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Do not emulate the Kafirs

Assalamu Alaikum
Sura 4 Yusuf Ali translation
51 (Oh Prophet!) Hast thou not turned thy vision to those who were given a portion of the Book? They believe in sorcery and evil (satan) and say to the unbelievers that they are better guided in the (right) way than the believers!
52 They are (men) whom Allah hath cursed: and those whom Allah hath cursed thou wilt find, have no one to help.

In the above verses Allah clearly says, that the people before us were given the book but they went astray and were cursed by Allah, the inner meaning of these verse are that, when Allah says that I gave the book, He mean He gave them guidance, and when Allah says Guidance, He means going in the path of Allah and His prophet. That is the clear guidance from Allah. But people on the other hand, threw aside the path given by Allah and took the path of the Kafirs, unbelievers, these Kafirs worship idols, and satan and have also formulated their own ways (path)accordingly which Allah, detests, and when the believers take the path of the unbelievers then they are indirectly saying that the path of the Kafirs is right, for one takes the best always, and in rejecting the path of Allah, and taking the path of the Kafirs, automatically points, that the ways of the Kafir is better. And these people who who call themselves believers, but substitute the path of the Kafirs, for the path of Allah, Allah curses, and surely, there is no doubt there can be no savior from Allah for them.

What I am trying to point out is, to-day the Muslims emulate the Kafirs in many ways, especially in holding marriage ceremonies, and death functions, and celebrating birthdays etc. etc. Neither, Prophet, Mohammed (s.a.w) nor the Sahabas at any occasions invited people and conducted marriage functions at any time, Mohammed (s.a.w)’s marriage with Safia (R.A) was totally unknown, though Mohammed (s.a.w) was in a tent, and the Sahabas were all in surrounding tents, it was only after three days Mohammed (s.a.w) called for a sheet to be spread, and asked the Sahabas to bring out anything edible that they might have and when the food items were brought he officially announced his wedding with Safia (R.A) by saying that this is my walima I and Safia are legally wedded.

In the case of Fathima (R.A)’s marriage, Mohammed (s.a.w) just recited a duwa and sent Fathima (R.A) to Ali (R.A) house, and then a walima was given to announce their marriage; that Ali (R.A) was legally wedded to Fathima (R.A).

In the case of Abdur Rahman bin Auf’s marriage, though Madina was a small town then, and Mohammed (s.a.w) was also there, he was not only not invited, he was not even informed about the marriage, Mohammed (s.a.w) himself seeing Abdur Rahaman bin Auf in new clothes, asked him the occasion for this and Abdur Rahman bin Auf informed him of his marriage, then the prophet (s.a.w) asked him what mahr, he had given , and Abdur Rahman bin Auf, informed him that he had given gold to the size of a date seed. And then Mohammed (s.a.w) told him to give a walima banquet with at least a sheep. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith
Hadith 3.264 Narrated by
Ibrahim bin Sad from his father from his grandfather
During the time of Mohammed (s.a.w) walima was the marriage banquet given especially to announce to the people, so and so were legally wedded, all the other ceremonies that are conducted to-day are all the ways of the kafirs emulated by the so called believers, so think over the above matter and the above verses, and in future please try to emulate the prophet (s.a.w), whom Allah has avowed as the best person to be emulated, and stop emulating the kafirs, who worship satan and the idols and have stipulated their way accordingly. Even attending such banquets hosted by muslims is indirectly agreeing that the ways of the kafirs is right. Please give this your best thought. Remember there was no occasion where a marriage ceremony was held as it is done now a days, only a walima was conducted especially to announce the marriage.

May Allah shower His choicest Hidayath on us
a.h.nazeer ahmed

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