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The human aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body. Additionally it surrounds every creature and object, and man has been aware of it’s existence for many years. The earliest indications were centuries ago; and on through the ages as artists have painted Christian Saints and Angels with their heads surrounded by a golden “halo”, these were the first depictions of the human aura.

During the twentieth century scientists began to explore the existence of this energy field; Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were among those who discovered the electromagnetic fields surrounding the human body when conducting experiments. By the fourth decade of the twentieth century the Russian scientist S.D. Kirlian developed a technique by which he was able to record this auric field. Today this same method is used and identified as ‘electro-photography”. It is because of this discovery that the theories of reflexology and acupuncture’s effectiveness have been and continue to be supported.

The aura is comprised and divided into seven layers. These layers are defined and distinguished by color, location, brightness, shape, thickness and function and vibrational level.

The Aura, sometimes referred to as the “ethereal body” or “ethereal twin” carries within it forces that influence the physical body called life forces. It is through this subtle energy field that illness and diseases begin to make their way to the physical body where they manifest in various ways. It is believed that all physical illness begins first in the aura and can exist there for many years before reaching the physical body. The aura serves as a protective layer over the physical body shielding it from bacteria and viruses that carry disease, additionally it protects against harmful external substances and pollutants. So when we consider how the aura safeguards our bodies, it is easy to understand that if the ethereal body is at optimal condition there is little likelihood that disease will befall the physical body. Therefore it is theorized that illnesses can begin manifesting in the aura from internal sources, and in these cases it is credited to a number of reasons:

- Continued exposure to negative thoughts, and energies and non-positive emotions

- Lack of harmony within the physical and emotional body and stressful life-style

- Unhealthy living, lack of proper nutrition and exercise

- Use of harmful substances; like drugs, alcohol, nicotine

As a result all of the above weaken the strength of the protective sheath called our ethereal body, eventually these weak areas lead to holes and gaps in the auric field through which viruses and bacteria penetrate a person’s physical body manifesting in a plethora of diseas and ailments. To complicate matters more, essential energies are able to escape or “leak” slowly through these breaks and tears further weakening the aura.

It is through the observation of a persons aura that it is possible to identify these weak areas and to treat and repair them before they manifest themselves to the physical body, by changing the energies through several single or combined methods.

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