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naughty smiley - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


>> A woman walked into a pet shop & said, "I'd like a frog for my son."
"Sorry madam," said the shopkeeper, "We don't do part exchange!"

>> Boy: "What's black, slimy, with hairy legs & eyes on stalks?"
Mom: "Just eat the cookies & don't worry what's in the tin!"

>> Some vampires went to see Dracula. They said, "Drac, we want to open a zoo. Have u got any advice?"
"Yes," replied Dracula, "have lots of giraffes!"

>> Did u hear about the moviestar who had so many facelifts that when she went for the next one, they had to lower her body instead?

>> A motorist approached the principal one day & said apologetically: "Im awfully sorry, but Im afraid I've just run over the school cat. Can I replace it?"
The principal looked him up & down & replied: "I doubt if u would be the mouser she was!"

>> Mr.Paul, the biology teacher, was very absent-minded. One day he brought a box into the lab & said, "I've got a frog & a toad in here. When I get them out we'll look at the differences."
He put his hand into the box & pulled out two sandwiches.
"Oh dear!" he mumbled. "I could've sworn I'd just had my lunch!"

>> Danny is very goOd for other people's health. Whenever they see him coming, they go for a long walk!

>> They say that Rick is a very careful person __ Well, he likes to economize on soap & water!

>> Two friends were talking at a party.
Sandy: "LoOk at Jenny, she's not very fat, is she?"
Liz: "No, she's got a really feminine figure!"
Sandy: "& her sister's skinny tOo!"
Liz: "Yeah! If she drinks tomato juice she loOks like a walking thermometer!"

>> Don't let your mind wander __ its not strong enough to be allowed out on its own!

>> Amy: "Your body is quite well-organized."
Martin: "Oh, really? How do u mean?"
Amy: "The weakest part __ your brain __ is protected by the strongest __ your thick skull!"

>> QUES: "What should u do if u suddenly find yourself surrounded by Dracula, Frankenstein, a werewolf & a big foOt?"
ANS: "Hope u are at a fancy dreSs party!"

>> The great Roman emperor Caesar was watching Christians being thrown to the lions.
"One goOd thing about this sport," he told his aides, "is that we are never bothered with spectators running onto the pitch!"

>> QUES: "Why are witches' fingernails never more than eleven inches long?"
ANS: "Because if they were twelve inches long, they'd be a foOt!"

>> Superman climbed to the top of a high mountain in the middle of an African jungle. As he reached the summit, he found himself suddenly surrounded by dozens of vicious vampires, goblins, monsters & demons.
What did he say?
"Boy, am I in the wrong joke!!"

>> QUES: "What would u get if a huge hairy monster stepped on Batman & Robin?"
ANS: "Flatman & Ribbon!"

>> Kid: "Daddy, do slugs taste nice?"
Dad: "Of course not! Why do u ask,son?"
Kid: "Because u just ate one that was in your salad!"

>> Mom: "Fred, why did u put a slug in your aunt's bed?"
Fred: "Because I couldn't find a snake!"

>> Guest Witch: "U should keep control of your little boy, he just bit me on the ankle!"
Host Vampire: "That's only because he couldn't reach your neck!"

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