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25 Countable and uncountable nouns

Countable and uncountable nouns

25 Countable and uncountable nouns
Nouns are either countable or uncountable.

25.1 Countable nouns
i) These are individual things or people which we can count. They can be both singular or plural.
-A person.
-Two people.
-One book.
-A hundred books.

ii) A/AN can be used before singular countable nouns.

iii) SOME is used before an indeterminate number.
-Some books.

25.2 Uncountable or mass nouns
i) These nouns always take a singular verb. They are nouns which cannot be measured or are (nearly) impossible to count.
-Water, information, furniture, hair, sand, freedom, love.

ii) We can use SOME before uncountable nouns.
-Some thought.
-Some rice.

iii) We can make uncountable nouns countable by adding a quantifier.
-I have got some luggage.
-I have got four pieces of luggage.
-We need some milk.
-We need two cartons of milk.

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