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Cole and Phoebe

Phoebe and Cole´s relationship through the two and a half years.

Season Three:
Phoebe and Cole´s relationship started at the beginning of Season Three. The sisters ended up being murder witnesses and Phoebe met ADA, Cole Turner. He seemed like one of the good guys and Phoebe fell for him.
In 3:02, he switched the contents of the bags so he could see her again. When he shakes hands with Leo, orbs stick to his hands and Cole mutters ´d*mn Whitelighter´s´. Cole continued to see Phoebe and then they sort of became Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The audience knew there was something different about him.
We found out that Cole was a demon, Belthazor, who had been sent by the Triad to kill Phoebe and her sisters.
Cole then disappears then comes back with the same wound they inflicted on a demon. Leo heals him, but could only heal half of him and figures out he is a demon. He tells the sisters.
But when Cole tries to stab Phoebe with an Athame, he can´t because he is falling in love with her.
Phoebe then accepts he is a demon and the sisters make a Belthazor vanquishing potion.
When Phoebe and her sisters are in the cemetery looking for Cole/Belthazor, she finds him first and goes to throw the vanquishing potion. Cole stops her and tells her he loves her and Phoebe can´t kill him. She realises her sisters are coming, and she tells Cole to take off his shirt and shimmer out. He does and she throws the potion on his shirt just as her sisters arrive. She has faked his death and her sisters believe he is dead. Cole disappears.
Phoebe has trouble living with her sisters for lying to them and in ´Wrestling with Demons´ (3:12); she tells Leo, Piper and Prue. They don´t react well. They are more upset at her for lying to them, than the fact that she faked his death.
Then at the beginning of ´Bride and Gloom´, Cole somehow manages to shimmer into a film that Phoebe is watching. He tells her that doing that was the safest way to let her know that he was back.... for good.
Phoebe tells Cole she wants nothing to do with him. But she then realised how much she loved him and let him back into her life: this time, knowing he is a demon.
Even though the sisters know he is a demon, they respect Phoebe´s love for him and don´t vanquish him. Cole comes to Piper and Leo´s wedding. But Cole has bounty hunters on his back who are trying to kill him because of his betrayal.
Then in 3:19, Phoebe vanquishes one of Cole´s ´Brothers´. The sisters find out about the brotherhood, an alead gang who answer directly to the source and take a blood oath and a life long pledge of loyalty. Cole left the Brotherhood. Cole then goes undercover to try and find out what they are doing, but gets caught.
Meanwhile, Phoebe starts making a power-stripping potion for Cole so he can become human.
The Brotherhood wants to kill Phoebe´s love for him so they can have Belthazor back. They trick him into killing a witch and therefore kill Phoebe´s love for him. She smashes the glass with the power-stripping potion in it. Cole shimmers out.
Phoebe finds out that he was put under a spell and insists on saving him, again.
In All Hell Breaks Loose, Phoebe insists on going to the Underworld to save him. When she gets there, he tells her that she has wasted her time and that she should leave. Phoebe doesn´t leave. She throws a potion at him, which reverses what turned him evil. Cole then kisses her and tells her that he can´t leave because they´ll come after him. Phoebe insists they´ll fight the demons off, but Cole disagrees and said it wouldn´t work.
Phoebe - ´So where does that leave us?´
Cole - ´Right where we are´
Then after time has been reset, Phoebe in still in the Underworld, which therefore gets Prue killed.
Season Four:
Cole returns to go to Prue´s funeral and tells Phoebe that he shouldn´t be back because the Source has every bounty hunter out there looking for him. He then helps the sisters by telling them about the Source surfacing.
Phoebe has Cole with her and Piper to help fight off demons. They need him because they have no Prue or Paige at this stage.
As Paige is coming into her powers, Cole and Phoebe´s relationship seems strong.
But then, in ´Black as Cole´, things change. Cole proposes, and Phoebe is stunned. With all the demon stuff aside, she never saw herself as the marrying type.
Also, in Black as Cole, the innocent is looking for her fiancé’s killer. She thought it was Sikes, but when Cole morphed into Belthazor, Emma said it was he. She then throws the power-stripping potion at Cole.
He is now human.
In Muse to My Ears, Phoebe is annoyed that Cole wouldn´t get close to her and Piper tells her what´s going on. She tells Phoebe that Cole talks about demons because he finds it easier than to say what´s really on his minds - he would like to know if Phoebe would re-consider his proposal now that he is human...
In a Paige from the Past, spirits, Frankie and Lulu, possess Cole and Phoebe. They steal a diamond ring and wedding outfits and hold a vicar at gunpoint so they could be married. Piper and Darryl interrupt the wedding and the spirits get sent back into the time-travel door. Cole asks Phoebe again to marry him and she accepts.
In lost and Bound, Cole gives Phoebe Grams ring. When Phoebe has just put on the ring, it glows. Phoebe then starts acting weirdly: She spends a lot of time in the kitchen, she screams instead of fights when a demon attacks. Then she starts flashing black and white. When Paige gets the ring off her, she retuned to normal and helped fight Ludlow. They find out the ring was cursed.
In Charmed and Dangerous, Cole gives Phoebe another ring, which isn’t cursed. At the end, they hug and Phoebe says ´You’re also my hero.´ Cole replies saying, ´Oh, I’m nobody’s hero.´ His eyes turn black. They got married, but Cole had been possessed by the Source & Phoebe was Queen of the Underworld for a bit. She was pregnant with an evil baby, but eventually she chooses her sisters over Cole.
The seer then took Phoebe’s baby and she was good again. Cole was still the Source of all-evil. He then became invincible.

Season Five:
He returned in A Witches Tail whilst Phoebe was trying to get a divorce. In A Witches Tail part two, Phoebe signed the divorce papers. Cole continued to bother the sisters for about three months. He wanted to be killed and he knew the only people who could do that were The Charmed Ones. Cole then gave up trying to be killed and instead tried to get Phoebe back. But Phoebe wasn’t interested and instead she was out looking for a new boyfriend. Then in Centennial Charmed, Cole went to extremes to get Phoebe back. He became an Avatar and had unlimited powers. He wanted to ´undo what was to change what is. ´ Cole was to change realities to eliminate Paige & get Phoebe back. But Paige slipped through the cracks.
Paige managed to re-constitute the Power of Three in that reality. The sisters then made a Belthazor vanquishing potion and when they were going to throw it at him Phoebe shouted no and took the phial off Paige. Cole was convinced that she wasn’t going to throw it, but she gave him a shock and did. Cole had been vanquished and Paige went straight back to the normal reality. She them told her sisters what had happened. Phoebe never looked back.
(c) Copyright to Carlys Charmed

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