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Multimedia gallery


^Gallery of fools.^ The Fsu hitlist

This gallery is dedicated to all the fools out on dkm who crossed fsu. A gathering of idiots who made there mark in fsu history. We pay homage to there fallen idiotic memory by posting them here.
media - Woman

recklessbitch (caylie) - the mxit slut-0-matic, this poor grl try'd to over throw sn0ws command in fsu then openly took spliff on and failed miserably. She then went to z0d and sorta kicked of the fsu z0d war. She used gemini to get back at fsu witch didnt work cause even gem (the village idiot) saw her for what she was. Nothing more than a cock hungry troubled scitzo nymphomaniac. she has the brain capacity of a common farm mule, and try'd the same trick with esm, who turned and kicked her out of that clan for being an attention seeking troglodyte. Word has it she bribed clan leaders of various clans with sex in exchange for those clans comming after fsu and myself. As she hopped dick afta dick afta dick she still failed with the help of her newly acquierd ''friends''. She even claimed that i threatend her and that she has it on file, bt when i called her out she failed to produce those files exposing her self as the liar that she is. I mean this grl tryd to attack fsu credibility when her own was in question. She openly admitted to every one that she got raped by her father in an attempt to play the sympathy card witch backfired in her face as she was already labled a liar by most ppl that knew her well. She used to live in durbs and worked there. Had a decent job witch she lost after sleepin with most of the staff and her workin standards dropped cause of her silly obsession with the distruction of fsu. This grl couldnt even distinguish between reality and mxit anymore thus got fired. She moved back to pietermaritzburg after that were she remains unemployed. Sad story..... NOT!!!! (Does Cartman laugh pointing finger at cay).....

picture by thespliff
asshole cw r aka lex - Man

asshole cw@r (alex) - lol this m0ron try'd passin him self of as a white guy knowing that most white chicks on mxit wont have the time of day 4 him atleast the decent ones wont. (in the ''new south africa'' race stil play's a major role) obviously he felt ashamed of his colourd complextion apart from the fact that one of his ex's told me that he has a tiny penis, i quote ''its like a pinky finger, just a tad thicker''. This very reliable sorce also told us about the public humiliation he went under when she um...... did the nasty and made a comment bout his pencil dick. .Sorry my bra, u lightly resemble the colour of an unwiped white anus. My apologies for being racial, but i dont get this guy. His hit nd run tactics in chatrums on chicks that rejected him makes him a true coward. One question, if he was so affraid of ppl knowing he was a colourd, then y did he join a colourd clan? Just a thought. Ignorance, stupidity and cowardace walks hand in hand in his case. Maybe this happend cause poor alex used the pages of his rural school books for rizla instead of learning to better himself.

picture by thespliff

gemini z0d (Brandon) - lot can b said about gem, bt the word poes springs 1st of to mind. The oh so fearless leader of the sleeping giant clan z0d that never woke up. Just like ther perplexed jibbering fool of a leader gem. He claimed he took down m0d, db, dx and fsu. Yet u stil c those clans around bt no trace of z0d. Hahaha. This bafoon dedicated a whole site to ppl like me nd waisted mind. And wot dit he get 4 his effort. Fuckall. Cause no one read his bulshit 2 start of with. And in al the confusion of waging his imaginary wars he ended up loosing his gf jade, 2 lil 16y old bow wow, and the next poor slag who joined his side (recklessbitch - caylie) dumped him 4 being a morbid tospot wanker. Shortly afterwards he quit mxit like a coward. Was this al worth gettin humiliated by myself nd half of the dkm comunity. He gets the title poepol of 2007. A shamefull accolade bt one he wears with pride on the farm outside bloem. Hows the corn counting going 4 ya lil buddy?

picture by thespliff
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