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.story of maiden.

. . One day..,

There's a sadly woman was sit with the two legs folded backwards alone.,but her friend never mind for that.
Do simply.,she's looked up the sky,,smiling on stars,,and heard the romance beat of music.,
Outside there.,deepdowninside, she feels sadness.,cry out the tears.,and can say no more. . ,just wish. . ., wish. . . , and wish for there's a prince that would come to her.,for make pleasant.,to turn the course her soul strongly.,although just for a second. . . ,but she knows those only her promising_!Violent strike in her soul make's anger flared.,and like does usually, she brokes it through box the leafs until one falled!
She's yelled out her inner voices hardly!"God...,!!!Why the time must be happen!!!!!!!!Let me to your heaven!!!!!!"

. . .The days were through dooms.. .

Like three months ago.,the times was happened again.
She's still hid oneself.,and along with the time was goin' on.,deeply sadness made her puzzle mind.,carry on everlasting decision for still waiting and promising...,
Yeah!like longtimes ago., she's feel. . . ,feel. . ., and feels that the world wouldn't to her happiness..,she seems gloomy.,then simply.,she's standing still, feels more pain, staring at the muddy sky.,but no more stars.
Then. . ,[She was suprised and mumbled queer]
"How could it nothing more than muddy sky? Where's my outstanding's place?"

. . .Three seconds later

Suddenly.,[there's someone speaks wisely]:
"Lovely..,don't queer your future.,you're still very young..,
And you need to know.,what you are seekin' for.,he live be side of you,now.,Yeap!look at here
Then she laughed,noisly and loudly"Hahahahahahahaha!",no more promisely.,she's hint"You know?You're like a strangeman in legend"
on otherside.,[she's mumblind sound]:"Oh my god!!!its impossible for me to obtain the dauntless's prince!He's courageous and.. ,good looking--!"
[The prince make sure]:
". . .maiden..,come here.,come on.,closer.,come to here.,.,touch me!
it's real!I'm comin' true for you!it's proved not legend,yeah_plaint moment!
And.,[The maiden shout through out]
"Oh my god!!!Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stop off the illusions!!Stop all the freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
And. . ,can you guess what happen at following times_?
The prince is. . .
"sssstt maiden. . .please calm. . ,at last times ago. .,I always paid attention of you,,when you cried,,when you smiled,,when you're spoken for several promising.,I'v seen to you for long at all.
[The maiden says]"But..?!"
[The prince said]
"sssst. . .,now i'v findin' hard for my preety girl that I promise,and..,she's you.."
You know whats event on next second. . .
The prince kiss her lips, softly.,while says,"nothing for other girls like you.,you've made my heart falled into the mercy. .,and. .., I want for us to be match at my lifetime until the death was come"
[Maiden make lil respond] . .,she's smile happily":)".,and says "thank you", romancely.

. . .Finally.,they're live together with their childs..,and fulled of happy endin'. . .


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