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SEASON 1 episodes

EPISODE 1-Something wicca this way comes
The three vastly different Halliwell sisters are reunited in the grand Victorian home of their childhood.Prue the oldest,has a passion to succeed.Piper the middle sister mediates between her sistess wheras Phoebe is free spirited and careless.In this first episode Phoebe discovers the Book of Shadows in the attic.Upon reading an incantation,she and her sisters receive their active powers and unite the power of three.Prues ex Andy Trudeau closes down on a serial killer which turns out to be Pipers boyfriend
EPISODE 2-I've got you under my skin
The sisters try to gain control over their powers,whilst keeping it a secret.Phoebe cant resist forcing premonitions to occur whenever she meets an attractive guy.Prue rekindles her high school love with Andy and also lands a prestigious job at Bucklands auction house,wheras Piper worries about being a good person.The sisters have to vanquish a demon called Javna who maintains eternal youth by sucking away the life force of young women.This demon teaches the girls to be more alert.
EPISODE 3-Thankyou for not morphing
Barely have the sisters found out about their powers,when their long lost father resurfaces into their lives.Piper and Phoebe never really knew Victor as they were too young,wheras Prue remembers him as abandoning them.The neighbours who live across from the Halliwells are shapeshifters who are trying to steal the Book of shadows.
EPISODE 4-Dead man dating
Prue tries to avoid a birthday party that is being organised by her sisters wheras Phoebe tries to get a job as a psychic to pay for Prue's birthday present.Piper befriends a ghost who was murdered by a gang and has to save his soul from being dragged to hell.
EPISODE 5-Dream sorcerer
Overworked Prue keeps getting strange vissions in her sleep which affects her sub-conscious.Little does she know that those visions are actually the cause of a man that is capable of stalking others in their dreams.Prue gets involved in a car accident and is unable to regain consciousness.
EPISODE 6-The wedding from hell
The sisters feel trouble brewing when a priest dies at a high society wedding that Piper is catering for.Prue investigates a mysterious knife that dissappeared when the priest died.The bride to be,turns out to be a demon who put a spell on the groom to marry her,in order for her to bear demonic offspring.
SEASON 7-The fourth sister
Prue tries to find time with Andy whilst Phoebe and Piper give attention to Leo (the handyman) .A troubled teenager,Aviva befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwell coven.Aviva has been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by Kali,a priestess who appears to her through a mirror
EPISODE 8-The truth is out there...and it hurts
Prue stumbles across a truth spell whilst reading through the book of shadows.Prue casts the spell to see whether Andy would be able to deal with the fact that Prue is a witch.Upon casting the spell,Piper and Phoebe also become affected which means that they can hear each others thoughts.The spell also also forces them to speak the truth for 24 hours.At the same time a demon from the future is busy killing innocent people who are responsible for creating a vaccine against warlocks.
EPISODE 9-The witch is back
Prue is attacked by a 300 year old warlock who had been trapped in a locket by Melinda Warren,an ancester of the Halliwell sisters who was burned at the stake.The warlock now wants to seek revenge on the Melinda's descendants,The Charmed ones.
EPISODE 10-Wicca envy
Using astral projection,Prue's devious boss (a demon) frames Prue for stealing a priceless tiara.As evidence mounts Andy is forced to put Prue in jail.Piper and Phoebe plot a quick jailbreak so that they can catch Rex in action.
EPISODE 11-Feats of clay
Phoebe's ex-boyfriend Clay comes to town looking for reconciliation with Phoebe.Little does Phoebe know that Clay and his accomplices have just stolen a Egyptian urn which is haunted.
EPISODE 12-The wendigo
A supernatural animal who appears normal during the day,but hairy and beastly at night attacks Piper.Phoebe reluctantly involves Prue in the search for a lost child,when she gets a premonition.Meanwhile Piper is busy turning into a wendigo herself.
EPISODE 13-From fear to eternity
The Halliwell sisters are threatened by a very unique demon who appears once every 1300 years,to feed on the fears of witches for his survival.He literally makes his victims fears come to life.
EPISODE 14-Secrets and guys
A pair of thugs kidnap a 13 year old boy when they learn he has special powers.Piper is happy to see Leo again,only to realise that he is leaving again.Whilst Leo was using some magic,Phoebe catches him in the act.Meanwhile the Halliwells have to save their innocent.
EPISODE 15-Is there a woogy in the House?
An earthquake causes the 'woogiman' to be released from the basement of the manor.The demon lures Phoebe to her evil side and against her family.Meanwhile a client from the auction house believes that the manor was built over a spiritual nexus.
EPISODE 16-Which Prue is it anyway?
When Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being stabbed to death,Prue takes the drastic step of saying an incantation multiplying her strength by creating two additional Prues.Piper and Phoebe try to wean Prue from taking matters into her own hands.
EPISODE 17-That 70's episode
The Halliwells encounter a warlock that has been waiting for years to get their powers.The warlock is immune to their powers as the demon made a deal with the Charmed ones mother many years ago,in order to spare her life.
EPISODE 18-When bad warlocks go good
Prue meets a young warlock who is fighting against his destiny to become evil.Meanwhile Phoebe tries to help Piper make a love connection.
EPISODE 19-Out of sight
A young boy gets kidnapped by a grimlock and its up to the sisters to save him.Meanwhile a reporter catches Prue using her active powers.
EPISODE 20-The power of two
Phoebe sees a ghost of a serial killer whilst on a sightseeing visit to Alcatraz.Phoebe and Prue must try to vanquish the evil spirit,without Piper by their side.
EPISODE 21-Love hurts
Piper learns the supernatural truth about Leo,when he returns to San Francisco to ask the Charmed ones to protect an innocent woman who is being stalked by a demon.
EPISODE 22-Deja Vu all over again
In an attempt to vanquish the Charmed ones a sorcerer creates a time loop.Prue,Piper and Phoebe lose the same battle for their lives time and time again whilst trying to find a way back into the real world.Sadly Andy dies between the battle of good and evil.

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