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Multimedia gallery

<< just f0r a laugh! >>

f0r crying out l0ud!...Laughter is the best medicine!!!

first aer0plane passenger: all th0se pe0ple d0wn there l0ok like ants!
sec0nd passngr: N0T only do they l0ok like ants, they are ants! we haven't taken off yet!

patient: doct0r! doct0r! i wish y0u w0uld help me..i feel lyk a kleptomaniac!
doct0r: n0 pr0blem....take a chair!

teacher: what's wr0ng?
b0y: i just f0und out that i'll be in sch0ol until i'm 18
teacher: that's n0thing.i have to stay here till im 65!

Q: Why do MEN wants to marry virgins?

Q: why do BL0NDE stare at the cart0n of 0range juice?
A: it said " C0NCENTRATE "..

Q: Why is it hard f0r w0men to find men that are sensitve, caring and g0od-l0oking?
A: bec0z, th0se men already have B0YFRIEND! <0UCH!>

Q: why do men name their penises?

< men sentiments >
" i aint never g0ne to bed with an ugly w0man, but im sure i w0ke up with a few!"

< inside the c0urt r0om >
ATTY: d0ct0r, why did y0u say he was SH0T in the W0ODS?
D0CT0R: No, i said he was sh0t in LUMBAR SECTI0N < bel0w spinal c0rd >
< ann0uncement >
"a sh0rt f0rtuneteller who escape fr0m pris0n has a small meduim at large"

0nce there was a time when all pe0ple believe in g0D,and the church ruled, this time it is called "THE DARK AGE"!

at the c0cktail party, one w0man said to an0ther, " arent y0u wearing y0ur wedding ring on the wr0ng finger?
the other replied "yes, i am, i married the wr0ng man."

PARISHIONER: father,why there is a l0t of cl0thes,bra & panty hanging infr0nt of the c0nvent? U have a wife?
FATHER: If i waited f0r ur pity,i w0nt live!
Im taking dirty laundry,$5 per kil0...!

GIRLFRIEND: I'm warning ü! daddy will be here within 1 h0ur!
B0YFRIEND: so? we're n0t d0ing anything wr0ng!
GIRLFRIEND: thats why! If u have plans! D0 it n0w,will ü!


A y0ung w0man entered the bank and wanted to cash a check.
" do y0u have any identificati0n?-asked the clerk
"yes" she said. " i have a strawberry mark 0ver my left knee"...

NUN: i was raped...What shall i d0?
M0THER SUPERI0R: here,take this calamansi <Lime>.
NUN: will this ease the pain?
M0THER SUPERI0R: suck it! To take away the smile on ur face...<halleluyah...Amen>

WIFE: darling dear,why y0u always went 0ut,everytime i sing and play the pian0? I sing & play it f0r y0u! Didn't u like it?
HUSBAND: really dear?! I just d0nt want 0ur neighb0r t0 think that i was beating y0u! < 0uch! >...
PEDR0 bumps a f0reigner...

PEDR0: 0h! S0rry
4REIGNER: s0rry T00
PEDR0: s0rry 3
4REIGNER: what are ü s0rry F0R?
PEDR0: < u think im stupid,ha! > s0rry 5!
4REIGNER: i think ur SICK!
PEDR0: hahahahahaha! SICK! SEVEN NEXT!!!

Gorry and Andy went to the city f0r the very first time! They were living all their life in the rem0te pr0vince being a farmer...While in the city. inside the ELEVAT0R...
G0RRY: <feeling uneasy> Andy! I havnt much m0ney,i think riding here,is expensive..H0w much do we have to pay?
ANDY: <lo0k g0rry a harsh way and uttered> u m0r0n! H0w inn0cent are y0u!? Stupid! H0w can we pay ha! WE D0NT HAVE TICKET,YET!!!

PETER: hey! whats up! U been drinking,its n0t like y0u man! What the pr0blem?
J0HN: my wife just hired a driver! Hes hands0me,y0ung,mach0...
PETER: and ur jeal0us? C0me on man! Y0ur acting like a jeal0us husband..
J0HN: yah right!! Im just thinking...Why hired a driver...WE D0NT EVEN 0WN A CAR!!!

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