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Bangla sex stories

Bangla sex stories
By: Lal Babu

Hi all, I am Khalid 22 year old now but this story some year ago but plz one think my English so poor plz try to understand and I will try to write better who u understand so when I was 13 ,slim body owner as like kids in as age , my sister yes she was mush older to me her age was 23 m age 10 year different so mush because our dad was go USA after my sister born we was so mush poor so my dad go to USA for money and then he come back so late and I was born .. So my sister is also mom for me...she was so care me as child and some times we playing as kids...her name farzana she is full woman yes, her black long hair, s who come on her beautiful fat hips on even some times her hairs move between her gaand crack line then so mush sexy feel, her big mango size breasts who was white as her skin when she wear t-shirt her beautiful breasts so sexy feel and easy move in t-shirt because she don’t wear bra..

So dear readers , one day my sister standing on roof on our home and seeing down on road , so I also go near her and want see , what she seeing down , when I see my sister see on road there one big dog lick bitch pussy who was she in heat and dog move around her and lick her face and then lick her pussy , I never was seen god breeding so I also still seeing that and my sister eyes also fix on them .so that god red color cock out to his sheet and dog jump on her back and front paws with he hold her tight and push his red color long fat cock push inside her sweet hot pussy in and other side I see my Didi eyes close and open and I also see her one hand touch own breasts and other hand move between her thighs ..that she wear shalwar qumize no Dopatta wear ,if that was another guy stand near her , he must go paghal and put his big lund inside her wet choot , because I sure that was sweet beautiful 23 year old choot , who was ready to take any lund in hungry choot , but I don’t have power to hold her or fuck her ,so that , and other side dog still push his cock in and out in her pussy and bitch head was down on road that’s feel she enjoying ..some time later dog stop to fucking and they ass to ass... And my sister eyes so red and face also red, I clear feel her breathing so fast because her breasts feel up and down on her chest... And my small lule hard in my shalwar ,and thinking about sister , is she ever take lund or what , so after that time ,some child’s come and they beat that dog and bitch and they run with ass to ass .. And I also come to near my sister and touch her hand and she hurry up move and saying when u come here and what u doing here, then smiling, Didi I come some time ago when u watching to dogs, ahahahah, Didi very bad I tell to mom what she was watching, she say no no my sweet younger brother plz never tell to any body I will give u money, so I take 20 rupees and happy move to bazaar..and my sister go to own room... End part 1

Some time I move with my friends and surf my money with them and come home I knock my house door but that was close ,I am worried feel what will happen because that was our mom was go to our Aunty house for 3 days living there , so I am upset maybe any thief’s come home or what so I hurry up knock door and push my leg on door that was door open , our main door open in our TV hall , so I entered there , there was my sister stand and her shalwar down to her ankle on , and she hurry up trying to wear I first time see her beautiful legs and thighs , and other side I see our next door guy who was same as her age , also trying to wear shalwar , I so mush upset and say what u doing here , then my sister hurry up saying no no , I call him because here is rat so he come for killing ,so that time that guy walk out home , and I really so mush upset and sit on sofa and thinking what they doing or why my Didi shalwar was down on feet’s ,later I see some white jelly drops on floor ,and just thinking what is and where to come ,then I put it with my fingers and its slip on my fingers and think what is it , later my sister come and see me with that jelly and saying oh .. Its her cream who was she rubbing on her body but that was rat come and I pull here ,and saying me to go bathroom and wash my hands with soap its not good cream for man’s or guys .. So she put all that white thick jelly with hands and clean floor and I wash my own hands... So I talk to my Didi I think u doing bad thing with him , then she see me in fire eyes and say no , u see me ? I say no , I say more but she don’t come on point .but she says she is my didi and also friends so we can share our feelings and talking ,and she will help me about money when mom don’t give me , and I was kid so I agree with her .

