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Aspects of Islam

Aspects of Islam

There are many aspects of Islam, of which Tawheed is an aspect of Islam, a very important fact, a Muslim must adhere firmly to Tawheed, but that in no way gives one the right to segregate from Islam into a Tawheed group, similarly Tableeq too is an aspect of Islam and a must in Islam, a Muslim must keep advocating to the people about the rights and wrongs in Islam, but that too in no way gives one the right to segregate from Islam into a separate Tableeq Jamath, or a separate Tableeq group. Similarly the Hadees of the Prophet is a must in Islam, a Muslim must be fully aware of the Hadeeses and pave his life in accordance with the Hadees of the Prophet (s.a.w) but that again does not give anyone the right to segregate themselves as Ahlay Hadees Jamath or Group. Similarly Quran is an aspect of Islam and a Muslim should be thorough with it and adhere strictly to what Allah says in it, but that too does not give the right to anyone to segregate themselves as the Ahlay Quran Group. Similarly the Sunnah of the Prophet is a very important factor in Islam but that too in no way gives one the right to segregate as the Sunnath Jamath; etc., etc., etc.

Islam is all the above aspects and a lot more other aspects put to-gether, and a Muslim should adhere to all these aspects and should not take any one single aspect and form a different group and segregate themselves. For – when a Muslim segregates himself into any separate group, then he goes outside Islam, Allah says in the Quran:

Oh Ye who believe – Fear Allah as he ought to be feared and die not other than a Muslim. Quran: ( 3:102)

Allah is not calling the Kafirs, or Musriks, He is calling the Muslims and telling them: do not die other than a Muslim; meaning to say, that one should not die as a Tawheed, Tableeqee, Ahlay Hadees, Ahlay Quran, Shia, Sunni, Khadiyani, Hanafee, Shafee, Malikee, Hambalee , etc. etc. etc. but a Muslim should only be a Muslim and should not segregate into any other group and should die only as a MUSLIM.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam – all of you would outright agree with me when I say, that Allah is one, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) is one, the Quran is one, The rules and regulation of Allah and His Prophet are one, Our Kalima “La-e-laha illallah Mohammedur Rasoolullah” is one; then how come so many different groups and sects with so many different laws????? It is absurd, how can one law be Halal for one group and Haram for one group??? IMPOSSIBLE !!!

Allah says in the Quran: As for those who have segregated their religion and divided themselves into different groups and sects, tell them Oh Prophet ! that you have nothing to do with them………
Al Quran- ( 6:159)

How can anyone consider themselves a Muslim when the Prophet has nothing to do with them ?????

Allah also says in the Quran:
And be ye not like those who have segregated (in religion) and dispute after the clear proofs had come unto them. For such people there is a grievous punishment. Al Quran- (3:105)

Allah warns us Muslims NOT to be like those who have segregated themselves into different groups and sects, Allah wants us to be united and achieve our goals collectively as MUSLIMS. I keep stressing this fact of remaining a MUSLIM time and again for the main reason that most of the people in their ignorance have gone outside the fold of Islam, by dividing themselves into different groups and sects; and many do not even know that this fact is a basic necessity of Islam and that one should remain as a Muslim alone and should for no reason segregate themselves into different groups for any reason what so ever.

May Allah Guide us and Unite us and help us to be TRUE MUSLIMS and die as TRUE MUSLIMS (ameen).

I humbly request you for your help in UNITING the MUSLIMS of the World, by sharing this message to as many MUSLIMS as possible.


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