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Mashimar gud choda

This incident happened a few months ago and from then I have changed my opinion about middle aged women leading apparently satisfying lives having a happy family. I am Raja, 24 in age and live in Calcutta. I have a friend named Shyam who is from a rich family. We have been friends from college days and now both of us are in our respective jobs. While I got a job in my city, my friend took a job in Hyderabad.
His parents stay in Calcutta. His mom is about 45 and dad 61 having his own business. Due to his business uncle (Shyam’s dad) would be very busy the whole day and at times used to stay out of town for days. Polly aunty (his mom) is a housewife and like a typical bengali woman kind of conservative, or so I thought till the incidents started happening. Since she was mostly alone I would at times go to her home to chat with her for a few hours. She was very friendly with me. However there were certain peculiarities about her that at times embarrassed me.
Like when we were in college and I used to go his home for studies she would usually be in a sari and blouse. But more often than not her blouse would be torn from some place or the other and when she would lift her arms in front of me I could see her hairy armpits or her back peeking out from the torn part. At times when she would sit in such a fashion in her chair her sari would fall from her blouse and I could see her boobs peeking out. She would not even make any effort to cover her blouse and continue sitting like that in our presence. All this made me feel embarrassed. Still I never thought about her sexually.
Now let me describe Polly aunty. She is 38 and like typical bengali women is a bit on the plump side with quite a wide ass and 40 size boobs. At times I had felt that she is not wearing any bra underneath as her boobs swayed when she moved. In some way she was sexy. One day I thought of paying her a visit to chat for some time. I went to her home and started chatting. The subject of her gaining weight came and she said that she exercised a bit but that was not sufficient. She also said that after her son (my friend) went to Hyderabad she feels very lonely and does not feel like doing anything and so does not exercise very regularly. She looked at me and asked me if I exercised and I said yes. Suddenly our talk took such a turn that I started feeling embarrassed .
Aunty asked, “tumi nischaii jakhon exercise karo takhon panter bhetare khoob tight underwear paro. Tomake exercise samaye nijer jantor ke khoob bhalo kore bendhe aar bhalo kore banchiye rakhte hobe ta na hole okhne chot lagte pare.” I was a bit embarrassed and said yes that I wear underwear. Aunty said, “tumi sab samaye tight underwear para koro jate tomar janatar pati theek bhave payer majhkhane fit hoe thake. Saijanya jakhoni tomar underwearer elastic dhile hoejabe takhoni tumi nijer underwear palte phelbe.” Mashima abar bollo, “aie jannye ami amar cheler pratee khoob kara nazar rakhee aar jakhon darker hoe ami tar janna natun underwear kine amar samne oke parte boli aar jakhan Shaym underwear palte phele ami takhon nije underwaerer samne hath lagie dekhi je tar jantor pati sab theek ache kina aar theek bhave payer majhe fit hoeche kina.”
I smiled and said, “Oh! Mashima, tumi akhono Shaymer underwearer samne hath lagiye dekho je Shayamer jantor pati theek ache kina? Shayam to aknon anek baro hoe gache, tumki akhono oke ekta choto bachha bhavo? Aunty smiled and said, “Na sona o to amar chele aar ami oke jamon khushi dekhte paari. Ami to or shob kichu dekhechi. Ami to or jonno pocket ola jangia kini aar tarpor o pore shamne ashle oi pocket e hath dhukiye or hos pipe take bar kore niye ashi shei pocket diye dekhar jonno je pocket theke hishi korar jonno hose take thik kore baar korte parche kina. Ebar bol tor ma ki toke erom kore dekhe na? I said, “tar mane tumi nijer hate kore Shaymer hos pipe dhore dekho je tar hos pipe theek bhave underwear theke ber hoe kina. Shaym kichu bole na? Ami to lajjaye more jetam.” “Dur boka chele, ami to Shyam ke kato bar bathroome niye giye or hos pipe dhore hisi kariye dee, amar ba Shyamer kono lajja lagena” aunty told me with a naughty smile. I was astonished with aunty’s statement and said to her, “babare amar to sune lajja lagche ar tomar ba Shyamer kono lajja karena?” “Ete abar lajjar ki ache? Keno tor ma bujhi toke bathroome niye giue hisi karae na?” Aunty asked me again.
