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koyel mallik


fundamentals of love and attraction...


Vimal is very unhappy with his life, but people can't understand why he behaves like an unhappy person! After all, he has a successful career as a software engineer. He works in a MNC and be paid handsomely. He has his own Honda City car, a three bedroom apartment at a posh area, he has a decent looks and a very good social life. But, still he is unhappy and it gives him an undue stress of very high intensity. As a result he has been suffering from acute depression.

But, what is the reason of his unhappyness. Well, the reason is very common, he lacked love in his life. Although, he has lots of friends, and despite the fact that nearly half of his friend circle constitutes beautiful girls and women, he is without any girlfriend and this is the pain that pricking up incessantly. The reason behind his depression is the absence of love in his life. The love is a primary requirement of a human being.

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Love, the prominent component of human emotional spectrum, is a very little understood phenomenon. For thousands of year many stalwarts, philosopher tried their level best to understand the fundamental concepts and origin of human emotions. Human emotions are categorised into two basic block, (i) fundamental & basic components of human emotion. (ii) derived & complex components of human emotion.
Love at first sight is a phenomena that baffles philosophers and thinkers throughout the ages! Does love at first sight exist? If so, then what are the reasons behind this? Why people feel strong attractions in some cases if they are even unknown to each other. A lot of movies have been made on this particular theme. READ MORE

||| FACTS OF LIFE : fundamentals of love and attraction |||
"life is very nice,
Just a little bit complex,
Life is a...
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Human always want to love and be loved but no one can actually define love in a deterministic way. But with the advent of modern science with technologies like MRI or fMRI the domain of the most complex structure slowly started to revealing its shades. As we start to delve more and more into the subject, with the help of subjects like Neuro-Psychology, Neuro-Philosophy and core Neurology, we suddenly found that we surprisingly could relate certain chemical reactions to the different aspects of human emotion up to a certain level. The latest technology which is named as fMRI or functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a non invasive brain scanning process which is used to locate the enhanced neural activities each associated as different perceptional as well as emotional states of a human being. Introduction of new technology like fMRI let scientists to have sneak peak inside the human brain. For more articles on similar topic click

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