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SEASON 4 episodes

EPISODE 1 & 2-Charmed again.
Prue is killed at the end of season 3 and the power of 3 is broken.The source however returns when he learns from the oracle that he did not end the power of 3 as there is another half Charmed sister,Paige.Phoebe and Piper are still in mourning over Prue's death.
EPISODE 3-Hell hath no fury
Piper is still having a hard time overcoming Prue's death.Paige is slowly beginning to realise the importance of the power of 3.Phoebe and Piper battle the Furies,which eventually leads to Piper becoming infected.Paige has to help Phoebe save Piper.
EPISODE 4-Size matters
The Charmed ones are up against a demon called Gammel.He shrinks women to five inches tall,covers them in clay and bakes them for his collection.
EPISODE 5-Enter the demon.
A Zen master apprentice (Yem-no) is defeated by the Zen master's daughter (Am-ling) . He taunts them and vows to kill all Zen masters in the world.
EPISODE 6-A knight to remember.
Paige was an Evil Enchantress in her past live and cast a spell on a King to fall in love with her.This means that once she conceives an Heir,the Kingdom belongs to her.The Paige in the present time must stop her with the aid of her sisters.Meanwhile Paige also moves into the manner.
EPISODE 7-Brain drain.
The source disguises himself as a chameleon demon,and gets into Piper's mind,convincing her that she is not a witch and doesnt have sisters.
EPISODE 8-Black as Cole.
Psyches a demon,has taken on the characteristics of Cole's demonic form Balthazar.He wants to impress the source and starts to kill a covenant of witches.
EPISODE 9-Muse to my ears.
The source is dead and the Charmed ones must now deal with demons who want to take over the roll as the new source.One specific warlock,Devlan,is using the ring of inspiration which captures muses and inspires demons.
EPISODE 10-Paige from the past.
Paige is plagued with guilt,as she firmly believes that she was the cause of her step parents death.Meanwhile Phoebe and Cole become possessed by evil spirits,and go on a robbing spree.
EPISODE 11-Trial by magic.
Phoebe is picked for jury duty and receives a premonition that the man facing murder charges is in actual fact innocent.Meanwhile Paige's friend,Glen,discovers the book of Shadows.
EPISODE 12-Lost and bound.
A fire starter,Tyler,is a young boy who is being forced to use his powers to protect the new source.
EPISODE 13-Charmed and dangerous.
The new source learns that he can only vanquish the Charmed ones if he steals their active powers.He risks the future of all magic by awakening an evil power called the Hollow.
EPISODE 14-The three faces of Phoebe.
The source is killed again in the previous episode-this time because the Hollow consumed him.However Cole has been infected with the source's spirit,unbeknown to the Charmed ones.Phoebe hesitates about marrying Cole and casts a spell bringing forth her past,present and future self.
EPISODE 15-Marry go round.
Cole is turning into the source,and an evil seer warns him that a white wedding with Phoebe would destroy or weaken him.The seer insists that a dark priest marry them.Phoebe is unaware of the evil within Cole.
EPISODE 16-The fifth Halliwheel.
Paige witnesses Cole using magic.When she tries to tell Piper and Paige they ignore her.Cole tries to kill Paige and impregnate Phoebe.
EPISODE 17-Saving private Leo.
Leo's past returns to haunt him as two of his friends who died in World War 2,return as ghosts to kill him.
EPISODE 18-Bite me.
Paige is turned into a vampire by the vampire queen.The queen wants Paige to help her take control of the underworld.
EPISODE 19-We're off to see the wizard.
Phoebe finds out Cole is the new source.Meanwhile a wizard wants the Charmed ones to stop the source from being coronated.Phoebe must decide between good and evil,as Cole asks her to become his queen.
EPISODE 20-Long live the queen.
After Phoebe decided to join Cole as his new evil queen,Piper becomes heartbroken and stubborn.Phoebe must finally decide between Cole and her sisters.
EPISODE 21-Womb raider.
After Phoebe decided to turn back to good in the previous episode,the Charmed ones vanquished Cole.Meanwhile the seer wants to take Phoebe's unborn child and rule the underworld.
EPISODE 22-Witch way now?
After loosing her unborn child in the previous episode,Phoebe is going through an emotional time.The sisters were however able to vanquish the seer and the evil counsel.The angel of Destiny appears to the girls and asks them whether they want to remain magical.

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