I, “Na kakhono noye, ami amar ma ke amar sange aye sab kakhono karte debon na, amar bhishan lajja karbe. Ar mashima, tumi ekhono Shyamer ahhhhh nunu dharo ar dekho?
Aunty, “O amar sona, tumi jano na je tumi tomar kach theke ki ki pacco na. Amar sona tumi jano na je maara tader cheler janno ki bhalo aar ki kharab sab jane aar maara tader cheleder sab jinish bhalo kore bujhye daye aar maa der bojhano poree jibone khub kaj daye.” Aunty continued, “ami to or hose pipe ta ke majhe majhe check kore dekhi thik kore clean korche kina. O to lojjaa payee na ekdum. Ami oke ek ek samay bathroome giye langto hoye darate boli chaan koranor jonno. Takhon o langto hoye nijer kaalo hose pipe take du payer majhe jhuliye wait kore. Ami giye oke chaan koriye diye tarpor or pipe ta clean kore di aar tate or dushtu hose ta shokto hoe dariye pore. Tarppor ami ote cream ba baby oil lagiye di. Or kokhono chulkani hole okhane amake diye ointment lagiye dite bole. Abar amar jakhon khoob icchhe hoe takah ami amar cheler hose pipe niye khoob khela kari aar jakhon ota shakto hoe jaye takhan ami ota dhore khoob naraee aar tatae ota theke khoob garhoo garhoo shada jelly moto mal ber hoe. Amara khoob open ei bishoye. Aar ekta jinish tor nunu ke kakhono nunu bolbi na otake dhon, bara, lauda bolbi. Bujhee boka chele?”
I was now getting excited with her usage of terms and descriptions. Aunty continued, “Tora chelera bhabish amra mara kichu jani na. Tor nischoyee raate nije theke maal beriye jae. Shyamer ber hoe kintu o bhabe ami jani na. tor o maal beroy nischoyee.”
I was very embarrassed and said, “Haan, rate nije theke kakhono kakhono amar mal bar hoe. Tabe ami sakal sakal uthe amar pant aar bichanar chador dhue dee jate ki amar maa na jante pare.” Aunty, “dekhlee to, ami bole chilam. Tumi bhabo je tomar maa kichhu jane na kitnu ami jani je tomar maa sab kichu jane, Are boka chele tuee janish na je jakhon tue nijer pant aar bichanar chador dhue dis takhono pant aar chadore tor maler dag roe jaye. Aar oi dag dekhle maara bujhe jaye je tar cheler dhon thek rate fada poreche. Kintu tui amake bol je rate tor ki roj mal ber hoe?”
I said, “na, roj rate amar nunu theke mal bar hoe na, han jakhon ami amar nunu niye khela karina takhon rate amar nunu theke mal bar hoe aar amar pant bhuje jaye.” I suddenly realised that I have told her that I had wet dreams if I did not masturbate on a day and so stopped. Aunty grew interested and though she knew what I was going to say she asked, “tui tor bara niye kamon kore khela karis? Tui ki nijer bara khechis? I said, “Mashima, tumi amake aie sab keno jigesh karcho? Amar khub lajja lagche.”
Aunty came nearer and putting a hand over my shoulder said, “bol, make sab kichu bol. Ete kno kichur lajja neyii. Ami jani aar porechi je nijer bara niye sab chelera khela kore, ete lajjar kichu neye. Ami to tor maa moto, ami toke ja kushi jiggesh korte pari aar tuio amake jakushi jiggesh korte parish.”
I thought that I couldn’t escape her and so said, “han ami amar bara khenchee aar tokhon amar bara theke mal bar hoe aar tar por aar rate amar panat bhejena.”
Aunty, “Tui ki tor bara ta niye roj khelish?”
I, “han, mashima. Ami praye roz ek bar kore amar bara khenchee kintu kono kono din ami du bar ba teen bar khenchee. Ta nahole amar pant rate nongra hoe jaye.”
Aunty, “Baap re tui roj du teen bar kore maal phelish? Tor ki shob bar maal ber hoe?”
