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cw title - Newest pictures

Unforgiven Match 2 (CW title)<ENDED>

REF- Hard desicion for me to make, both of them gave good and officially equal comments but MC The Rock lost command over the match in the middle of match and Jay kept giving comments so the winner and still CW Champion is Jay orton!
Jay orton vs MC the Rock
Hardcore match
Bad comments allowed!
When u trying to locked me in ankle lock i quickly hit 3 leg shots on ur skull after my releasing u r coming near me runningly to hit me a rko to end this match and for my victory also
18.12.2011 08:00 EST,
I counter ur mahabadan bomb to hit u a tornado ddt then converted ur f5 into a hurican rana and u r hanging on the middle of the rope and i execute u with 619then quickly climb the top turnbuckle and nailed u with swaneton bomb then put ur body on the middle of the ladder and execute u with double foot stomp for victory
18.12.2011 07:58 EST,
I caught your leg duing brogue kick and locked him in an ankle locked and you tap out of pain.
Now I give a Manhattan bomb to him on a Ladder followed by a F5 to him. Then i pedigree him on a table. Then I trapped you in between the ROPES. Then i take a KENDO stick and give many stick shots to Orton trapped in ropes. Then i set you loose from the ropes and then came my BURNING SLEDGEHAMMER shot to Jay's head. Orton is unconcious due to the shot so I pin him.
I saw in ur hand a chair and u are trying to hit me with it and u r try to hit me runningly i saw chair is on ur head and i hit a brogue kick on chair and after ur faced is crashed with it
18.12.2011 07:50 EST,
I douge with ur sweet chin music and ur leg crashed with the rope and when u turn around to me i execute u with spear then counter ur rockbottom to blocked ur hand and the hit a kick on ur guts then hit a jack hammer pin on that table which u set to hit me on it
18.12.2011 07:48 EST,
You made me real angry Jay. Now I give a sweet chin music to Orton. Next I give a ROCkBOtttoM to him on a table. Then give a turnaround kick to him followed by a standing MOOASUALT. Then when he tried to get up I took a **STEEL CHAIR** and hit Jay with that fucking chair on his head. Now hear voices in your HEAD jay!
Oh, u converted my 4-5 splash into a rko, but i know u do that so, i already saw that u r well. When u r trying to hit me a rko i push u from behind and then we both falldown on the ring and i quickly hit 2 shoulder blog to u then nailed u with 5 knuckle suffle then when u r stand up in pain and u turn around to me a brogue kick to finish this match
18.12.2011 07:44 EST,
When you were giving the 450 Splash I reversed it into a RKO. Then i gave you SKULL crusher to him.
Hey, u sucker why are u not commenting in match i think u scared with me but if u scared with me then i give i saw u who am i then i put his body on the top turnbuckle and i also climb on it and hit 2 slap on his chest then when he is dizzy i nailed him with c4 from the top turnbuckle
18.12.2011 07:36 EST,
Then dragged his damn body to the corner and nailed him with starship pain after that i quickly climb the top turnbuckle and nailed him with 4-50splash to end this match
18.12.2011 07:33 EST,
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