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:::.:.:170 LOVE SMS:.:.:::

*°·.¸¸.°170 love sms°·.¸¸.°*
170) A sweet friend like u is a b'ful drop of fresh dew, may every one be good to u and all ur dreams come true, whether you r with me or not I'll always remember you.

169) Life gives answer in three ways- it says yes and gives u what u want. It says no and gave u something better. It says wait and gives u the Best.

168) When God take something from ur Grap, he is not punishing u bt merely empting ur Hands for u to recieve something better.

167) Friend is someone who always cares, with whom everything u want to share. Friend is one who makes u smile, even when u r away a Mile.

166) If special means loving, Caring and Dear, if Special means thoughtful too, if special means Tender, Gender & Kind, then Special must surely b You.

165) I'm not a poet, so I cant send u Poems. Not a graphic designer so I cant send u cute drawings. Me just ur friends, wud it be enough if all I can send u is my Love.

164) Hearts cud only love 4a while, feets cud only walk 4a some miles, cloths wud nt 4ever b in style, but having u as my friend is 4ever worthwhile.

163) The pleasure of being with u is pleasurable than the Pleasure of Pleasure. Even when everyone on earth forgets u, remember here is one who forgets everyone to remember you.

162) Monsoon rain or Summer Heat, ur Friendship is the reason that I still breath. Please tell me dear what's sweet? Is that u or ur Heart that Beats.

161) I put ur name on the Sky, wind took it away. I put ur name on the Sea, waves took it away. Now I've put ur name on my Heart, & even u cant took it away.

160) Your absence should be long so that someone Misses u, bt it should nt be that long that someone Learns to live without you!

159) I may nt hv given what is expected 4om a friend. I'm human not Perfect. Bt inside this imperfection, Lies a Heart that Values u the best way I Know!

158) Happiness is like a tip of the Tail, if the Cat runs to catch the tail, it has to keep running 4ever. But if it walks in its own style, The Taik Follows!

157) Men's top 7 Lies-
(1) It wont happen again!
(2) I'm Single!
(3) She was just a Friend!
(4) I'm Sorry!
(5) I Love You!
(6) I dont wanna Lose u!
(7) I'm telling u the Truth!

156) Lic's New friendship Policy: Assured Friendship for life time. Just a Premium of sending one SMS daily. To subscribe Miss Call now, Limited Entry!

155) Life is like a box of toffees, u never know which one u'r gonna get.....I didn't know, bt when u walked in my life, I came to know that I had got...."Centre Shock"!
154) If I get scared, wud u hold me tight? If I make a Mistake, would u make it right? If I built fire, wud u watch over the flames? If I say, I Love You, wud u feel the same?

153) Days r too busy, hours r too few, seconds r too fast bt there is always a time for me to ask, How R U?

152) Though my words r few, bt my Heart is true. Friend I can make but no one as sweet as you. When God gave friends he tried to be fair, bt when I got u, I got more than my share.

151) In Friendship, words go unspoken, yet still be understood. Thats why I'm sure that though I dont say it often, you know how much I value You!

150) Monsoon Rain or Summer Heat, ur friendship is the reason why I still breath. Tell me dear what is sweet, is that u or ur Heart that Beats!

149) Have a Heart that never Hates, hav a smile never fades, have a touch that never Hurts & hav a Friendship that never Breaks!

148) Heart cud luv only 4a while, feets cud only walk 4some miles, clothes wont b ever in style, but having u as my friend is 4ever worthwhile!

147) You are as chilly as Beer, as Strong as Taquila, as warm as Vodka, as Exotic as Rum & as special as Champagne....I'm simply Tully on You!

146) Love is a delicate bird, when u hold it tight it Dies, when u hold it light it Flies. So dont love one, dont love two, bt love the one who loves you!

145) Far away 4om here totally in accessible. That is where u r..Here next to me, within reach. That is where u r, wherever u go or when, u will always b near to me!

144) The sky is full of Golden Stars, Shinning in the light of the Moon. But the most b'ful light I see in ur Eyes!

143) There r thousand of Roses in this world, even if I gave u every Rose, that wud not b enough to tell u how much I LOVE YOU!

142) I'm looking 4a word, 4a whole new word, I'm luking 4a word, I'm luking 4a word that no body knows. I'm luking 4a word, I'm luking 4a word that says....You are the Best!

141) There r lots of birds whispering only about you, u should once listen to them, then u wud know how much I LOVE YOU!

140) Roses of Red grow in my Heart and they will never wither...Cause they bloom everytime I see ur smile, hear ur voice or just think of you!

139) If the People we love r stolen away 4om us, the only way to hav them live on is to never stop loving them. Building burn, people die, but the real is forever.

138) Accident do happen, I slip- I trip- I stumble- I fall and usually I dont care at all. Bt now I knw what to do cos I slipped and fell in Love with You!

137) You will always b mine for now & forever. You will always be mine for ur my Treasure. You will always b mine please tell me its true. Please be mine forever I'll always Love You!

