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HINTS: CP means Concentration power also meaning Chakra.
HP means Horse power also means Human strenght.

Genjutsu (幻術; Literally
meaning "Illusion Technique") are
supportive techniques, used to
causeadverse effects such as
Sleep, Stun, and even decreasing
a target's abilities.


Fat Woman Transformation

Transforms into a Fat Woman
and give stun effect on a
target. (Not effective onWorld

Kinjutsu: Sexy Girl

(Kinjutsu) Transforms into a
Sexy Girl and give stun effect on
target. (Not effective on World

Kinjutsu: Feather Illusion

(Kinjutsu) A Genjutsu that
causes Sleep for 3 turns. Any
damage dealt to the target will
break the effect.

Kinjutsu: Falling Leaf Illusion

(Kinjutsu) Calm target and
remove all buff from target.

There are Genjutsu that only can
be obtained through special

Kinjutsu: Spirit Touch

A genjutsu which fears your
enemy and reduces their
damage done by 15% for 5

Kinjutsu: Profusion of Ghosts

A genjutsu that reduces the
target's CP by 40% immediately.

Kinjutsu: Ecstasy of Sound

Restricts the target from
performing techniques and
reduces the target's attack

Kinjutsu: Serene Mind

(Kinjutsu) Hallucinate target with
mirror-like water that reflects

Kinjutsu: Dark Curse Ceremony

Cast a spell on the target with a
dummy to reduce the target's
damage, critical chance, and
dodge chance.

Kinjutsu: Cube Illusion

(Kinjutsu) Form a kekkai around
a target. The target needs to
consume 40% extra CP to break
the kekkai, and reduce 3% HP &
CP when attack with weapon.

Kinjutsu: Silver Chain Bundle

(Kinjutsu) Lock the target for 2
turns when target HP is below
50%. Reduce attack damage by
100% when target HP is 50% or

Kinjutsu: Yatagarasu

(Kinjutsu) The first opponent
who attacks user after the buff
will receive random negative
status (stun, restriction, prison,
sleep). The effect lasts for 2

Kinjutsu: Darkness Chain Seal

(Kinjutsu) Seal target's power by
the dark chains, to reduce
target's accuracy and dodge
rate by 100%. (2 turns).

Kinjutsu: Kejsumaru

(Kinjutsu) Inflict bloodfeed -
recover HP after attack.
(Amount: 75% of the attack
damage.) (3 turns).

Kinjutsu: Kiss of Serpent

(Kinjutsu) Blow target a gross
kiss to petrify target (2 turns)
(petrified target cannot take
any action but will take no
damage from all attacks).

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