I, “Haan, ami jato bar bara khenchee motamuti shob bar e bar hoe taube ek ekbar hoeto khub kom berolo ba berolo na. Tate kono problem nei to?”
Aunty, “theek ache, toke kichhu samay dite hobe abar theke mal banate. Jakhon tor maler sab stock sheh hoe jaye tokhon anek kam mal bar hoe, tate kichuu hoe na. Kno chintar byapar noe.” Aunty continued, “Shayam kintu kakhono bara khenche na.” I said, “Shayam bara khenche na tumi janle kikore? Oki tomake dekhiye dekhiye bara nariye nariye nijer mal bar korbe?”
By now I had a growing problem inside my pants. Aunty continued, “Bara take thik rakhte hoe shob samay. Jakhon tor kakur sathe amar biye holo ami bhablam onar sathe khoob anando korbo, jauboner mauja lutbo kenona ona ke khoob strong dekhte aar amar che boyes beshi bole bhablam je o hoeto onek kichu janbe choda chudi nie. Accha tui choda chudi kake bole janish to?”
Aunty’s use of the word lovemaking made a shiver run through my body and now my dick was standing in full attention.
Aunty continued, “kintu biyer por dekhi tor kakur bara ta chotto. Tao chole jeto ar amra khoob choda chudi kortam biyer kichu mas por obdi. Tarpor tor kaku busy hoe gelo ar amader choda chudi praye bondho hoe gelo. Ar or dhon ta shokto hoto na. Ami or dhon ta niye kheltam shokto korar jonno, kintu tarpor e ota abar pore jeto. Or jakhon amar gud chodar icche hoto amar shaya ar sari komor abdi tule nijer choto dhon ta bar kore amar guder bhetor dhukiye 5 minute e maal phele ghumiye porto. O chodar different style gulo janto na. Tarpor to Shyam janmalo ar o ekdum amake choda bandho kore dilo. Pore janlam je chotobelaye or infection hoto dhone jar jonno orkhom problem chilo.”
I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet. She seemed to be reflecting on something and then she spoke up, “Tahole tui kichu bujhlee, je keno nijer health aar jantorer health theek thak rakha uchit? Ebar tui amake bal, tui ki tor nijer heath aar toe jantorer health thik thak rachis?” She asked this while pointing to my dick under my pants.
I wanted to tell her that I had a good sized pole because of her use of the word little thing. I said, “han mashima, ami amar jantortake roj khob bhalo kore dhuii. Mashima, amar jantor ta praye sare aath inchi lamba. Tomar ki mone hoe eta thik lamba hochhe?”
Aunty gasped at the mention of my length and said, “Ami toke ekhuni bollam je tui tor ota ke nunu ba jantor balbi na. Otar bhalo nam hocche bara na dhon. Ar ami bishaas korte parchi na je tor dhon ta oto boro. Dekhte de tahole bujhbo.”
While saying this she moved her hand on my pants and quickly grabbing it squeezed it. By now I was sure that she wanted to fuck me and so I played ball because by now I was too aroused to step back. She pressed it a few times and said, “opor theke to khoob bhalo mone hochhee, tabe amake tor dhonta khule dekha. Chal uthe dara ar puro puri nangto hoeja.” I quickly stood up and aunty started to unbuckle my pants. In a moment she had me stripped down to just my briefs. Since I was already erect and pre cum was leaking for sometime the front was wet and aunty smiled at it. She said, “Partho, tor janghiyar bhetre ki rekhechis. Amar mone hocche je tor dhonta ke jadi thik bhave na ador kara hoe to ota tor underewear chinre debe. Aibare tui nijeke maar hate chere de aar ami tor jantortake dekhi ki korte pari. Kintu tar age chal amara sobar ghare jaee.”
The moment we got to the bedroom she pulled down my briefs and I was now standing in front of aunty totally naked. She smiled and said, “Oh tor lauda ta to daroon shundor ar sexy re. Aar ish kirom bhabe tor bara ta tatiye dariye ache aar matha dolachhe. Tui khoob excited hoe gechis mone hoe kemon kore tor dhon theke rosh bar hocchhe dekh. De baba amar hathe tor dhon ta de.”
Saying this she took my hot rod in her hands and started squeezing. The ...
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