136) I wish for Heaven, I got Friends! I wish for Maruti, I got Zen! I got Malayria when I wish for Flu, but I'll never compromise when I'll wish for you!!

135) I dont hav the measels, I'm not confined to bed. Asperin wont help cos I aint my head, I dont have back ache or the flu, its the more serious....I'm missing you!

134) A Gun can kill some one, fire can burn someone. Win can chill, anger can rage, till it tears u apart. But the power of ur smile can heal a frozen Heart, and its b'cos u r my sweet sweet Heart!

133) I cant text u Roses or fax u my heart. I'd email u kisses but wud still be apart. I Love u 2pieces and just wish u wud c dat I care 4u so much cos u mean the world to me!

132) The years will come, the years will Go but with each one I'll always know whichever way the road may bend, u will always be my Best friend, thanks 4being such a wonderful friend of mine!

131) What is Great Love? Its when u hide ur Tears & Still cares 4her. Its when she ignores u & u still love her. Its when she loves someone else and u still smile 4her!

130) Whenever I luk at my palms, I always stare at vich of dose tiny cute little criss cross lines made me so lucky to make u a part of my life, Trully Lucky!!! When any tension creeps in to ur mind just close ur eyes, think of me & c ur fingers. You will c my fingers clutched into yours, to say dont worry I'm with you. (P.B. Nisha)

129) Forgetting u is hard to do, 4getting me is up 2u, 4get me not, 4get me never & u'll hav me as a frnd forever! (P.B. Ahmed)

128) You will always b mine 4now and 4ever. You will b mine for you're my treasure. You will always b mine plz tell me its true. Please b mine 4ever I will always love u! (P.B. Ahmed)

127) I dont hav measels, I'm not confined 2bed, asperin wud nt help cos I'm nt my head. I dont hav back ache or the flu, its the more serious...I'm missing u. (P.B. Gaurav)

126) A gun can kill sum1, fire can burn sum1. Wind can chill, anger can rage till it tears u apart. But the power of ur smile cn heal a frozen Heart. (P.B. Unknown)

125) I cant text u Roses or fax u my Heart. I wud E-Mail u kisses but wud still b apart. I love u 2pieces and just wish u wud c dat I care 4u so much cos u mean the world 2me!

124) The years will come the years will go but with each one I'll always know whichever way the road may bend, You will always be my best friend!

123) In school they tought me that 1 Hour= 60 Minutes, 1 Minute= 60 Seconds.....But they never told me that one moment without u = 100 Years....Miss You!

122) There r 2ways of being united. By being frozen together or being melted together. Its better 2b melted in friendship than to b frozen!

121) What is Great Love? Its when u hide ur tears & still cares 4her, its when she ignores u and u still love her. Its when she loves someone else and u still smile 4her.

120) BBC, CNBC, NDTV, AAJ TAK, CNN, STAR NEWS, ZEE NEWS, SAHARA SAMAY! Have u watched any news channel today? They all said, I AM MISSING YOU! (posted by Gaurav)

119) Good friends r some how da worst tenants. They stay in ur Heart, pay no rent, dont vacate & if at all they leave, they just break the room they stayed in! (Posted by Nikunj)

118) It takes 3 words 2say, "I Love You". 3 minutes 2explain it, 3 Hours 2demonstrate it & 3 Days 2appreciate it bt it takes the whole life to prove it!

117) Heart change I knw they do, bt this heart will always belong to u. Heart hurt, I knw they do, bt this Heart Hurts more w'out u!

116) How many times u hav been told 2take care of ur things? Be Careful where u leave ur Stuff! Now look, what hav u done, u hav left ur smile on my face!

115) If 1day comes ven I die & go up in da sky, as I'm there so far, I'll write ur name on each n every star. So u luk up & C dat how much u really mean 2me!

114) If I woke up one morning and You'were nt there, I wud break down and crying. Wondering why u r nt there but hopefully, that will never happen b'cos our Love will never b forgotten!

113) To live this life I need a Heartbeat. To have a Heartbeat, I need Heart. To hav a Heart, I need Happiness and to have Happiness I Need You!

112) I trust u is better compliment dan I Love You, because u may not always trust da person whom u love bt u will always love the person whom u trust!

111) If I wud know that I'm going to die tomorrow, then I'll spend 23 Hours wid u & if u wonder what abt last hour? In dat I'll sum1 who can love u like I do!

110) They say that nay number multiplied by 0 = 0, then why doesn’t the same happens when I multiplied 0 with the distance between u & me!!

109) Smiles-n-Tears, Giggles-n-Laughs, Late night calls-n-cute fotograph, I’ll be rite here till the day of my death, best friends forever till my very last breath!

108) Although its quite a statement, well its happen to be true. The best friend I’ve ever dad, I’m glad to say its ‘You!’

107) If my love for u was a drop of water that one drop of water would be enough to fill all the lakes, oceans & seas of the world. That one drop of water would be equivalent to all the water molecules in the entire universe…
106) Love is a word with many meanings, each of those meaning signifies a bond tha ...

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