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media - Animated


HeYa My BaBy, I mAde tHis pAge tO alWays rEmember oUr mosT sPeciAl dAy wE hAve hAd tOgether sO FaR. I knOw iT Is bY fAr thE bEst dAy oF mY lIfe uP tIll nOw. OuR tiMe wE sPent tOgether,wAshing thE cAr aNd gEtting sOaked. HeHe, yOrr whO cAn foRget brEaking thE buCket anD hAving tO bUy a nEw oNe,lol. This wAs oNly thE beGinning oF oUr dAy. LAtEr thAt dAy oUr fIrst paSsionate kIssy-blush-. You mAde mY lEgs gO wEak frOm thE sEcoNd oUr liPs tOuched,wIth FaNtaSy plAying iN thE bAckgrOund. I wIll nEver fOrgEt tHis
mOment. EvEning cAme anD iT wAs tiMe fOr uS tO gEt rEaDy fOr thE fAreWell. I rEmember wAlking oUtside aFter I fiNished uP sO thAt wE cAn gO tAke sOme phOtos tOgether. As I pAssed arOund thE cOrner I sAw yOu stAnding thEre poSing fOr yOur dAd aS hE wAs tAking pIcs oF yOu....My brEath wAs blOwn aWay. You lOoked sO bEautiful. I gOt gOosybumps oVer mY bOdy aNd cOntinuEd wAlking tOwards yOu aNd pIcs oF uS wAs tAken tOgether. I opEned thE cAr dOor fOr yOu anD wE lEft fOr thE fArewell. AlOng thE wAy wE jOked abOut
iT fEeling aS iF iT wAs oUr wEdding dAy anD I blUshed a wiTtle bIt. At thE fArewell whEn wE daNced tOgether iN thE ciRcle,beiNg puLled iN,lOl I fElt vEry bluShy pUlling thE huMoUres mOves oFf,iN a siLly wAy oF cOarse. WheN wE daNced wiTh eAch otHer...I enjOyed iT a lOt evEn thOugh i stEpped oN yOur toEs twIce-blushy blush- I miss thIs spEcial dAy sO mUch. I miSs yOu mOst :( I wiLl alWays kEep oUr spEcial 3 daYs tOgether iN mY hEart aNd thOughts. I lOve yOu wiTh aLl mY hEart,miNd,bOdy anD sOul. nEver forGet

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