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songs by ME

1: Conspiring gods

As i sailed across the sea
The gods were watching over me
Giving me strength
And making me flourish in wealth
I vanquished my enemies
Those who betrayed me
Were torturted for me to see
Conquering cities and kings
I slew uncountable men
People fell to their knees
Worshipping me
The greatest general of the gods to be
A mere mortal greater then legends of old
I killed people in the rain and in the cold
Yet I stayed noble and bold
I've got much to loose
My closest betrayed me
And strung me to a noose
I say bards will be sung
Before my last breathe is done...

2: Fallen Foes

The battle is raging on for all to see
But who will kill me?
King of all the strong
Those who apose me say my cause is wrong
But were mighty and ruthless
Without mercy we murdered the rest
Maggots devour the fallens flesh
Unworthy of a burial we burnt the rest

3. Armagedon Upon Us

God will rise hell will fall
Freedom to all who believe
Death to all
Pain and sweat will be paid off due
As long as blood is shed and evil is new
People will die
Children will cry

Hate the infidel
Kill him make it well
For they are traitors
Killing muslims are dangerous
Organs play day by day
Priest at cathedrals pray
The pope has lied again today
But its for the greater good
The gates are burning
I can smell the scorching wood
Hells gates have opened
Were doomed ...
Who will save us?

Only God decides
An army of angels come down
From the heavens Gabriel is commanding
Satan and his demons are slaughtering
Christians in the masses
Off to heaven ... their bodies besides broken glasses
God has come Satan beware
Armagedon is here
Who will live ,who will dissapear ?
The end is here
Its over they won...

Broken horns and feathers everywhere
Pikes, pitchforks, swords and shields
Only the strong wont yield
Kill them all he sais, nearly defeated
After all his hard work and trechery
He wont be rewarded anything but death
The most beautiful, perfect left
To burn alone
Condemmed to hell to burn
Haha what a worm
God is victorious,but just
Too many christians died
They were outnumbered
20 to 1 ...i cant say
Bow before the horns
Kneel before scorm
Satan thought soon heaven will be in flight
Not knowing the true power of God's might

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