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kingdom lords

Kingdom & Lords By Gameloft Cheat Trick

By Gamerarif Fan

This Trick Work In All Phones Like Java,Android

Here The Trick => You can use this tricks for cheat resource,defense,Daily Bonus,and even diamonds(On the Higher Stage Only).

»Before you use this trick,you must understand that maybe this trick is the only one way to hack the game play of this game.This simple trick make use of the game programming system of the game itself.

The Game 'Kingdoms And Lords' have programmed to work by adapting game itself with phone system.And only by this system, we can do some cheat tricks!
If you had been played this game, you would have seen that this game is work by 'time'.I mean, you can see when we start the game we'll get in to the Game Daily Lottery,and when we are in the game,most of activities are doing by the time,such as: producting resource, waiting for taxes,Farming,ect.

So,The main idea of the explanation above is: 'Our cheat trick is how to manage time of the game as what we want for"

Have you understood??
Ok,maybe this explanation have been too long.Here is the cheat:
1. Cheat Daily Lottery and production time:
Play the game as usually u play.
Play The Daily Lottery,and enter the game play
Build House or farm as many as you can,choose the type which have biggest coin's product.
Choose the longest time of it's time production.
Now exit your game and go to your phone 'date and time' setting.

Change the time to one day next !
Example,you normal date setting:
Change it to: >22/4/2013

Now open your game and see,
>The Daily Lottery have been ready toplayed again!
>Your taxes have been ready to taken.
2. Cheat Defense(Anti-In vasion Kingdom)

Before you play the game,enter the date setting and change it to the maximum time your phone can reach(Exp:31/12/ 2097)

Now open the game!
Enter the shop then chose 'Shield'.
Chose shield whatever you want andbuy it!
Now exit the game,and back to your date setting.Change it back to normal date!
Re-Open your game
And your kingdom is now safe from any invasion untill 31/12/2097.
If you want to see the time of shield,Build the Defense Building and see the time on the top left side of thescreen!

3. Cheat Diamonds! This is the most difficult cheat but if you can do this cheat,you will own 'everything' of thisgame.

The important thing of this cheat is you must be on number one on the game leaderboard.You can apply the previous cheat for helping!

The way is you should win as many as battle on the 'random battle' and collect as many as point.For the cheat:
Enter the leaderboard.
Look at the remaining time until the prize is available to claimed.
Exit the game and go to date setting.

Set the time to the next six day.
Example: today's date is 21/4/ 2013,reset it to 27/4/2013.
Set the clock to 23.59
Now back and enter the game.
Open the leader board and wait untilthe remaining time is up!
That is your cheat result!

If you have no one wrong step,you will get 200 Diamonds.

Use This Trick And Enjoy This Awesome Game By Gameloft.....

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