getting stiff when he looked upon her closely. He took
some time in looking her up and replaying the images up to his brain to
be imbedded there. He got immense pleasure in watching her strong robust
body from the front and when his gaze got too direct, he moved behind
her and totally transfixed his eyes on her behind. Now at leisure he
could see her strong shoulders, her complete back, her curved waist, the
upheavals of her buttocks and the long legs. When his mother moved away
and started climbing the stairs, watching her buttocks sway underneath
her sari, Ajay got an erection and he followed her up the stairs to her
room, all the time captivating the sensual movements of her whole body
and when she entered a room and bolted the door, he realized what he was
doing was wrong and he came down hurriedly before she could catch him.

The next morning as Anju walked into the kitchen, Satish noticed again
that there was some weariness in her and before she could start giving
him instructions, he said 'Maam' you looked very tired and if you don't
mind, I think I have some medicine for it. Hearing his words, Anju
smiled at him and replied 'Its okay Satish, I could not sleep well
yesterday and now I am feeling much better. 'But Maam, it will cure
everything', Satish replied. 'Thank you Satish, I will take it when I
feel tired again'. She replied softly and set herself on her daily
chores. At this stage, Satish did not consider forcing her; hence he
dropped the subject and continued in helping her out with the breakfast.
Later on as Anju was setting up the table for breakfast, she saw her son
Ajay come down the stairs dressed up in school uniform which surprised
her. She was surprised to see him already dressed up and she had no idea
what made him do it. Ajay had hurried up as he felt it would give him
more time to be with his mother and he wanted to be near her as much of
the time as possible.

When he came down, though he felt it was wrong to look at his mother's
body, his eyes took to the dress she was wearing. He could not take away
his eyes from the long flowing night dress she was wearing. Though it
was of a heavy material, he could still make out the figure of her bosom
and the curves of her thighs from the corner of his eye and when she
turned he kept looking at the impression created by her buttocks on the
material and when she started moving and passed under the light it gave
a clear image of their size and shape. This mental picture brought a
sudden change in Ajay's body and to come out of it, he shook his head to
clear the vision.

After some time when his mother returned with the dishes and was under
the light, Ajay eyes instantly looked up and this time he could see the
shape of her breasts wrapped in a bra. He knew it was wrong to look at
his mother but every time she passed under the lights by instinct his
eyes followed her and on her third visit, when she came under the
lights, Ajay was looking down at her front and for a split second, as he
saw that she was not wearing anything under the gown, his body suddenly
convulsed and before he could look the other way his mother felt his gaze.

This was the second time Anju had seen him staring down at her. The
first time it was just a refection of him in a mirror when he had
followed her up the stairs and now being right in front of him she had
seen his eyes glued over her body. She let it pass through as she felt
that every teenager had this curiosity inside them and it was nothing
more than it. Ajay at that time did not know that his mother had noticed
him, but as he felt what he was doing was wrong; he stopped looking up
her body and finishing his breakfast left for school.

At school Ajay was inattentive as every moment the vision of his mother
was foremost in his thoughts. He had a tough time controlling his mind
and making the vision fade away. He was relieved when he heard the final
bell and on rushing home he went directly to his room to lock himself
up. It was quite sometime before he came down and he was happy to have
the living room all by himself.

Meanwhile, Anju after finishing her lunch, started to get tired again
and as she needed some rest to come out of it, she stretched herself on
the sofa. Relaxing on the sofa, the prime thought on her mind was Ajay.
She kept wondering about him. She knew he was growing up and she had to
handle him in a different way. He was passing through his teenage, which
was very difficult to cope with and it was here that one needed proper

She made up her mind to be as accommodating to him as possible and to
treat him as an adult. She ...

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