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McWilly Comedy Extravaganza (MCE)

I can crack your ribs with my hillarious jokes and comedy!

Teacher: What is a Verb?
Akpors: A Verb is a valve
found in bicycle tyre.
Teacher: What are you
Akpors: It is a complete sentence sir.
Teacher: Are you mad?
Akpors: It is a question sir.
Teacher: Don't be stupid.
Akpors: It is an advice sir.
Teacher: Stop that nonsense.
Akpors: It is a command
Teacher: You're an idiot.
Akpors: It is an insult sir.
Teacher: Get out of my class.
Akpors: It is an order sir.
Teacher: Oh! Goodness,
What a boy!
Akpors: It is an
exclamation sir. Teacher: May God have
mercy on you.
Akpors: It is a prayer sir.
Teacher: You need to see a
Akpors: It is a suggestion sir.
Teacher: I rest my case.
Akpors: It is ur choice sir
Akpos has tickets for the World Cup final. As he
sits in the stadium, a man comes over and
asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to
him. ‘No,’ says Akpos. ‘That seat is empty.’
‘That’s incredible!’ says the man. ‘Who in their
right mind would have a seat like this for the World Cup final and not use it?’ Akpos replies,
‘Well, actually, I’ve got the tickets for both
these seats. My wife was supposed to be here
with me, but she passed away.’ ‘I’m sorry to
hear that,’ says the man. ‘But couldn’t you find
a friend or relative to take the seat?’ Akpos shakes his head, ‘No, they’re all at the funeral.’
Akpors: Why is making love so
Father: It is just like the sensation
when you are digging your nose
with your finger!!
Akpors: Why do women enjoy more sex than men?
Father: It's because when you dig
your nose, your nose feels more
comfort than your finger.
Akpors: Why do women hate it
when they get raped? Father: It is like when you are
walking down the street,
someone else come over and
digsyour nose, do you like it?
Akpors: Why is it that women
canthave sex when they are having their periods?
Father: If your nose is bleeding,
do you still dig it?
Akpors: Why is it that men dont
like to wear condoms when they
are making love? Father: Do you like to dig your
nose with a glove on your finger?!...

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