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Indonesia Currency

ISO 4217 code
Central bank
Bank Indonesia
Official user(s)
Unofficial user(s)
East Timorde facto 1
4.61%, October 2012
Bank Indonesia
sen (obsolete)2
 Freq. used
Rp 100, Rp 200, Rp
500, Rp 1000
 Rarely used
Rp 50
 Freq. used
Rp 1000, Rp 2000, Rp
5000, Rp 10 000, Rp 20
000, Rp 50 000, Rp 100
Perum Peruri3
Perum Peruri3
1) Although East
Timor officially
declared US Dollar
notes and Centavo
coins as its currency,
a significant number
of merchants and
markets throughout
the country accept
Indonesian Rupiah for
payment along with
Australian Dollars.[1]
2) The sub-unit, sen,
is now of little
relevance due to its
very low value. Prices
and amounts of
money are written as
RpX.XXX,00 (note that
decimal separator in
Indonesia is comma)
or more popularly
RpX.XXX,-. Most price
tags denote prices as
RpX.XXX only (note
that as the 25 rupiah
coin is the smallest
coin in use, rounding
will often take place in
supermarkets where
are items are not
necessarily priced in
multiples of 25 rupiah)
. However, sen still
exists in financial
reports and bank
3) Perum Peruri is an
acronym of
Perusahaan Umum
Percetakan Uang
Republik Indonesia
( English: Money
Printing Public
Company of the
Republic of Indonesia)
The rupiah (Rp) is the
official currency of
Indonesia. Issued and
controlled by the Bank
of Indonesia, the ISO
4217 currency code for
the Indonesian rupiah is
IDR. The name "rupiah"
is derived from the Hindi
word rupiyaa (रुपया),
ultimately from
Sanskrit rupya (रूप्य;
wrought silver).
Informally, Indonesians
also use the word
"perak" ('silver' in
Indonesian) in referring
to rupiah. The rupiah is
subdivided into 100 sen,
although inflation has
rendered all coins and
banknotes denominated
in sen obsolete.
The Riau islands and the
Indonesian half of New
Guinea ( Irian Barat) had
their own variants of
the rupiah in the past,
but these were
subsumed into the
national rupiah in 1964
and 1971 respectively
(see Riau rupiah and
West New Guinea
rupiah ).

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