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valio papams

Hooray For Boobies

The third Bloodhound Gang album(ir informacija apie si albuma LT )

1. I Hope You Die
2. The Inevitable Return of The Great White Dope
3. Mama´s Boy
4. Three Point One Four
5. Mope
6. Yummy Down on This
7. The Ballad of Chasey Lain
8. R.S.V.P.
9. Magna Cum Nada
10. The Bad Touch
11. That Cough That Came With A Prize
12. Take The Long Way Home
13. Hell Yeah
14. Right Turn Clyde
15. This Is Stupid
16. A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying
17. The Ten Coolest Things About New Jersey
18. Along Comes Mary
47. Hidden Track

Talentingi ir visiðkai pamiðæ amerikietiðkojo post grunge´o kartos atstovai, vadovaujami nenustygstanèio vietoje ´chuligano´ ir nepraustaburnio Jimmy´io Pop´o. Atgaivinæ ankstyvojo rap rock´o tradicijas, kurios devintojo deðimtmeèio viduryje atneðë pelnytà ðlovæ trijulei Beastie Boys, ir dar labiau prisodrinæ savuosius dainø tekstus ironija, atviru cinizmu (retkarèiais jis netgi labai mielas…) bei pritrenkinaèiø neðvankybiø skandavimais The Bloodhound Gang uþkariavo pasaulá antruoju albumu ´One Fierce Beer Coaster´ (1996). Uþdegantis kûrinys ´Fire Water Burn´ tapo tikru ´gengo´ ir jø gerbëjø himnu. Genialus ðios dainos videoklipas taip pat nebuvo pamirðtas. Supratæ, kad nuo ðiol viskas galima The Bloodhound Gang vyrukai ne juokais ´ásisiautëjo´. 2000-øjø vasará iðleisto albumo ´Hooray For Boobies´ virðelyje kai kuriø dainø tekstai ið viso nebuvo spausdinami, girdi, jei jø norite — klausykite ir stenografuokite. Stenografuoti tikrai yra kà… Jau vien ko verta ´The Ballad Of Chasey Lain´, skirta garsiàjai amerikieèiø porno þvaiþgdei! Arba linksmas ´dalykëlis´ ´Three Point One Four´ apie… vaginos paieðkas! Taèiau nereikia ásivaizduoti, kad The Bloodhound Gang tik keikiasi, keikiasi ir keikiasi. O, ne! Jø sukurtas puikus muzikinës ironijos kokteilis, kuriame ´plaukioja´ ir punk rock´as, ir grunge´as, ir electro pop´as, ir hip-hop´as, ir techno, ir net Pink Floyd, Metallica, Falco bei Frankie Goes To Hollywood ´semplai´, veikia uþtikrintai. Tik þybt! ir jau koja juda grupës grojamu ritmu, ranka vapa: ´Papai… papai… papai…´. Tikra rock´n´roll´inë mantra. grabinëja kelniø uþtrauktukà o lûpos desperatiðkai vapa: Papai… pa pai… papai…´. Tikra rock´n´roll´inė mantra.


This album took way too long to record and even longer to release. After a string of release dates that came and went, it finally came out in Europe, and then everywhere. The Germans were the first to go nuts for it and were key in making it a huge success. There are quite a few versions of this record out there thanks to a lawsuit brought on by Pink Floyd for ´Right Turn Clyde´ and some samples that were never cleared in ´Take The Long Way Home.´ You can also buy a completely censored version of this record at Wal-Mart simply titled ´Hooray.´ This record marks the last time Spanky G worked with us, as he left before finishing the album, which lead to us bringing in ´Dangerous´ Darrin Pfeiffer from Goldfinger to write and record ´Yummy Down On This.´ Everyone lived together for the recording of the record except Jimmy Pop. He lived in an apartment in Woodland Hills, California and wrote a lot of the songs there. ´The Ballad Of Chasey Lain´ was a result of Jimmy Pop´s obsession with the porn star´s appearence in a Fresh Jive advertisement. That ended when the band met her and realized she was an asshole. ´R.S.V.P.´ is a recording of said asshole reading a script. Poorly, I might add. ´Mama´s Boy,´ contrary to popular belief, wasn´t scripted at all, and Jimmy Pop´s mom didn´t know it was on the record until one of her friend´s played it for her. The band had one of those Radio Shack phone recording devices, and he just called her one night, more or less expecting to get something good out of it. ´Three Point One Four´ was originally entitled ´Vagina,´ but the Geffen Records folks didn´t like it. Interestingly enough, other countries didn´t like it either, even the ones that consider the United States of America to be incredibly uptight. The song is about Jimmy Pop´s breakup with the same girl he had written ´Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny´ for. ´I Hope You Die´ features Parry from Nerf Herder, who came in and made up the harmonies on the spot. ´Yummy Down On This´ is one of Jimmy Pop´s favorite songs in that, he thinks it best captures the proper balance of synth and rock stuff. I might mention that he made himself throw up while recording the choking noises on this track, too. ´Right Turn Clyde´ is Jimmy Pop´s foray into the world of Puff Daddy. However, given how few people seem to like it, I´m guessing it wouldn´t be called a successful foray. ´A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying´ was inspired by a night on the town with Daisy Berkowitz, who had just settled his lawsuit with Marilyn Manson. Jimmy Pop was given a lap dance by a crying stripper, and it seemed to sum up his life. ´Mope´ started out as a rock song, but I couldn´t play the guitar part the way Jimmy Pop wanted, so it became another ´sample´ instead. ´That Cough Came With A Prize´ is a real cough. ´Along Comes Mary´ wasn´t even supposed to be on the record originally, but the label convinced us to put it on. The first single, ´The Bad Touch´ was actually an older song, from when Jimmy Pop was sixteen, which is probably why it sounds so utterly Eighties. The title of the album was penned by Parry from Nerf Herder, although he denies it to this day. He opened a show on our previous tour by shouting ´Hooray For Boobies!´ instead of ´Hello Wisconsin!´ and we obviously approved of the sentiment. Of all our albums, everyone in the band likes this cover art the best. Well, except for Willie The New Guy because he isn´t on it. The back cover, despite appearances, was not a fun photo shoot. Case in point, one of the sexy models had a really stinky nether region. Really. And finally, even though we never expect anyone to read the liner notes, they obviously do, as the ´Thanks For Nothing´ directed to God has been a subject of confrontation on more than one occasion. People are stupid.

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