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Big breasted mom's

Fucking mom on her birthday
By: Gautam

Ever since my childhood dad used to be always on tours abroad for his business and I lived with my mother. This brought us both very close. My mother was very broad minded and liberal in her behavior with me. She never used to mind my presence while she changed sarees. And as I grew up I started carving for her. She was 5’3", plump Indian woman with a silken complexion resembling marble. By the time I got 26 it became impossible for me not to make love to her. She was 49 and had put on a bit extra flesh due to age and that made her look more desirable. I That day it was her 50th birthday and I thought it to be my best chance to woo her. I went to her bedroom in the morning, “Many happy returns of the day, Maa (mommy)." I said. She looked pale. I knew she was missing dad on her special day. She just looked at me and kept silent. I went close to her bed where she was reading something and said "Come on Maa. You should celebrate your golden jubilee." She was almost into tears "Gautam…you will not understand a woman’s sorrow. You are too young for that. I took her hand in mine and said, I am not a kid anymore, Maa. I do understand how much you miss dad today. But you know he is always so busy, Maa. Why don’t you deal with your life wisely? I am going to get mad, Gautam. I don’t understand how to live such a lonely life? I have no way out either, Gautam." Maa said.

I did not have the guts but I managed to blurt out, "Maa, you know how much I love you. You must enjoy life, mom. I will do anything to bring back your happiness, Maa." Oh Gautam….you can do nothing about it. How can you get back your dad in my life?" She watched me inquisitively. Maa, I always wished you were my wife. You are so attractive and sensuous that you make a perfect dream-woman for me. Were you my wife I would have over flown you with love and joy, Maa. My mother looked shocked but suddenly she continued as if nothing serious had happened, “Am I still attractive a 50 year old fat old woman?" She laughed. But my mother always used to be all ears for a word of praise, I knew. "Yes Maa. You are the most beautiful and attractive woman I have ever seen. You look damn sensuous in low sarees." I looked straight into my mother’s brown eyes. Her eyes glow with an unfamiliar tint. She flashed an inviting smile, "You have certainly grown up ow you like women flashing navels…hah?" I felt hot talking about it to my mother. "Only you, Maa. You have a terrific navel. Why did you stop that?" I was trying to make her feel comfortable. "I have put on so much belly…and will it look good on a fifty year old woman?" Maa watched me curiously. "It will definitely suite you. You are not that fat, Maa. Your figure is still so much in form…It will look so feminine for a woman with marble complexion like that of your’s. You can make young boys crazy with that."

"Do you find me that sensuous, Gautam?" Maa asked me. Her black curls were dancing over her white fleshy cheeks. Her pink lips looked moist. "Yes Maa…you are damn sensuous…" I said. My fifty year old mother blushed dark red in her cheeks. She had no courage to look at her 26 year son. She had not heard such praise for years and she was dying for that, I knew. "Maa, I will celebrate your birthday this evening. Will you play my wife just for one evening? I will not do anything that you do not like…just try Maa…please…"

"Gautam….how can I? You are my son….this is not right…." She said but I knew that the woman inside her was deeply touched somewhere. I dared and gathered my pious mother in my arms and said, "Maa, this will remain in just you and me. I will make you very happy, Maa." She did not protest my hugging her but said, "Gautam…please…I feel so scared…" I was getting very hot feeling my mother’s plump soft body. She was trembling in my embrace.

"Don’t be afraid. I am with you, Maa!". She looked deep inside my eyes.

"What if your dad comes to know this?" She looked like a college-girl. I cupped her bare waist with both hands and assured her,

"He won’t ever. I promise you, my sweetheart." Mommy looked at me naughtily. She was flattered with that word.. "sweetheart"!

"Oh Gautam… darling son…" She glued herself to me and whispered in my ears,” I will be ready at 8 in the evening. Come home early, tonight." I was on cloud nine to hear those words from her mouth. I had seduced her….my bomb-shell mother!

I came back home in the evening. I was spellbound as she opened the door for me. I could not believe my own eyes. My mother was looking very hot clad in a bottle-green rich silk saree. Her dark green satin blouse made an inviting contrast with her white silky complexion. She had tucked in her hair in a French bun and had a light coat of make-up put on. I had an instant hard-on watching my sexy mother tightly wrapped up in that saree. "How do I look? Is it ok?" She asked me adjusting the saree pallu over her shoulder deliberately flashing her navel. She had her saree slanting in front over her white fleshy waist and had tucked in her saree palettes about two inches below her navel. “You look bomb-shell, Maa." I said. Maa smiled suggestively. Our eyes met with a longing desire a forbidden desire. I took my darling mother in my arms. She embedded her self to me as if she was my real wife. As I started feeling her ample body she started breathing heavy. She felt more arousing from over that silk saree. I rubbed my face in her neck on her cheeks. The perfume of her lipstick was filling up my nostrils… "Oh Maa you are damn sexy, my baby." I was handling her in every way I could and she was letting me do that willingly. "Yessss Gautam….my love…hold me tight…pleeeeease…" She murmured suffocating herself in my embrace, belly to belly. Her wailing was heating me up. Suddenly she moved away and said to me, “Let’s do it smoothly, step by step. This is our first time and I want to give you all I can so that you’ll be happy."

