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Hadith - Bukhari
7:781, Narrated Ibn
Allah's Apostle
"Cut the moustaches
short and leave the
beard (as it is)."
Hadith - Muslim,
The Messenger of Allah
Trim closely the
moustache, and grow
beard, and thus act
against the fire-
Hadith - Bukhari
9:651, Narrated Abu
Sa'id Al-Khudri
The Prophet
"There will emerge from
the East some people
who will recite the
Qur'an but it will not
exceed their throats
and who will go out of
(renounce) the religion
(Islam) as an arrow
passes through the
game, and they will
never come back to it
unless the arrow, comes
back to the middle of
the bow (by itself) (i.e.,
impossible)." The people
asked, "What will their
signs be?" He said,
"Their sign will be the
habit of shaving (of
their beards)." (Fateh
Al-Bari, Page 322, Vol.
Hadith - Muwatta
Yahya related to me
from Malik from Zayd
ibn Aslam that Ata ibn
Yasar told him that the
Messenger of Allah
was in
the mosque when a man
came in with dishevelled
hair and beard. The
Messenger of Allah
with his hand that he
should be sent out to
groom his hair and
beard. The man did so
and then returned. The
Messenger of Allah
"Isn't this better than
that one of you should
come with his head
dishevelled, as if he
were a shaytan?"
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Police Officer Wins Right
to Wear Beard
Action Items for the
Trim the moustache
Male muslims must
not trim the beard,
i.e. leave all facial
hair to grow as
Allah swt has
designed it.
Believe that not
shaving is what is
best for the Muslim.
Medical reports
reveal that the
beard protects the
tonsils from
sunstroke. Shaving
of the beard also
harms the skin.
If you've been
shaving your face
all these years,
STOP NOW. Brother,
receive your
blessing and wear
the sign of the
Remember... Allah,
subhana watala,
sees everything we

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