So this night when time near about 11oclock she says Khalid we r alone in home and I afraid feel alone so if I am agree then she call to next door guy ,who was come here in afternoon , his name was Araf .she says we sleep in one room and he sleep another room . And she promise me she also brought good jean tomorrow for me and I agree with her , she call him , but I still sitting in TV room but she open door and stay him in our guest room , so later me and mare Didi go to our room and sleep on same bed .. Half night pass and I pie feel so mush , so awake up and see my sister not on the bed then I feel she also pee feel and go to bathroom , but some time later no any response to bathroom and I was crazy to pee ,so I knock bathroom and then open door she was no there , so I hurry up pee there and relax feel , then I think if my didi not in bathroom then where she go and I move out to room see in TV room and other room and afraid feel , when I go to guest room there light was on , and I see in door key hole in , there that guy laying on bed

And mare beautiful elder didi naked sit on his lap her beautiful white gaand around his thighs and her gaand crack line kind of wide to gaand chicks her back was so beautiful seen her waist was thin and long black hairs on move side beside her back eyes open wide is she my elder sister , later mare didi move up and down on his big lumbay mottay lund on who was already inside her choot , and I clearly see her choot was so tight around his lund and I really never seen before as that lund .. And think how my sister taking that big, she don’t hurting feel and she take all inside. When she move up and down her big mango size breasts jump up and down then that guy hold her breasts in hands and rum her nipples with his thumbs ..her eyes close and open ,and I was crying in my heart how I was love my didi and thinking my didi is so wonderful in world ,as other guys who never bad thinking about own sisters .. And that bodies see in clothes but I am now seen her with out clothes, and as that style... Later she stand up on his lap and his lund was slowly out to her beautiful choot in... And then she make doggy style as her gaand front on me... Then I see she have such a beautiful gaand owner her small brown ass hole , I think she never take in her virgin sweet brown gaand hole , what u think readers , is all ours sisters have brown gaand hole ?, our only mine .. And then I see her choot yes her choot was shaved and really fat lips of her choot it was big length choot her choot lips was wide open and clearly seen inside choot red... Then that guy com on her and fit is big lund on my elder didi choot on his lund head was fat so he slowly push and mare didi .ooohhh ahhh... Slow araf...and then he slowly push his long big fat lund inside my beautiful sweet white didi choot in, and u know readers, her choot take all... And her choot lips so wide open around his lund as feel her choot lips tight hold his lund... ,dear readers , we every time think about other girls , and our sisters think bout others guys , when she’s in homes , she feels she never see lund , and how we know out sisters take lund or no , because front ours . She wear shalwar qumize and wear duppatta on her head and cover her breasts... But we never think about hearts... So my didi who was all time feel shyness in all talking here nothing feel, as feel randi...araf hold her hairs in hand and push and pull while his healthy lula move inside my didi choot .. Later I feel his speed so fast and mare didi... Ooohhh ahhhh...ooohh plzzz ... Ooohhhh gooood ... Ohh slooow

But he don’t care and later he stop push lund , his lund was inside but don’t move .. I afraid what and why he stop... So later his lund come out, believe me his lund was big but when his lund out that was small... And mare pyare didi choot lips wide open and there to white jelly come out ...ohhh yes yes... U know readers as that jelly I was seen on floor, but upset is it jelly then why to come out mare didi choot to... So later she clean her choot with raf cloth and ready to wearing clothes... That time Araf saying... Plz sleep here and he want one more... And she saying nahi nahi bhai is sleeping any time he will awake and mare choot also hurting feel u don’t seen mare choot lips still open u basted u have big lund .. And then I hurry up move in room and as act I sleep... She also come room but I feel her walking style was kind of change and she lay beside me, very different smell on her...

So readers I am thinking is every our didi, bajje, aappi, taking lund, who don’t marry and still singles... And how’s she looking when she wear clothes and move around ours and never we think she come to choodye and her choot in still that white jelly ,is our sister breasts still virgin no any man rub hers , how we know , no never . But sure our sisters have must any hidden lover , he basted must play with our sister , they must fuck them ,if no then sure he rub our big ,or small size breasts with , they basted must be hold lumba motta lund in her hands , and she must move up and down , and then she’s make breakfast with that hands and we eat .our sister choot’s r small , some have big , some have thin lips choot or some have fat lips choot , all choot lunds and maybe our any one sister give choot to lover , but we don’t know because we busy with other guys sisters , dear its my part 1 and I will send u part 2 if u like that and plz must send me ur mind and honest comments on and I am waiting so crazy to hear ur comments .. Love u bye.

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