"How about beer, mom? I always wanted to drink with you." Mommy was happy. She brought a couple of beers from the refrigerator and poured our glasses. We were sipping beer looking at each other lustfully. Mommy was giving very hot looks. I could not take my eyes off the bulge in her saree pallu. "You have a deadly bust, Maa." I said. Maa giggled and watched me with dreamy eyes. Then she gulped the beer and said, “You know…you really give me hots talking dirty like that…" I was welcomed to talk dirty with my mother. "Come here, sexy." I said. Maa came and sat by my side. I grabbed her with my left arm and gulped my beer. I poured some more beer. We were enjoying the drink feeling each other. After a couple of beers her eyes turned reddish and she flung her white corpulent arms around my neck, “I am so lucky to have a young, manly lover like you." I cupped her bare hips and said, “I am all your’s, my Maa darling."

We engaged in our first passionate embrace though forbidden!! My mother was satiating her hunger feeling my body. Slowly I slipped my hand down over her back and felt her ripe feminine derriere. Sheer feel of my mother’s vivacious bottom drove me so wild that I squeezed her there. "Oooouuch darling " She panted and brought her pink moist lips close to mine. My chin was getting sprayed with her hot breadth just then she uttered with her eyes half-shut, “Kiss me my love kiss me please, Gautam." I took her mouth in my mouth. To my surprise Maa started smooching me voraciously darting her little tongue deep in my mouth. I sucked on her hot juicy tongue…chewed her lips real wild. She had her mouth pressed real hard over mine instigating me to extract every drop from her warm slippery mouth. I started biting her lower lip. She wailed. I was sucking on my mother’s willing mouth raveling her hair from her hair-do, for long fifteen minutes. Then she flicked her tongue in my ears whispering,

"Love my navel like you loved my lips, Gautam. I like it so much, darling." She sprayed some perfume over her belly and in her navel. Then she made me sit on sofa and standing in front of me she dropped her saree pallu off her undulating bosom! My mother was looking absolutely irresistible with her plush white belly bared up to three inches below her navel. Those silver stretch marks on her lower belly looked more erotic. There was drooping reddish mark of her silver chain on her soft delicate lower belly. Her deep cleavage looked swatting from the low-neck of her satin blouse. Fingering her navel she said, "Gautam, you like my navel, no? Come on baby make love to it then…" I grabbed her by her corpulent hips and flicked my tongue from the palettes of her saree to her navel pit. Her belly quivered. Maa was smelling damn arousing in her navel. I stirred my tongue deep inside her belly-flower. Her entire torso writhed, "Uuuuuui maaaaaaa hah yeeeees honey."

My fifty year old mother was whirling like fish in my tight grip and I held her firm unleashing my lust for her hot spot. She buried my face in her soft white belly that was without a single blemish marred. I was tampering her belly brutally stamping my teeth marks everywhere. Her navel glistened with my saliva and my eyes caught that jutting abundance in her blouse. I made my mother sit on my lap. Her bottom rested over my lap spread-up and I started fondling her boobies from over that satin blouse. "You have deadly knockers, Maa darling." I said. Mommy blushed once again and said in a husky voice, “Like ‘em?" She was at ease with me by now. I lifted her up in both arms and took her to my bedroom. She once again smooched me while in my arms. As we came in my bedroom I made her sit on my bed and started undoing hooks of her blouse. She breathed heavy as I unhooked. When all the hooks came off her luxuriant bosom sprang in her black brassier. Mommy flung her arms back to unstrap her brassier. She looked real bitch in that pose with her bust pushed out and her bra came off in a second…

My god! My mother was there topless before me. Her tits were hardened dark red in those two inch pink circles. A black mole shined prominently just over her right nipple and one in her corpulent cleavage. The expanse of her feminist was mind blowing. The bust that I had been watching bouncing in her saree pallu was uncovered now. "Maa you are an Aphrodite, my doll." I said watching my mother’s milky white nurtured bosom. She held those enormous melons of lust in both hands and said, “You have turned me on like never before, Gautam. See you have set my boobies on fire with your passion. Now quench my thirst please. Your Maa is dying to get crushed in your powerful hands. Take me ...

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