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Nokia Guides

Nokia Guides

Nokia Phone series:

1xxx basic
2xxx basic expression
3xxx youth expression
4xxx not existing due to azian language
5xxx active
6xxx classic bussiness
7xxx fashion/experimental
8xxx design and premium
9xxx communicator series
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Home site
Enhancements,8764,75,00.htm l

Support for Nokia
setting for MMS, GPRS, E-mail, Internet,,32863,00.html

PC suite,,54690,00.html
other software,,42094,00,00.h tml

Drivers datacables
DKU-5,5184,5445,00.h tml

User guides,,42093,00.html
Service Points,,42096,00.html

About Nokia

History and strategie,8764,624, ml
Financial,8764,110, ml
Press,8764,113, ml
Press images,8764,33324,00 . html
Contact and feedback:,8764,32882,00 . html


Club Nokia,1522,,00.html ? orig=/clubnokia

Forum Nokia
Pro Forum Nokia e/p_home.jsp
Theme studio,6566,034- 301,00.html
Multimedia convertor,6566,034- 63,00.html

links for software pc to phone or phonemanagers
Series 20: older UI system for black/white screens.
Series 30: UI system for black/white screens.
Series 40: UI system for colorscreens phones with resolution 128*128 pixels or 128*160 or 96x65 with support of MMS and Java.
Series 60: UI system for colorscreen phones with resolution 176x208 build upon symbian OS
Series 80: UI system for the communicator series build upon symbian OS
Series 90: UI system for multimedia phones with resolution 640 x 320 build upon symbian OS

------------------------------------------------------------ ----
Connection Nokia to PC
you have 3 way's to connect your Nokia mobile phone to a pc.
- Bluetooth
- IR
- Datacable (only the original Nokia datacables works with pc suite)
the programs most popular are Mobimb, Logomanager, Oxygen Phone suite and Nokia PC suite (free). you can download and find more informations about those at the links...
------------------------------------------------------------ ------

SMS tips for Nokia series 40
to add a phone number, go to options > add number and then press search.
when you recieved a message with a phonenumber, press use detail and Phone number to call or save number sended.
(this is also for e-mail adress or website)
you also can insert a picture or a template with options menu.

T9 off:
* for special letters and symbols and enter, go around in with key's 2-4-6-8 or with arrows
# for changing caps/small letters
# long press for ciffres
long press on numberbuttom make a ciffre appear
press 1 for . , ? ! ' "

T9 on
When composing a message just type the letters as they normally would be in a word. Once you have completed the word if that’s the only “usual??� spelling of the word the word will be underlined. If there are other words that could use that key press combination press the * key and it will cycle through words that are in the T9 dictionary. If T9 cannot find the word the word will have a ? after it with the word spell if there are no other options. Press spell and it will bring you to a screen where you can multitap the word. After you spell the word the word will now be part of the T9 dictionary.

* long press for special letters and symbols and enter, go around in with key's 2-4-6-8 or with arrows
# for changing caps/small or T9 on/off
# long press for ciffres
long press on numberbuttom make a ciffre appear
press 1 and * for . , - ? ! ' @ :
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------
All nokia phones with band and software version (thanks to the telefon-treff team)

GSM 900 or 1800 (xx30 or xx48 and PTxx):

Nokia 1011 (NHE-2) v 3.81
Nokia 1611 (NHE-5) v 5.23
Nokia 2010 (NHE-3) v 2.28
Nokia 2010i(NHE-3) v 5.12
Nokia 2110 (NHE-1) v 4.95m
Nokia 2110i(NHE-4) v 40.570
Nokia 3110 (NHE- v 8.50
Nokia 5110 (NSE-1) v 5.30
Nokia 5110i(NSE-2) v 05.53
Nokia 5130 (NSK-1) v 5.71
Nokia 6080 (NME-2) v 5.14
Nokia 6090 (NME-3) v 5.30
Nokia 6110 (NSE-3) v 5.48
Nokia 6130 (NSK-3) v 5.61
Nokia 8110 (NHE-6) v 6.21
Nokia 8110i(NHE-6) v 25.20
Nokia 8148 (NHK-6) v 5.11
Nokia 8810 (NSE-6) v 6.02

GSM dual band 900/1800:
...Nokia N-gage QD
Nokia 1100 (RH-1 v 4.25
Nokia 2100 (NAM-2) v 5.78
Nokia 3200 (RH-30) v 3.08
Nokia 3210 (NSE- v 6.00
Nokia 3300 (NEM-1) v 4.25
Nokia 3310 (NHM-5) v 6.33
Nokia 3315 (NHM-5) v 6.33
Nokia 3330 (NHM-6) v 4.50
Nokia 3410 (NHM-2) v 5.42
Nokia 3510 (NHM- v 5.02
Nokia 3510i(RH-9) v 5.30
Nokia 3530 (RH-9) v 4.44
Nokia 5210 (NSM-5) v 5.40
Nokia 5510 (NPM-5) v 3.53
Nokia 6150 (NSM-1) v 5.23
Nokia 6210 (NPE-3) v 5.56
Nokia 6250 (NHM-3) v 5.03
Nokia 6310 (NPE-4) v 5.01
Nokia 6500 (NHM-7) v 6.20
Nokia 6510 (NPM-9) v 4.12
Nokia 6800 (NHL-6) v 5.46
Nokia 7110 (NSE-5) v 5.01
Nokia 7650 (NHL-2NA)v 5.06
Nokia 8210 (NSM-3) v 5.31
Nokia 8250 (NSM-3D)v 6.04
Nokia 8310 (NHM-7) v 6.20
Nokia 8850 (NSM-2) v 5.31
Nokia 8855 (NSM-4) v 5.23
Nokia 8910 (NHM-4) v 4.02
Nokia 8910i(NHM-4i) v 5.25

GSM Triband ...

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