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eternity d adobe photoshop cs copy - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

FAc's Book Of Ancients.

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I can't believe that these two people are actually engaging on this plodding irksome rival...Although it's amusing how their obsession with eachother has led them to a point of extreme anxiety of wanting to get eachother's undivided attention lol...Sweethearts I suggest that you two go do yourselves an errand and let the air out of your combusted aching behaviour!
17.07.2011 07:57 EDT,
here we go again with the ego scenario..It's quite pathetic to see and read how people divulge their idiocy!
07.11.2010 06:06 EST,
Kim I suggest that you get over your inferiority towards me...It proves how pathetic you are...I advice that you go taunt someone else who will entertain your mundane life...I'm not in the mood for entertining an ailing puppy biting at my ankle....I would rather rub my my nose up a tree or catcus than having to engage with a baboon that went for a catscan...Sweety build a bridge and get over your insecurities cause it's pathetic having to read how you are displaying your obsession with me...It seems to me that you are living up to your virtual oon fantasy...I applaude you girl...bwahahahaha!.....
21.03.2010 15:49 EDT,
Every1 has this tendency of accusing each1 in da chatzone dat counter attacks them. . . thinking its me lol ! being da center of attraction is 'hard' work lmfao! . . . Anyway just thought i 'pop' in 2 coz sum 'volcanic erruptions' lol ! take care -grins- not lmao!
22.04.2009 02:04 EDT,
Lol aw th!s is so swt of u faccer put'n me on a pedastal . . .assumptions is da mother of all fuckups. . .4 u 2 be insinuating dat im seeking attention is beyond wahahahaha! . . .i dnt th!nk u comprehend wot da word BAN means dnt hv time 2 explain it 2 u kekeke! . . .btwn i dnt hv 2 seek attention swty when im getting it on a golden platter by u wahahaha!
01.02.2009 08:27 EST,
zoe it is funny to think that, for someone that hated us soooo much, you are quite offen on our site.... I think you do not get enough attention ang now you are seeking it here, shame. And by the way, watch this space, we have never left dmntn, but know this, the tag will be back.
01.02.2009 03:47 EST,
Bwahaha ! Shame faccer did i hit a nerve? Lmimp da sheer brilliance of ur stupidity is unconceivable u must hv fallen and hit every branch on da stupidity tree. . .shame i realise its rather pointless in gvn u advice as my words of wisdom cant seem 2 penetrate ur thick skull accept da fac no longer exist ur weak nonsencial lines certainly proves ur a victim of an escaped brain lol ! swty learn how 2 compile a sentence widout vulgarness;-)do try again;-)
30.01.2009 08:00 EST,
Zoe, please learn how to compile a proper sentance, your brainless blabber is irratating the holy shit out of me. Thank God that I don't have to sit in your company the whole f@ccing day!
29.01.2009 13:46 EST,
First of all tear, how boring will the mountain be if all F@ccer were suspended? Just a thought, use it.... Don't use it.
29.01.2009 13:38 EST,
Omg u facs wanna take over area ? Omfg how pathetic r u guys wahahahahahaha . . .
29.01.2009 12:15 EST,
Haha you guys have to change your name. Before EVERYONE is banned. Hahahahahahahahahaha
28.01.2009 15:32 EST,
hiiiiiiii all fellow faccers tops to the site check in dkm soon um yeah random thought: " ive lost my bunny"
05.01.2009 03:23 EST,
0e0e0e!... Nic3y sit3... 8o... Damn mxit emoticonz... Anyhow gw3at job u guys.. Keep up da.. F@c'n go0d work... From me... Purple Andrea.. Lmj safe!...
21.12.2008 17:13 EST,
Geluk met n interessante webtuiste met n mooi nuwe gesig . En jared ..kragtige gedig! Ek het nie geweet jy kan dit in afrikaans doen nie. Baie indrukwekkend. En ek het nie gedink ek gaan so sukkel met die afrikaans nie . Mwah f@ccers. Xite osm...
20.12.2008 12:40 EST,
Hey kwl site slashy. . .at least i know who's da brain beh!nd da scene lol mwah !
17.12.2008 23:16 EST,
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