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kakashi real - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

*_CoNtiNu3-Ch@r@ct3r D3$cr!pt!oN: K@k@shi H@t@k3_*

~^~#AnIm3 ConTinu3s#~^~
Description of Kakasshi Hatake

Name :Kakashi Hatake
Alias :Copy ninja
Alias2 :Thousand Techniques
Gender :Male
Eyes :Black (right),Red (left)
Status :Jonin (elite-level ninja)
Quote :"You know, you could seriously die from that..."
Anime :Naruto


AaAaAah Where do i begin hehe well..Kakashi is one of the Hidden Leaf Village's "Jounin" (elite/top-level ninja), and Team 7's trainer/teacher. He wears a ninja mask covering his face up just below the eyes and wears his headband skewed on his head, covering his left eye. At first Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke(Students)think he's not much of a teacher nor ninja, but when Kakashi places them under his "Survival Training" course, the three "Genins" (first-level ninja) realize the value of teamwork in getting the mission done.

Kakashi is not without his "lighter side", though, as one of his "quirks" is reading some kind of adult books titled "Icha Icha Paradise" and "Icha Icha Violence". Nothing, not even survival training, can stop Kakashi from reading through the pages just to "see what happens next"!

Oh, and the reason Kakashi is always late is because his best friend, Obito, was always late, and he choose to adopt his old friend's habit. Unfortunately, Uchiha Obito's body was never recovered, so instead of a grave, he visits a large stone monument that serves as a memorial for all those who died for the mission's completion.

Hatake Kakashi was the jônin assigned to train Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura for their real ninja education. He was chosen... because he has a talent for sniffing things out, whatever that means. He's a cool looking guy that looks sort of like a slacker. I love his attitude, since it's sorta similar to the way I act. He is very quick and is very good at ninjutsu. How good? Good enough to read a book while he's fighting, providing that the fighter isn't as good as Sasuke. However, he seems to have a strange taste in the reading matter. Weird guy, and I'm not asking.No use haha

Kakashi possesses one sharingan eye. I repeat, one. This mirror-wheel eye allows him see through illusions and spells, and reflect those powers used to create those illusions and spells back at the one who cast them. It also allows him to discern and copy an opponent's moves. Normally, he keeps his eye covered with his headband (for reasons that you'll find out), and if he exposes his eye to fight an opponent... you know the opponent is going to be tough.

He's extremely strict, and has never passed anyone before, until Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura came.... He seems to empathize on teamwork, and had purposely made a test with instructions that would make them want to work separately. Afterwards, he gives them another chance, and tells Sakura and Sasuke that they may eat their lunch, but they cannot give any to Naruto after he attempted to steal them. However, when both of them gave their lunches to Naruto... They passed! Kakashi's a really strange guy... I like him, he's funny

Kakashi's name literally means "scarecrow

Haha well i think thats all ima say now coz well i dont realy think anyone is intrested (0_o)but you do get freaks like me Muwhaha *cough* Hiiiiya!

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