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SEASON 2 episodes

EPISODE 1-Witch trial
On their anniversary of becoming witches the Charmed ones face a demon who pulls the book of Shadows into a dimension beyond their reach.The demon reverses each spell in the book of Shadows causing vanquished demons to return.
EPISODE 2-Morality bites
Phoebe has a premonition of her own execution.The sisters cast a one time only spell,to the future to see if they can change Phoebe's fate.
EPISODE 3-The painted world
Prue discovers someone trapped in a painting at the auction house,and reads aloud a latin spell under the picture casting her into the same dimension.Meanwhile Piper asks her neighbour Dan,to help her with renovating her new night club,P3.
EPISODE 4-The Devil's music
Piper books a band to play at her club,only to find that the band's manager had made a demonic deal with a demon to trade in female fans in exchange for success.
EPISODE 5-She's a man,baby,a man!
The Halliwell sisters realise that Phoebe's strange dreams about murdered men are connected to a female demon called a Succubus.Prue casts a spell to catch the demon but turns into a man-as only men can hear a succubus calling.
EPISODE 6-That old black magic
Three film students are the victims of a heart stealing witch who escapes after 200 years of entombment hunting for her magical scepter.
EPISODE 7-They're everywhere
Prue and Piper give in to their fears as they suspect that the men in their lives may be warlocks.They cast a mind reading spell to find out the truth.
The Halliwell sisters face the truth about their mother's death when they revisit the long closed summer camp and lake where she mysteriously drowned.Whilst there they bear witness to more bizarre drownings.
EPISODE 9-Mrs Hellfire
The Charmed ones barely save their lives when a mysterious hit woman known as Ms Hellfire tries to assasinate the sisters.Prue uses her powers to kill the woman,and assumes her identity to find out who sent her.
EPISODE 10-Heartbreak City
Phoebe comes to the aid of cupid when a demm named Drazi steals the powerful love ring from Cupid and uses it to destroy all the recent love matches.
EPISODE 11-Reckless Abandon
Detective Morris puts his life on hold when he allows Phoebe to take an abandoned baby home,so that the Charmed ones can protect him from a vengeful ghost that kills all the males in a family.
EPISODE 12-Awakened
Prue and Phoebe ignore the whole personal gain thing when they use a spell to save Piper after she becomes ill with an incurable disease.The spell backfires resulting in other patients contracting the disease.Prue quits her job at Bucklands.
EPISODE 13-Animal pragmatism
Phoebe's friends use a book of spells to turn a pig,snake and rabbit into 24 hour manly dates.The spells doesnt work and Phoebe helps them rewrite the spell,not realising the potential danger.
EPISODE 14-Pardon my past
Phoebe's past life haunts her,and she casts a spell to visit her past life finding Piper married to Dan and Prue a successful photographer.Phoebe is horrified to find out that a demon named Anton seduced her into killing her own sisters.
EPISODE 15-Give me a sign
A criminal mastermind,Bane Jessup returns and tries to rekindle the love between him and Prue.When Bane narrowly escapes a demonic attack,he kidnaps Prue forcing her to use her powers to save him.
EPISODE 16-Murphy's luck
Prue gets a new job as a photographer and has to take pictures of the most unluckiest woman in San Francisco.The photo shoot turns into a rescue when Prue realises that the womans bad luck is actually the work of a darklighter.
EPISODE 17-How to make a quilt out of Americans
An old family friend,aunt Gail visits the Charmed ones.Unbeknown to them,their aunt has stolen their powers using a potion,and traded it to a demon,in return for eternal life.
EPISODE 18-Chick flick
The sisters battle a demon who terrorises the area by bringing horror film characters to life.The girls also soon realise that their active powers have no affect on the characters.
EPISODE 19-Ex Libris
Dan tells Piper that Leo is still married,wheras Phoebe is trying to help Charlene,a fellow ghost student to move on.Prue is determined to help an old man find his daughters murderer.
EPISODE 20-Astral monkeys
A doctor who treated Piper when she was ill has been trying to uncover the reason for her miraculous recovery.The doctor accidentally acquires the powers of all three sisters during a blood transfussion and receives their active powers.
EPISODE 21-Apocalypse not
Prue gets into a battle with a supernatural man and both of them mysteriously vanish to another dimension when their powers clash.When Phoebe,Piper and Leo try to figure out what happened to Prue they realise that the man is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.
EPISODE 22-Be carefull what you witch for
A fast talking genie tricks the Halliwell sisters into granting each one a wish.They soon realise the consequence of their wishes and the implications that each one holds.

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