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One Fierce Beer Coaster

The second Bloodhound Gang album

1. Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny
2. Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)
3. Fire Water Burn
4. Yellow Fever(Hidden Track)
5. I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
6. Why´s Everybody Always Pickin´ On Me?
7. It´s Tricky
8. Asleep At The Wheel
9. Shut Up
10. Your Only Friends Are Make Believe
11. Boom
12. Going Nowhere Slow
13. Reflections of Remoh
Hidden Track


´One Fierce Beer Coaster´ was our first big success in the record industry. After being dropped from Columbia Records because ´Use Your Fingers´ flopped, our independent label, Republic Records, decided to get us into a studio and record some new songs. We decided on putting a bit more rock in the mix and the result was this album. All of the songs were written in the damp basement underneath Jimmy Pop´s brother´s trucking company. As a result, all of our gear had soggy bottoms; just like us. All of the synthesizer stuff on the album was programmed in a room above Jimmy Pop´s brother´s trucking company, which doubled as Jimmy Pop´s closet. It was also my bedroom at the time, where I slept on a chair with no heat. One time, I had to take a poo in a bag. While that was a definite highlight, my favorite memory was when Jimmy Pop picked up a Wawa cup that he thought had coffee in it, and chugged down cold urine with some cigarette butts in it. We began recording in March, and because of the shortened daylight hours and our late night recording schedule, Jimmy Pop and I didn´t see daylight for weeks at a time. Jimmy Pop also gained weight during the sessions, thanks to my quality Italian cooking. All of the guitar was recorded with borrowed gear, because I didn´t have any of my own at the time. It was the first material we recorded with Raahu, who I had met when he recorded my other band, Uncle Otto´s Truck. Besides borrowed gear, living in darkness, and pooing in a bag, we had a few other glitches. For one, the D.A.T. we used for ´Boom´ with Rob Van Winkle (a.k.a. Vanilla Ice) had some problems, and as a result, we made up some of his lyrics using syllables from the part of the tape that did work to fill in the gaps. The original pressing of ´One Fierce Beer Coaster´ came with a free beer coaster and had two extra tracks, ´Yellow Fever´ and ´The One Fierce Beer Coaster Hidden Track,´ which the Geffen version didn´t have. The cover art was based on the Milwaukee´s Best logo and incorporated a teenage fan´s rendition of a ´Sprinkle Genie.´ All of the photos were taken for free by a friend at the elementary school that Jimmy Pop had attended. The last track, ´Reflections of Remoh,´ is Jim doing his best Homer Simpson impersonation. We couldn´t call it ´Homer Simpson,´ so ´Remoh,´ when reflected in a mirror is, yeah, you get it.

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